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Published 2004

The Images of America Series by Arcadia Publishing
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Chapter 2 - Equipment

1945 Mack. Purchased for $7,150.00 in December 1946 , this Mack Type 45 pumper was delivered new to the town of Zebulon. It was equipped with a 500 GPM pump and a 150 gallon tank. The open-cab engine replaced the town's first fire truck, a Ford Model A truck adapted by firefighters in 1928. The old Mack was sold for $750 to a town resident in 1977. He restored it for parade use. (ZFD.)

Cary Tanker, 1957. Firefighters rebuilt this ex-military truck into a tanker in 1956. The 1,500-gallon unit, pictured on Railroad Street opposite Station 2, was presented to the town at that year's Fireman's Day. (CFD.)

Rescue Squad. The Raleigh Fire Department received two of these Chevrolet / Murphy ambulances in 1974-75. Rescue 9 was placed in service with a 1974 model; Rescue 1 was assigned a 1975 model. (RFD.)

Crash Truck, 1984. This Walters B-1500 airport crash truck, purchased new in 1977, carried 1500 gallons of water and 180 gallons of foam. Its 1000 GPM pump was powered by a separate diesel engine.  The truck was designed so it could use 75-80% of its rated capacity with a one man crew. (Dale Johnson photograph.)

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