Living Hell - Volume #1, Issue #14


Special Scavenger Hunt Edition!


  o Mount Pilot
  o Method Road
  o Uncle Mike, Webmaster
  o All Twenty-Three Fire Stations
  o Where's Your Street?
  o Salute
  o CD
  o Available in Black *and* White

Mount Pilot

Pilot Mountain on overcast October afternoon, mid-month and facing
north, I believe.  Directions:  take I-40 west to NC 52 in Winston-
Salem.  Turn right.

pilot.jpg (55296 bytes)

Method Road

Newly discovered former fire station, circa 1940's or later.  One-
story brick residence with outside-accessed basement and concrete
'n' wood garage addition.  Presently utilized as oriental grocery.
Directions:  1007 Method Road, a handful o' yards north of Western

method-road.jpg (36840 bytes)

Uncle Mike, Webmaster

Home page for new nephew, Nicolas Timothy Clark.  Includes stats,
photos, and one diagram explaining apparent blemish between eyes
of Yours Pictured.  Forthcoming:  drafts of five, ten, and fifteen-
year plans for spoiling said nephew with fire-related crap.


All Twenty-Three Fire Stations

Ladies and gentleman, pix of all twenty-three Raleigh fire stations
are now available on the Web!  Complete with street addresses *and*
nearby thoroughfares!  No more pouring over poorly marked maps.  No
more driving in circles downtown or around town.  Just sit back and


Where's Your Street?

Legeros Drive in Brookings, South Dakota.  Probably named after
someone named Legeros.

legeros-drive.gif (5354 bytes)


Spotted crossing Captial Boulevard and shot seconds later through
windshield of car, my car, while waiting at Brentwood Road.  Engine

firemen-flag.jpg (22775 bytes)


Last week's chronology of Civil Defense-- as well as the entire
Special All-Nukes Edition itself-- is available in formatted for-
mat, with friendlier typefaces and a handful of inline images.


Same for last week's Living Hell extra on the matter of Mike Le-
geros University.  Apply for a degree today.


Available in Black *and* White

What die-cast emergency vehicle collection would be without one?
'Specially as they were the ambulances before there *were* ambu-

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