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Rescue Truck

The rescue truck carries a variety of rescue tools, including the "jaws of life" for vehicular extrication. Some medium-sized rescue trucks are equipped with patient compartments and stretchers.

hondo.jpg (21271 bytes)
Medium Rescue

Heavy Rescue Truck

Heavy rescue trucks are equipped with a greater amount of rescue equipment than a light or medium rescue truck.


Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting equipment is utilized by some fire departments and can range from rescue truck-mounted booms to dedicated lifting apparatus.

Loveland.jpg (23197 bytes)
Loveland, OH
SVI Trucks

Los Angeles, CA - mjl

Specialized Rescue

Specialized rescue units are equipped for such special situations as collapse rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, rope rescue, above-water rescue, and underwater rescue.

Boston, MA
Collapse Rescue Unit

Boston, MA
Tunnel Rescue Unit

Hazardous Materials Unit

Hazardous-materials (or haz-mat)  units carry the necessary equipment for managing hazardous materials incidents, including items to both contain the hazardous materials and decontaminate victims and/or responders.

Tacoma.jpg (17347 bytes)
Tacoma, WA
SVI Trucks

Command Car

The command car (or chief's car or chief's buggy) is typically staffed by a fire officer (such as a District Chief or Battalion Chief) and may carry extra equipment or medical supplies. Command cars are also used to transport additional personnel.

Bayleaf Fire Dept., NC

Mobile Command Post

The command van (or command post) is used at major fires and other large incidents.

masscomm.jpg (17043 bytes)
Logan International Airport, MA

Orange County, FL
(across from Sea World)

Air Supply Unit

Air supply units carry the equipment to refill firefighter's breathing air bottles.


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