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RALEIGH, North Carolina (IP) - The editorial policy at one of the na-
tion's largest newspapers has been uncovered, report researchers from
the Legeros Center For Media Studies and Ice Cream Tasting.  Speaking
at a press conference Saturday, center director Seymour J. Butts an-
swered questions about the discovery that occurred last month. "The
September 16 edition of 'USA Today' contained a reader response to a
September 13 editorial about the surprise profitability of the movie
'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'  The letter is a colorful-- if unremark-
able-- rant, notable for the number of difference between the origi-
nal and published versions."  Speaking to reporters at Pullen Park's
Shelter #1, Butts cracked comments on the edition's addition of "con-
textual references" and "duh-worthy disclaimers."  He also noted the
newspaper's excising of any "ad hominem" attacks, adding "how boring
is that?"

What was submitted:

> My Big Fat Greek Wedding is overrated.  My big, fat, Greek-American
> hand wrote the words "shrill," "ethnically overbearing," and "she's
> cross-eyed for [goodness] sakes!" before eventually walking out.
> Coarse is coarse, non-formula or otherwise.
> Michael J. Legeros
> Recovering Movie Critic

What was printed:

> Though already considered one of the most profitable movies in his-
> tory, _My Big Fat Greek Wedding_ is, in my view, overrated ("Maybe
> 'Greek Wedding' will wake up Hollywood bigwigs," The Forum, Thurs-
> day).
> If I had reviewed the movie, my big, fat, Greek-American hand would
> have written that the film is "shrill" and "ethnically overbearing."
> Coarse is coarse -- big-budget movies or not.
> Michael J. Legeros
> Raleigh, NC


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