Letter From Bridget (And 3 Y.O. Son)

Subject: We Love Your Web Site!

Well, really my 3 year old son loves it!  He's very much into fire
trucks or anything related and we visit our local (Clarkston, Mich-
igan) fire station #1 regularly.  We are lucky enough to have just
about one of every kind of regular fire truck (pumper, ladder, 2
rescues, Hummer brush truck, and the Captain's suburban).  So, we
drive by or stop there and visit the guys and trucks a lot.

But I'm glad to have found your site as it's getting to be close to
winter here and when we cannot go out and drive by the fire trucks
we can come down to the PC and look on your site.  Plus, your stories
are well written and funny so that's cool too!

My son Sean is 3 and when we found your web site and were looking at
all of the fire trucks he was shaking from excitement.  We think
that even though he is so young this passion for that profession may
carry on into adulthood as yours did!  So thanks!



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