Living Hell Extra!

MEN IN BLACK 2 is the slight sequel to the 1997 original that also
starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, that was also directed by
Barry "Big Nothing" Sonnenfeld, and, if memory serves, was already
pretty thin to begin with.  Five years in the (deal) making, MIB 2
has a couple big, belly laughs ("He's a Ballchinean!"), a couple
cute product plugs (see: Selma Junkoff), and one or two funny cam-
eos ([see the movie], [or read a different review]).  Alas, it also
drags, often repeats itself, and doesn't even show Jones' character
until 25 minutes in.  (Worse, his character requires *another* 20+
minutes to regain his memories and start kicking some serious, non-
human butt!)  There are gobs of effects, though.  And aliens ga-
lore.  And a wonderfully daffy prologue "hosted by" Peter Graves.
(At least, I *think* it's Graves.  Could be another keen creation
by make-up master Rick Baker.  Do you like Gladiator movies, Tim-
my?)  Where the second go-around utterly misses its' mark is in the
script, an arguably outright botch that jettisons high-powered
deadpan for feelings and romance and squishy goodbyes.  (I mean,
within the first fifteen minutes we're forced to endure "Seinfeld"
alum Patrick Warburton bawling like a baby in a New York diner!
Yeah, that's right.)  Basically, next to nothing here that made the
first film such a slight delight.  Gee, what a surprise-- a sequel
that doesn't improve upon on the original.  Even one as thin as the

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