Living Hell - Volume #2, Issue #2


February 3, 2002


  o John Ashcroft's Tit
  o Mike Tyson Funnies
  o Al Gore Beard

John Ashcroft's Tit

The world of politics is a funny place.  Presidents choke on pret-
zels.  President's daughters (and now nieces!) are arrested.  And
John Ashcroft's Justice Department is terrorized by a tit.  No, not
one belonging to Britney Spears.  Nor either of Madonna's twos.  In
fact, 'taint even a *fleshy* mammary that's frightened these mam-
mals.  Rather, 'tis an aluminum boob that's bothering the Attorney
General.  As cheekily reported last week, the nation's top law-en-
forcement agency purchased $15,770 worth of curtains to cover the
Spirit of Justice and the Majesty of Law, two statues that've stood
in the department's Great Hall since the Thirties.  The problem?
Well, while the latter merely depicts a lion-clothed man, the for-
mer shows a woman wearing a toga, arms raised, and, gasp!, right
breast exposed.  And, as any self-respecting, ta-ta minded photog-
rapher would do when covering the AG's appearances, they'd try (and
succeed) at shooting "Jugs" Ashcroft with an enormous boobie above
his head. Which I guess he doesn't appreciate.

At the risk of negatively reinforcing such comically ripe taxpayer
expenditures, allow me to present a handful of *lower-cost* alter-
natives.  It's a titillating problem, but I think I've got a grasp
on it...

  o drop banner over offending boob, sell advertising space for
    milk products

  o enlist MIT students to build giant Wonder-Bra, cover with
    giant cashmere sweater

  o change building name from "Great Hall of Justice" to "Great
    Hall of Hooters"

  o fling mud at said tit, promote "Live Nude Wrestling Every

  o replace with clothed statue, ship existing one to Dollywood

  o open gift shop, sell tee-shirts saying "I visited Washington
    and all I got were these lousy boobs"

  o rope off area, charge visitors five dollars to pose with
    giant guzzonga

  o leave as-is, announce formation of task force investigating
    Constitutionality of banning the word "abreast"

  o spend $25 at Radio Shack, win support of infant voters by
    adding electronic suckling sounds

  o just move the podium, stupid.

Mike Tyson Funnies

Here's an oldie-but-goodie from 1997-- biting headlines as gathered
by the Associated Press and first published on the USA Today site.

God love a punster...

  o "A Bad Bite for Boxing" - The News & Observer of Raleigh

  o "Twice Bitten" - Times-Picayune of New Orleans

  o "Bite of the Century!" - Arizona Republic

  o "Bite Night" - Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader

  o "Tyson's Tasteless Tactics: Bite Night" - The Record of
     Hackensack (NJ)

  o "Reality Bites" - Times Union of Albany (NY)

  o "Did Tyson Bite Off More Than He Can Chew?  Time Will
     Tell" - Salt Lake Tribune

  o "Tyson Subject of Biting Criticism" - The (Baltimore) Sun

  o "Biting Commentary" - The Boston Herald

  o "Tyson Bites the Dust, Holyfield" - Huntsville (AL) Times

  o "Holyfield May Take a Bite Out of Tyson" - The Indianapo-
     lis Star

  o "Holyfield Can't Stay Unbitten as Heavyweight" - Sun-
     Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale

  o "Earmarks of Cowardice" - Houston Chronicle

  o "Earmark of an Eerie Night" - The Atlanta Journal and the
     Atlanta Constitution

  o "A Two-Bit Bout: Holyfield Wins" - Kansas City Star

  o "From Champ to Chomp" - The Herald-Sun of Durham (NC)

  o "The Champ and the Chomp" - The Jersey Journal

  o "Holyfield Still Chomp-ion" - San Francisco Examiner

  o "Heavyweight Chomp" - Philadelphia Inquirer

  o "Undisputed Chomp" - USA TODAY

  o "World Chomp" - The Sun (London)

  o "Requiem for a Chompion" - Philadelphia Daily News

  o "Sucker Munch" - The Sun (London)

  o "Biting Back: Evander Has Public's Ear" - Daily News (NY)

  o "Toss Tyson Out on Ear" - Daily News (NY)

  o "Ear Flap" - Newsday

  o "Ears Have It! Evander Wins" - Montgomery (AL) Advertiser

  o "Tyson's Behavior Hard to Swallow" - Providence Journal-

  o "Dracula" - New York Post

  o "Champ Chewing Over Legal Options" - New York Post

  o "It's Tyson's Nature to (Ch)eat" - New York Post

  o "For Tyson, Tooth Hurts" - New York Post

  o "Now Ear This: Rematch is Possible" - New York Post

  o "Lobe Blow for Boxing" - The Tennessean

  o "Iron Mike Goes Down Biting" - The Sunday Oklahoman

  o "Tyson Doesn't Gnaw What's Next" - The Daily Oklahoman

  o "Ear of Scorn" - Kansas City Star

  o "Pay Per Chew" - Philadelphia Daily News

  o "Holyfield Lends Ear as Tyson Self-Destructs" - Arkansas

  o "Ear-Responsible" - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  o "Tyson Scars Face of Boxing" - The Guardian (London)

Al Gore Beard

Saw Fuzzy Face on television today, speaking to some group in a
news clip.

So who does Tipper's Better resemble *this* week?

I saw a vintage GI Joe action figure.

From the Seventies.


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