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1955, established. Serves communities of Morrisville, Carpenter, Upchurch, Greenlevel, and the largely rural farming areas of western Wake County. (April 1955)fdws

1955, Incorporated as Morrisville Rural Fire Company, Inc.  (June 8, 1955)fdws

1955, first fire station is tin shed behind Red and White store on Morrisville-Carpenter Road just south of Highway 54 and directly across the street from the location of the present fire station.oh

1955, first fire truck is a military surplus "Deuce and a half" converted into a pumper with 750 gallon water tankfdws

1955, second fire truck is a secondhand military surplus Dodge Power Wagon converted into a brush truckfdws

1958, fire station near completion, reports Wake County Firemen's Association minutes dated May 13, 1958

1958, Fire Chief is D. Herbert Ferrell wcfa


1960, Fire Chief is C. L. Light (May 7, 1960) cfd

1960, Station #1 constructed at 100 Morrisville-Carpenter Rd. Station consists of two bays.fdws

1963, apparatus note: first Class-A pumper purchased, 1963 Chevrolet / Darley Champion, 500 GPM, 500 gallons.fdws

1963, two bays and meeting room added to fire station.fdws

1964, Angus Barn at 9401 Glenwood Avenue burns. Fire is discovered "about 7 a.m. by a passing truck driver" who calls the Raleigh Fire Department, reports the February 8 edition of The News and Observer. Rural fire departments from "Morrisville, Six Forks, and the Fairgrounds" respond, in addition to "a truck from Raleigh." By the time firefighters arrive, the roof has caved in and, by 8 a.m., "only the charred and cracked walls" stand above a "pile of cinders and twisted metal." Damaged is estimated at $250,000. (February 7, 1964) no, fdws


1970, new tanker purchased.fdws

1975, Station #2 completed at 6804 Carpenter-Fire Station Rd (current street name and number).fdws

1975, fire districted increased from ten square miles to approximately twenty-five square milesfdws

1975, additional apparatus purchased: new 750 GPM pumper, used 1200 gallon tanker, and a brush truck.fdws


1980, new pumper purchased to replace 1963 pumper.fdws

1984, three bays added to Station #1.fdws

1987, two custom pumper-tankers purchased.fdws

1988, first two paid part-time employees hired.fdws


1990, two pumper-tankers and two squad trucks delivered.fdws

1991, paid staff increased to full-time fire chief and seven weekday part-time firefighters.fdws

1992, Station #1 completely renovated.fdws

1994, American Eagle commuter plane crashes in Morrisville at night, approximately 5 miles short of runway. Both crew and 13 of 18 passengers killed. Responders take tractors and off-road vehicles to reach crash site off Davis Dr.

1995, radio system purchased, 800 mhz.fdws

1995, fire department becomes municipal departmentfdws

1997, heavy rescue purchased.fdws

1999, third station completed on 10632 Chapel Hill Rd. Designated Station #2. 24/7 staffing of both Station #1 and Station #2 initiated.fdws


2002, pair of American LaFrance Eagle pumper-tankers delivered (June 2002)fdws


See Wake County apparatus register.


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