Living Hell - Volume #3, Issue #3


June 15, 2003

Special Big Apple Edition!


  o Introduction
  o Da Links
  o Notes


Myself and my other visited New York last week.  Five nights and six
days, for the occasion of a conference (hers) and my birthday (mine).
Saw lots, spent lots, and sat in the audience on Monday night's "Late
Show."  Photographs are linked below, along with some notes.  Enjoy.

Da Links

People, Places, and Things

Brooklyn Bridge and Ellis Island

Fire Stuff and the FDNY Fire Museum

Police Museum, New Jersey, and Something Tacky

Plus Maps!



Airport Shuttle From Hell - The plane ride was faster.

Angela - Beloved friend from High School.

Backyard - Location of cookout at Angela's apartment.  See also: Incre-
dulity at Actual Outdoor Space.

Birthday, Mike's - June 9.

Birthday Presents - FDNY mousepad, contribution toward $400 model won
on ebay last week.

Carnegie Deli - Seventh Street eatery that Mike wanted to visit daily.

Carnegie Hall, How to Get to - Practice, practice, practice.

Cell phone - Excellent way to relieve boredom on long train rides.

Emergency Services - NYPD Division with way-cool rescue trucks.

Energy Differential  (ED) - Measured 9.73, meaning Mike wore out
Julie most of the time.

Esquire, June 2003 - Reading material for train ride to Jersey.

Esquire, May 2003 - Reading material for plane ride from Raleigh.

FDNY Operational Reference - Souvenir purchased at fire department gift
shop (FireZone, Rockefeller Center).  Other mementos:  Late Show base-
ball cap.

Fluffy's Bakery & Cafe - Seventh Street establishment with unusually
strong gravitational pull.  See also: Heavenly Cannoli.

Franklin Mint 1:32 Scale Seagrave Aerial Ladder Fire Engine - See:
Birthday Presents.

Free Room and No Bored - Reason for trip (Mike only).

Guests on Monday's Show - Actress Juliet Binoche, writer Joe Queenan,
and the rock band Blur.  Plus Miss Universe, who read the Top Ten List.

Hawaiian Shirts - Attire of choice (Mike), much to Julie's dismay (he
looks like a tourist).

Hookers - Sorely missed from Times Square.

Items Lost or Broken - Television remote (lost), room key (lost), hotel
iron (dropped).

Jerry's, Ben & - See: Haagen Daas.

Librarian Convention - Reason for trip (Julie only).

Lightning - Reason we couldn't deplane for forty minutes after return-
ing to Raleigh.

Marine Company 1 - Sorry, but my boss ain't here.  No problem, I'll
just take some pics from the pier.

News, Start Spreadin' The - I'm leaving today.

Paper - Composition of hotel walls.

Penn Station - Two of them, one in Manhattan, one in Newark.

Photographs - Several hundred taken with FujiFilm FinePix digital cam-

Puerto Rican Day Parade - Cause of day-long shouting on Sunday.

Rat - Cute, furry creature seen scurrying along subway tracks.  See
also: Mike would you stop taking pictures please, everyone is looking
at you.

Rupert G. - Proprietor of Hello Deli and frequent Late Show patsy.

Sex - Made you look.

Six Damn Dollars - Price for two Diet Cokes at hotel (Hilton on Sixth

Subway Trains Ridden - Practically every one of them.

Tian - Beloved cousin breakfasted with on Thursday.

Three Dollars - Price of Quarter Pounder in Times Square.

Times Square - Neatest place in the world next to Vegas, which Mike has
never visited.

Union Square - Neat place in lower Manhattan.

X-Rated - Also sorely missed from Times Square.

Walking - Tennis shoes are better than flip-flops concludes Professor

Yeah, Whatever - Reaction of  FDNY museum staff upon being shown copy
of "Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting."

Zeitgeist - Not related to trip, but great word to end with.

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