Living Hell - Volume #1, Issue #10



Music For Tortured Souls

Music for angry, disparaged, disbelieving souls, as drawn from
author's collection of soothing heavy-metal music:

  o "Call of Ktulu" (instrumental) - Metallica (with San
     Francisco Symphony Orchestra)

  o "Estranged" - Guns 'n' Roses

  o "God Hates Us All" - Slayer (entire album)

  o "Go To Hell" - Megadeth

  o "Hand of Doom" - Black Sabbath

  o "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC

  o "Mr. Scary" (instrumental) - Dokken

  o "On Your Feet, On Your Knees" - Motorhead

  o "Orgasmatron" - Motorhead

  o "Painkiller" - Judas Priest

  o "The Razor's Edge" - AC/DC

  o "Screaming For Vengeance" - Judas Priest

  o "See Me Burning" - Motorhead

  o "Shame" - System of a Down/Wu-Tang Clan

  o "Timebomb" - UDO

  o "Ton of Bricks" - Metal Church

  o "TV War" - Accept

  o "Wake Up Dead" - Megadeth

  o "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll" - AC/DC

Copyright 2001 by Michael J. Legeros


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