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Don't Miss My Social Media Workshop in Raleigh on July 25
Wilson Fire Department Special Operations Squad (2 comments)

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+ 0 - 0 | § Aerial Video of Fire Expo Parade

The Wake Forest News has posted this nice compilation of aerial and ground video of Saturday's fire apparatus parade at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. They were one of two entities operating "drones" during the event. We'll be watching for more videos. Meanwhile, enjoy this footage. And see accompanying WFN story.


+ 0 - 0 | § Helmet Footage From Onslow County

Found via this Statter911 story, here's some helmet cam footage from the Hubert Fire Department in Onslow County. The nealrly ten-minute clip captures the response and arrival of Hubert Engine 804 a structure fire on Pine Picket Court. They were the first arriving unit to a reported vehicle fire threatening a structure. Other departments on scene were Piney Green FD, Pumpkin Center FD, White Oak FD, Onslow County EMS, and Onslow County Fire Marshal.

+ 1 - 0 | § Charlotte Old Squad 1, Old Station 1

From the Facebook page of The One House, here's a vintage photo of Squad 1. Photo circa mid-1980s. Squad 1 was a manpower unit. It was stationed at Station 1 and operated multiple models of Ford Econoline passenger vans. Any reader memories of the unit, and ideas on makes/model years? And the years the squad operated? Next question, how many other departments around our state have operated manpower units? Click to enlarge:

The One House photo

The building is old Station 1, which was located at the intersection of South Davidson Street and East 4th Street. It was addressed 125 S. Davidson Street, and located on the west end of the City Hall Annex building. (The police department was on the east end, and the Health Department was in the middle.) Here's a picture of the engine house in action, 

Terry Lacy photo

Built in 1925, the fire station also housed the first maintenance shop, on the apparatus floor. Communications was located on the second floor. Units housed at old Station 1 have included:

Reader input welcome!


+ 0 - 0 | § History Show at the Fire Show

Coming to the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo this week? Sure hope see. Swing by the Raleigh Fire Museum booth on Friday and Saturday and you'll see a slideshow of old photos and vintage rigs and houses from around North Carolina. We'll be located on the mezzanine level, beside the escalators. Yours Truly will be staffing for some of Saturday, and around at other times. See you there. Click to enlarge:

+ 0 - 1 | § Oteen Veterans Administration Hospital Fire Department

In 1918, US Army General Hospital No. 19, located approximately four miles east of downtown Asheville, NC, began serving soldiers who were training for World War I duty. The hospital was located in the community of Azalea, which was previously known as Gudger’s Ford before being renamed for the flowering bush.

Dr. Z. P. Gruner opened the facility in 1875 as the country’s first private tuberculosis sanitarium. Also known as Azalea Hospital, it later became the only Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospital in the southeast devoted to the treatment of respiratory ailments.

Also in 1918, Sales Order 8790 was issued by the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company of Elmira, NY, specifying details from the United States government for sixteen fire engines subsequently assigned to facilities throughout the country.

Fourteen were Type 75 triple combination pumpers, with specifications of a 156.5” wheelbase, 105-horsepower, six-cylinder engine, and a 750 gallon-per-minute rotary gear pump. This was a very popular apparatus sold between 1915 and 1927, and many served throughout North Carolina.1

On June 18, 1918, American LaFrance Registered Number 2234 was shipped to Azalea, NC, for use at Hospital No. 19. The engine is shown in the below undated photo. Although thought to be on the hospital grounds, the exact location of the pictured fire station is unknown. The truck was reportedly sold to Meriden, MS on April 8, 1935. Click to enlarge:

This picture appeared in a publication titled Souvenir Book of U. S. Veterans’ Hospital, circa 1922, along with this narrative: "Oteen is well provided for in case of fire. Although the buildings are of temporary structure, every precaution has been taken to minimize fire hazards. The Fire Department is very efficient and well equipped with the latest improved apparatus. Fire drills are frequent and the department has always done such commendable work at these drills that the patients feel that if a fire should break out their firemen would curb it before much damage was done."

By 1924, the facility was known as the Oteen Veteran’s Administration Hospital. The word “Oteen” was derived from an American Indian word meaning "chief aim.” It was adopted at the suggestion of Colonel Henry Hoagland, the chief aim being that every patient get well.

1The remaining two pumpers on the 1918 sales order, American LaFrance Registered Numbers 2244 and 2245, were Type 12 triple combination pumpers. They had specifications of a 161.7” wheelbase, 120-horsepower, six-cylinder engine, and a 1,000 gallon-per-minute rotary gear pump. (Like the Type 75 triple combination, sales of these also began in 1915.) On September 26, 1918, #2245 was shipped to Fort Bragg. This was the only other piece of apparatus in the order to be shipped to North Carolina.  

Fire Station Locations

The fire department was housed in at least three buildings. The final location, erected by 1959, was a single-story, single-bay block building located on the southeast corner of the campus. The fire station was large enough for only one vehicle.

The prior location was a one- and two-story wooden structure on the north end (or rear) of the campus. Built in 1934, it’s identified on a map dated November 1946, with revisions dating from December 1948 to September 1964. The building is labeled “fire department garage and quarters” and is situated near others named as warehouse and utilities shops. Click to enlarge:

The 1934 fire station was described in a National Register of Historic Places document dated November 20, 1985. Named “former fire station and garage” it was described as: “One of the last permanent-type buildings constructed in the complex, the fire station and garage is a two-story flat-roofed structure with flanking one-story wings. The principle elevation, which faces east, is formally organized around four segmentally arched vehicle bays. The careful design of this utilitarian structure highlights the planning concept behind the entire complex. Although sited with other utilitarian structures well to the rear of the main hospital campus, the building displays both the symmetrical and classical details of the Georgian Revival theme.”

Personnel and Apparatus

Career firefighters were employed by the fire department until the City of Asheville assumed fire protection responsibility in 1976. It is unknown when the career force started or how many members served.

Apparatus at the hospital included:

See also prior posting on this subject.


+ 0 - 0 | § My Schedule For The Show

Here's where I will be this week at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. Plus some first-thing/last-thing drive-bys earlier in the week, as the trucks are loaded into the convention center. That's always fun to watch. Need to find me during the show? Look for a large guy in a Hawaiian shirt. Typically with a couple large cameras. Or visit the Raleigh Fire Museum booth on the mezzanine level. We're right beside the escaltors. 

Thursday - July 24

Friday - July 25

 Saturday - July 26

+ 0 - 0 | § Video of Yesteday's House Fire in Youngsville

Wake Forest News has posted this three-minute-and-change YouTube video of a heavily-involved house fire in Youngsville yesterday. The address is 1425 Moores Pond Road. The departments on scene were Youngsville, Bunn, Wake Forest, and Franklinton. Plus Franklin County EMS and Youngsville Rescue & EMS. Read the accompanying story.


+ 0 - 0 | § Wilmington's New Tiller

The Wilmington Fire Department will soon be taking delivery of a new Truck 1, a 2014 Pierce Velocity PUC, 1500/300/100-foot. Here's a factory photo from the Pierce Flickr page. This is the city's third tiller, after a 1917 American LaFrance Type 17-4 (#1493, 75-foot) and a 1963 Seagrave seen in this prior posting. (Model? Number? Full historical fleet listing?)

This also makes the fourth (correct?) tiller in service in our state, after High Point (2004 Pierce), Raleigh (2010 Pierce), and Cornelius-Lemley in Mecklenburg County (1989 Seagrave, ex-Richmond, ex-Bedford, VA). There are also two tillers operating in SoutH Carolina, in Charleston (2013 Pierce) and Hilton Head (Crimson).

See larger versions of this factory photo or or drawings of the rig from this prior posting.

The rig arrived at Atlantic Emergency Solutions in Fayetteville on Wednesday, and Lee Wilson took a trip to take some photos. The 63 foot-long (!) truck will be appearing on the show floor at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh next week. See more photos from Lee, including shots of that cool pump panel behind a compartment door.

Lee Wilson photo

+ 2 - 0 | § Mystery Spur

Haven't posted one of these in a while. Found this this week. Somewhere inside the Beltline. Hint, it's near railroad tracks.

+ 0 - 0 | § PowerPoint is Your Friend

Why is Mr. Blogger in Raleigh this week, you ask? Instead of making rounds round Baltimore for the Firehouse Expo? (Have traveled to those parts for fifteen consecutive years. Yikes.) That's 'cause I'm cooking slides for my workshop next week at SAFRE. The subject is social media and reputation management. Mike Legeros joins Jeff Hammerstein, the Wake County EMS PIO. The ninety-minute workshop is titled The World is Watching Your Department. Who Will Tell Your Story, You or Them? (Though we tried to win the prize for longest title, we only scored second place.) Workshop's on Friday, July 25, at 3:15 p.m. Here's one of the slides you'll see, partially revealed. Hint: It's about social media.

+ 1 - 0 | § Show Program for South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo

Here's the show program for next week's South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo at the convention center in downtown Raleigh. It contains the full conference and expo schedule, along with a list of exhibitors and maps to the rooms and halls. View the document (4.6MB PDF). And what a handsome crew on the cover! Love them Squad companies.

+ 0 - 0 | § Raleigh Fire Department Newsletter, Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 edition of the Raleigh Fire Department Newsletter has been posted to This issue's contents include a feature on the fire department's new SCBA, as well as new helmets and gear. Other stories include Haz-Mat to Clayton, Butner; Divisional News; Retirements and Promotions; and a couple photo galleries. The newsletter is produced quarterly by Editor Mike Legeros. It's a quarterly publication for personnel, retirees, and citizens. And in its eighth year of publication, no less! Read the new issue (PDF), which is posted to the web site

+ 0 - 0 | § Would You Believe a Fire in a Rock Quarry?

Here's something you don't see every day. That's West Edgecombe and Rocky Mount firefighters at a rock quarry, where a large drilling machine caught fire. The photos are fromBob Bartosz, who submitted same to the Rocky Mount Telegram. (His first rock quarry fire in sixty plus years of fire photography, he confides.) As for the incident, the machine was fully involved on arrival of WEFD. Crews requested mutual aid from RMFD, and Engine 5 was dispatched. The fire took almost an hour to control. Read the story and see a couple more photos. Next question, what's the most unusual vehicle fires that you have fought?

Bob Bartosz/Rocky Mount Telegram photos

+ 0 - 0 | § Wake County Fire Commission Meeting - Thursday, July 17, 2014

The next meeting of the Wake County Fire Commission is Thursday, July 17, at 7:00 p.m. The location is the Wake County EMS Training Facility, in the lower level of the Wake County Commons Building, 4011 Carya Drive. The documents for the meeting are linked below.



Agenda packet (PDF)

+ 0 - 2 | § Charlotte Fleet Listing - 1910s to 1970s

Apparatus fans, here's our historical fleet project. Reader Micah Bodford has been compiling a roster of past 'n' present Charlotte rigs. Here's his data for the first seven decades of motor rigs, with a few inputs merged from myself. Note that the list excludes North Carolina Air National Guard rigs, for now. Ditto for chief cars and most utility vehicles. There are a couple special units listed: searchlight, high-pressure unit. Lots of room for input! Readers, can you help with the bullet-nosed Seagraves and their histories? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


+ 1 - 0 | § Durham County Ambulances

Lee Wilson yesterday photographed some Durham County ambulances parked at the Fleet Services facility. They include one of the recently acquired Parkwood Fire Department ambulances. The county took over EMS services in Parkwood on July 1. (We've blogged about Parkwood developments in such postings as this one.) There's also a Bahama Fire Department ambulance in the mix, another former EMS provider.

See the photos, which also include other explorations of Lee's in Durham yesterday. He has pictures of the recently returned 1949 American LaFrance ladder that's parked at the fire department training center, and photos of Station 9 under construction on Midland Terrace.

Lee Wilson photos

+ 2 - 1 | § Two Weeks Away

Won't see you in Baltimore next year. Taking my first break in a decade or more. The South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo is the following week, and Yours Truly has two things cooking in addition to his regular rounds and photo taking (see pics from last year and prior years):

This is the first year that the museum has its own booth. The theme is "learn about other fire museums and fire attractions." We will have materials (both physical and virtual) showcasing both the Raleigh Fire Museum and others in North Carolina and nearby states. And space permitting, maybe a second slideshow with something historical. Please pay a visit and introduce yourself. Mr. Blogger will be around on both days, and staffing the booth for much of Saturday.

As for the workshop, here's a prior posting on that. It's a workshop on social media and reputation management, as presented by myself and Wake County EMS PIO Jeff Hammstein. He's a veteran responder with nearly thirty years of experience, and he'll share his perspectives through both personal experience and local and national examples. As for Legeros, he's going to talk about digital imagery (photos) and information sharing (blog, Twitter, Facebook). He'll have a lot of talk, and a handful (or more) of visuals.

More later. Maybe a sneak peek of a slide or two. Contain your enthusiasm. See you there.

+ 3 - 1 | § UPDATED: Notes on Wilmington's Fire Station Restructuring Plan

July 9
The Star News reported yesterday that Wilmington Fire Chief Buddy Martinette briefed City Council on the fire station restructuring plan on Tuesday. His presentation can be viewed here in an audio and video recording of yesterday's meeting. His segment starts at 00:14:26. His slides include these high-level points about the plan:

He also notes other objectives have already been completed: automatic aid agreement with New Hanover County FD, participation in a regional incident management system and regional tactical guidelines, and a programmed fleet replacement schedule for every piece of apparatus.

His presentation also includes an update on the new Station 3, and the bids they've received on the project. There are some options for council to consider, such as building the station minus one of the four bays. Or, minus two of the sleeping areas. Or, minus both. Plus a bid option of adding a security fence to the employee parking.

The Star-News story includes this partial image of the Station 3 design rendering:


July 8
Firefighters for a Safer Wilmington is a Facebook group, and a social media movement in response to the fire department's fire station plan. They oppose the closures and their position is noted in this handout, which is posted on the site (in the photos gallery).

Reminds me of a letter to the editor of the News & Observer written by myself a double decade ago (in collaboration with firefighters), when the Raleigh Fire Chief at the time was proposing closing Station 5 and 6, and Station 1 and 3, and building a pair of replacement, consolidated stations. The plan was later rejected by City Council.     

June 16 yesterday posted a story originating with WECT, that the Wilmington Fire Department is planning the restructuring of its fire stations. The plans, which have been cooking for some years, include the closure of four stations and the construction of two new stations. (Guessing that the "closure" aspect will be the prominent or first-appearing detail in subsequent headlines and stories.) Here's a hastily constructed overview of the story and the details gleaned thus far. Still have some to add. Still need some validation, such as... does WFD have just two ladder companies? But other aerial apparatus, with some engines operating quints, correct? And what are the ages of the stations planned for closure?

More later. Watch this space.

Department statistics:

Four stations planned for closure:

Two stations planned for construction, and one company relocated:

Closure planning:

Construction planning:


+ 0 - 1 | § Don't Miss My Social Media Workshop in Raleigh on July 25

In just under three weeks, Wake County Community Outreach Chief Jeff Hammerstein and local fire blogger/photographer Mike Legeros will present a workshop on Friday, July 25, at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh. The topic is social media and reputation management:

The World Is Watching Your Department. Who Will Tell Your Story, You or Them?
Friday, July 25
3:15 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

What happens when someone observes or records your department’s actions, and then takes to the social media airwaves to discuss, dissect, debate, or denigrate? (And for that matter, how should you or your department respond or react to such activities? Both on scene and later.) Not everyone with a camera is a Legeros, who tries his best to put responders in their best light. And then, my images and/or information hasn't always worked to maximum positive effect. (With great media comes great responsibility... and on both sides of the computer.)

Come to the workshop and hear some of what I've learned over the years, through scene photography, and social media sharing via blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Plus a detailed look at people looking at emergency services, through the eyes (and analysis of) veteran responder and current EMS PIO Chief Hammerstein.

+ 1 - 1 | § Wilson Fire Department Special Operations Squad

Found this colorful rig while viewing Lee Wilson's album of Wilson fire apparatus. He shot same at Station 4 on January 18, 2012. Our favorite apparatus photographer was in town yesterday, and posted pictures of Wilson's new ladder and other rigs. What's the make, model, and purpose of this truck? We'll look to readers to tell. From Lee's photos, looks like a box truck was also stationed there, perhaps supplementary equipment to the squad? Let's hear from our friends to the east!


Lee Wilson photos

+ 0 - 0 | § Durham County Fire & Rescue - Emblem, Facebook Page

Check out the emblem for Durham County Fire & Rescue, as posted to their new Facebook page. Here's the agency's description from the site:

Durham County Fire & Rescue provides emergency response services, incident prevention and public education ensuring protection to life, and property in the Bethesda Community and Research Triangle Park (RTP) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Durham County Fire & Rescue provides fire protection, advanced life support at the EMT-I level, certified confined space rescue, and child passenger safety inspections. DCFR operates from two fire stations, serving a primary area of 19.41 square miles. The district serves a large portion of Research Triangle Park, 7,550 residents, and property with an estimated value of $1.7 billion.

The department proudly holds an ISO rating of 4/9S resulting in low insurance premiums for its customers in this primary district. In addition DCFR provides mutual aid response alongside City of Durham Fire Department as well as other mutual aid partners.

Durham County Fire & Rescue is staffed by 31 full-time employees and 12 volunteers. These men and women staff two engines, a 110 foot aerial platform and other fire apparatus as necessary.

In the fiscal year of 2013 DCFR trained for over 12,750 hours and responded to 1,477 emergencies with an average response time of less than 5:45 minutes.



Copyright 2012 by Michael J. Legeros