Required Reading

In response to a controversial reading assignment at the University
of North Carolina , requiring incoming freshman to read "Approaching
the Qur'an: The Early Revelations" by Michael Sells, General Assemb-
ly lawmakers announced on Tuesday a proposal to protect North Caro-
lina college students from dangerous ideas.  The statute, if passed,
will restrict taxpayer-funded universities in North Carolina to a
State-sanctioned list of recommended readings.

An early draft of the list was released to media outlets, also on

  o "Considerations on 'The Cat and the Hat'" by William F.
     Buckley, Jr.

  o "Dick and Jane and Gender" by Camille Paglia

  o "Mother Goose But No Father?" by Laura Schlessinger

  o "Objectivism and 'The Little Engine That Could'" by
     the Ayn Rand Institute (Editors)

  o "'Peter Pan' and the Dangers of Dreaming" by John

  o "'Green Eggs and Ham' - Are You Prepared For Bioter-
     rorism?" Caleb Carr (with introduction by Donald

  o "Pooh Matters" by Phillip C. McGraw

  o "'The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round' and Other
     Public Transportation Issues" by Rudolph Giuliani

  o "Curious George and the Atkins Diet" by Robert C. At-

  o "Hearing a Who: Exploring the Microverse" by Stephen

  o "Liberal Bias in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
     by Ann H. Coulter

  o "My First Dictionary" by George W. Bush and Other

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