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This page is a catalog of all steam fire engines that served in North Carolina. Known rebuilds are listed accordingly. Contact Mike Legeros to contribute or correct information. Read histories. See present-day photos.
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  Department Manufacturer Model Year Size Serial # Source Survived Notes
1 Charlotte ? ? By 1865 ?   FD info   Hornet Steam Fire Engine Company
2 Charlotte Harrell   1891 1st   Sanborn, OH   Sanborn cites name Hayes & Harrills. Likely Richard Harrell, a steam engine manufacturer who delivered an engine to Patterson, NJ. Other Sanborn Map lists steamer as "Patterson" brand. Traded for motor vehicle in 1916.
3 Charlotte Clapp & Jones   By 1896 1st   Sanborn    
4 Charlotte ALF Metropolitan 1902 3rd 2813 Sanborn; Hass X Named Old Sue. Restored in 1999 by members of the fire department
5 Durham LaFrance   1903     FD Info   Delivered in February of that year. They were named "Black Pattie" and "Black Jack" and were stored at Station 1 and Station 2, respectively. Black Pattie was the first steam engine in the state to be delivered with rubber tires. Only one of the steamers was still on the roster in 1907.
6 Durham LaFrance   1903 3rd   FD Info; Sanborn   See above
7 Durham ALF Metropolitan 1903 3rd 3368 Sanborn; Hass X Pulled by motor vehicle by 1913, still in reserve in 1937. Still owned by FD.
8 Elizabeth City Silsby   1873 3rd* 413 Conway   Previously served San Antonio, TX
9 Elizabeth City Silsby   1902 2nd* 2888 Conway X Named Inez, for Chief G. S. Bell's oldest daughter. Still on the roster in 1931 and towed by motor vehicle. Albemarle Fire Company. Incorrectly noted as rebuild of 1873 steamer. Owned by local museum. More information
10 Fayetteville Silsby   1882 5th 834 Conway X Chicora Steam Fire Engine Company. Still in service in 1914, reserve unit by 1923. Still owned by FD.
11 Goldsboro Silsby   1882 5th* 701 Conway   Named Mary Ellis. Eclipse Company. Towed by motor vehicle by 1918. Upon delivery of first motor pumper in 1919, steamer placed in reserve. In 1940, retired and placed in Herman Park. Scrapped for metal during World War II.
12 Greensboro LaFrance   1886 6th* 117 Conway X Named General Greene. Reserve unit by 1919. Displayed at Greensboro Historical Museum.
13 Greensboro LaFrance   1904 3rd* 496 Conway   Reserve unit by 1919, disappeared from roster by 1925.
14 Greenville LaFrance   By 1898 5th   Sanborn   Reserve unit by 1911, disappeared from roster by 1923.
15 Kinston Silsby   1895     Sanborn   Named Caswell No. 1. Delivered on March 22 of that year. In 1904, Caswell Fire Company No. 1 organized. Steamer still in service in 1914, disappeared from roster by 1925.
16 Monroe Silsby   1886 5th* 556 Conway X Cost $3,500 engine, first stored in local livery stable. Acme Fire Company among companies that operated. Reserve unit by 1902, still reserve by 1922. Stored at Old Station 1, later moved to glass case at Jaycee Park. Returned to FD in recent years, housed at Station 1 awaiting restoration.
17 New Bern Amoskeag   1868     Unofficial FD site   New Bern Steam Fire Engine Company. More information
18 New Bern Button   1884 4th 155 Conway X Button Company. Still in service in 1913, but removed from roster by 1924. Displayed at New Bern Firemens Museum. More information
19 New Bern Clapp & Jones   1865 3rd 127 Conway   New Bern Steam Fire Engine Company.
20 New Bern Silsby   1879 4th 604 Conway X Atlantic Steam Fire Engine Company. Still in service in 1913, but removed from roster by 1924. Displayed at New Bern Firemens Museum. More information
21 Raleigh ALF Metropolitan 1905 3rd 3061 Legeros; Hass X $5,000. Delivered July 1905. L.A. Mahler Fire Company. Special-called in 1915, reserve until at least 1931. Still owned by FD. More information.
22 Raleigh Gould   1870 2nd   Legeros   Delivered April 1870. Rescue Steam Fire Engine Company. Hand-drawn for first seven years. Last public appearance in 1902. More information.
23 Reidsville Silsby   1883 4th* 763 Conway   Still in service by 1914, disappeared from roster by 1922.
24 Rocky Mount Silsby   1896 5th* 2471 Conway; FD Info; Hass X $2,600. Mule-drawn by 1912, motor-pulled as a reserve unit by 1917. Restored in recent years, displayed at  Rocky Mount Fire Museum.
25 Salem Button   1886 5th 190 Conway; FD Info   Reserve unit by 1907, still on roster in 1912.
26 Salem LaFrance   1905 4th 512 Conway X Still on roster in 1912.
27 Salisbury ALF Metropolitan 1908 2nd 3216 FD Info; Sanborn; Hass   $5,500. Motor-drawn by 1922, reserve unit by 1931. Scrapped for metal in 1942 during World War II.
28 Statesville LaFrance   1882     FD Info   $3,880. Delivered January 1882. Disappeared from roster by 1900.
29 Washington Silsby   1888 5th* 899 Conway; Web X Ocean Steam Fire Engine Company. Rebuilt 1902. Reserve by 1912, last fire in 1937. More information
30 Wilmington Button   1873   61 Conway    
31 Wilmington Button   1885 3rd 161 Conway; Sanborn   Rebuilt with Knott boiler by 1910.
32 Wilmington Gould   1871     EBF   Delivered November 1871. Cape Fear Steam Engine Company.  More information
33 Wilmington Knott   by 1910 1st   Sanborn    
34 Wilmington Silsby   1868 2nd 192 Conway   Howard Relief Company.
35 Wilmington Silsby   1874 5th 481 Conway    
36 Wilmington Silsby   1886 3rd 857 Conway    
37 Wilmington Silsby   1887 4th 886 Conway; Sanborn   Rebuilt with Knott boiler by 1910.
38 Wilson Silsby   1887 5th 914 Conway   Still in service in 1913.
39 Winston LaFrance   1882 4th* 39 Conway   Either 1882 or 1893 steamer reserve unit by 1907, and other steamer disappeared from roster. Both disappeared from roster by 1912.
40 Winston LaFrance   1893 3rd 252 Conway   Either 1882 or 1893 steamer reserve unit by 1907, and other steamer disappeared from roster. Both disappeared from roster by 1912.
41 Winston LaFrance   1903 3rd 487 Conway   Operated by Winston-Salem FD after merger in 1913.
42 Winston-Salem LaFrance   1903 3rd 487 Conway; Sanborn   Winston and Salem merged in 1913. Still in service by 1917.

*Denotes a discrepancy between the steamer size as cited, drawn from builder lists, and the steamer size as referenced in Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.



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