ISBN 0738516201
Retail price $19.99 - 128 pages - Softcover
Approximately 235 black-and-white photographs
Published 2004

The Images of America Series by Arcadia Publishing
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The author thanks everyone: Don Adams, Greg Allen and Al Merritt, Hubert Altman, Paul Averette, Thomas Babb, Floyd Bailey, Wade Baker, Carol Baucom Heelan, Jessica Bennett, Herman Berkhoff, Bob Biggs, Bradley Blake, Goley Boggs, Ernest Bridges, Betty Poole Brinkley, Ed Brinson, Courtney Britt, Margaret Broadwell, Peter Brock, Richard Byers, Debbie Byles, Allan Cain, Brooke Cain, Brian Cammack, Gene Capps, Russell Capps, Sue Carr, Clyde Carter, Donnie Carter, Robin Carter, Daryl Cash for his Wake Forest patches, Mike Chambers, Tony Chiotakis, Andy Clark, Judy Cockerham, Michael Cooper, Marty Coward, Jesse Creech, Lloyd Curtis, Don Daniels, Dan Danielly, Mike Davidson, Dolores Dean, Julie Denning, Ross Denson, Mike Dillard, Sanford Dockery, Jeremiah Dodson, Ricky Dorsey, Barry Doyle, Paul Dunwell, Karen Dutton, Don Ellington, Georgia Evangelist, Greg Flynn, B. T. Fowler, Earl Fowler, Jo Fulton, Aubrey Gay, Keisha Webb-Gibbs, Robert Gibbs, Dana Goforth, Kat Goodwin, David Grant, my sweetie Julie Gresens, Ray Griffiths, Tim Guffey, George Gupton, A. C. Hall, Mark Haraway, Jeff Harkey, Scottie Harris, Dena Height, Jill Highsmith at the Angus Barn, Sue-Lynn Hinson for detective work in Apex, Darrin Holt, John House, Wayne House, E. J. Howard, W. D. Jackson, Dale Johnson for his encyclopedic knowledge of wheeled vehicles, Denise Jones, Jim Jones, Rick Jones, Felix D. Katt, Jimmy Keith, Mike Kemmeries, Lynn Kemon, Leslie Kepley, Keith King, Gary Knight, Elaine Massengill Kurtz, Michael LeBeau, Julia Ledford and Jason Tomberlin at Hayes Barton Baptist Church, Pat Lewis, Charles Lloyd and rest of the retired Raleigh firefighter breakfast crew, Keith Longiotti, Freddy Lynn, Steve Massengill and Alan Westmoreland at the North Carolina State Archives, Paul Matthews, Tony Mauldin, Faye McArthur, Reggie McCarn, Scott McCollum, Gary McConkey, Thomas Melville, Gayle Mills, Mom, Dad, Lisa, Tim, Ann Moore, Amy Moore, Harold Moore, Jeff Mullen, Elizabeth Reid Murray, Laura New, Jimmy Nobles, Seny Norasingh, Sue Olmsted and the staff at Olivia Raney Library, Cecil Parker, Jan Parker, Robert Pearce, Don Penny, Barrett Penny, Alton Perry, Chris Perry, Ned Perry, Sidney Perry, Lisa Persinger, Kit Podger, Dewey Poole, David Price, Rodney Privette, Herb Ramsey, Jay Rauer, Johnny Ray, Dr. L. A. Raynor, Bruce Redford, A. C. Rich, Leigh Rich, Alexis L. Richardson, David Ritchie, David Roberson, Ron Roof, Chris Rozier, Lisa Sago, Sam's Club photo developing in Cary, my publicist Sara San Angelo, Buddy Scarboro for detective work in Wendell, Mary Schaub, Hubert C. Sears, Amy Shekita , Chad Simon, Nick Slobodzian, Shane Snider, La Rue Stalvey, Sue Stell, Ava King Straughn, Lewis Straughn, Mr. and Mrs. Swain, my editor Maggie Tiller, Jimmy Thompson, Hermann Trojanowski, Dwayne Vaughn, Tom Vaughn, Mike Wallace, Rodney Warner, Jimmy Warren, Dusty Wescott, Kaye Whaley, Greg Wiggs, Chris Wilson, Lee Wilson for contribution and distribution, Daphne Wilson, Jim Wise, Frank Woods, Tom Zumbado , and every other firefighter, photographer, editor, archivist, librarian, historian, buff, fan, friend and family member whose support and contributions were absolutely invaluable in creating both volumes of Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting.