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Special Services Units

Special services units are used to transport a variety of assorted items, ranging from extra lighting to firefighter rehabilitation supplies to salvage and overhaul equipment.

Durham, NC -
Hydrant_Thawing_Unit.jpg (9648 bytes)
Boston, MA
Hydrant Thawing

Wildland Units

Wildland units are used to fight grass or forest fires.  Apparatus can range from off-road pumpers to special crew carriers.

crew.jpg (10915 bytes)
Los Angeles, CA
Crew Carrier

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or tractor-pulled ploughs, is often utilized for fighting wildland fires.

dozer.jpg (8957 bytes)
Los Angeles, CA
grader.JPG (19393 bytes)
Los Angeles, CA

Foam and Chemical Units

Foam and chemical units carry special extinguishing agents, such as foam concentrate or dry powder

Guilford College, NC - mjl 
Dry Powder Unit
foam10.JPG (17201 bytes)
Los Angeles, CA
Foam Unit

Airport Crash Trucks

Crash trucks (or airport crash trucks or ARFF trucks) carry large amounts of water and foam concentrate and are typically used at airports. Most crash trucks can "pump and roll," or spray water while rolling.

Phoenix, AZ


Other Apparatus

Other, more-specialized apparatus include:  
  • deluge units
  • floodlight units
  • hose tenders
  • ladder tenders
  • mass casualty units
  • rehab units
  • salvage units
  • water rescue units
  • fireboats
  • fire helicopters
  • fire spotter planes
  • fire tanker planes
  • and even firefighting robots!

Miami, FL 
Casualty Bus

Cincinnati, OH - mjl 
Bomb Disposal

Dallas, TX 
Airport Unit

Los Angeles, CA
bobcat.jpg (11411 bytes) Boeing1.jpg (62156 bytes)

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