Living Hell - Volume #1, Issue #9


September 10, 2001


  o Apex Fire Station
  o Cool Cary Fire Photo
  o Dodging D'art
  o Pauline Kael
  o Uncle Mike
  o Puns

Apex Fire Station

That big, ol' mess of building construction on Hunter Street, just
east of Highway 55 property, is the new Apex fire station #1.  The
foundation's underway on the old Western Wake hospital property,
with completion of the X million (million?) dollar facility expect-
ed in Y months.  The town's *current* "central station" is around
the corner on Salem Street.  Built by volunteers in 1954, the orig-
inal three-bay brick building was expanded to five bays in 1961
and, later, added a pair of drive-through bays in the 1970's.  A
second story and two *rear* bays-- currently housing weightlifting
equipment-- were the final additions.  (The fire department opened
a *second* station in 1997, on New Hill-Holleman Road, approximate-
ly fifteen miles from the town's city limits.)  No word on what'll
be done with the building when the new one's done.  And, for you
trivia hounds, that railroad caboose out back originally housed A-
pex's first public library.  And, no, you can't tell which way the
train went by looking at its tracks...

Cool Cary Photo

cary-old.jpg (88425 bytes)

Cary Fire Department, circa 1950 or abouts.  Corner of Chatham and
Walker, facing east.  The second vehicle from the left is a rescue
squad with the blue and white colors of the Civil Defense Prepared-
ness Agency, a common, federally supplied piece of equipment in the
Cold War/post-war era.  And, later in 1960, the pictured tractor-
drawn tanker would overturn while responding to a call near Mere-
dith College, killing one Cary firefighter and injuring another.
(Early CFD response areas ranged from Morrisville to "Method," the
West Raleigh community bisected by Method Road between Hillsborough
Street and Western Boulevard.  See http://www.legeros.com/ralwake
for more history.)

Dodging D'art

Author attempts art with capital "A".  Readers with taste shudder.

women.gif (48919 bytes)

Pauline Kael

The great dame of film criticism, Pauline Kael, passed away last
week.  The retired, longtime "New Yorker" contributor was 82 and
reportedly struggling with Parkinson's disease.  As Ms. Kael's
accomplishments are being well-remembered elsewhere, I shant re-
count them here.  Nor do I even have a favorite review to quote.
Instead, I'll celebrate the life-changer's life with a wee memory,
from my pre-reviewing high school years, and how, as an otherwise
*skimmer* of the aforementioned weekly, learned early on to look
at a movie review *byline* before anything else.  She was worth
seeking out.

Select Bibliography

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  o "5001 Nights at the Movies," Henry Holt & Company, 1990

  o "Conversations with Pauline Kael," Will Brantley editor,
     University Press of Mississippi, 1996

Uncle Mike

Nicolas Timothy Clark, nephews to Yours Now An Uncle, arrived at
5:40 p.m. on Friday, September 7.  The 6 pound and 7.8 ounce, 19
inch, mint-condition infant is courtesy Lisa Legeros Clark and
happy hubby Tim.  A self-proclaimed "easy delivery," said stork
appearance was made even better, says Dad, by a duty nurse slash
East Carolina graduate.  [ No comment, comments the NCSU-attend-
ing author ]  Special features include tiny fingers, self-closing
eyelids, and a full head of black-looking, (quarter) Greek hair.
Same was delivered at Forsyth Medical Center, 3333 Silas Parkway,
in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  As translated from the crying,
the baby's first words were "where's the fire?"

Photos forthcoming.  For now... tasteless lactation puns!

Rejected Baby Formula Names

  o Nip Sip
  o Boob Tube
  o This Sucks
  o Be Restful
  o Tat For Tit
  o Formula Two (for wives of Indy 500 drivers)
  o Lil' Squirt
  o Leking Duct
  o Nursing Home (includes blanket with bulls-eye)
  o Baby's Got Burp
  o You've Got Milk
  o Baltimore Areoles
  o Hammer and Suckle
  o Coughing, Hold the Cream
  o Mammaries Are Made of This

And, of course, all are sold... in pairs.  Good night everybody!

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