Oscar Wrap

Could the Oscars have been *any* more boring this year?  Where was Cher?
Where was Lovitz?  Praise be to David Letterman, who was great fun as
the irreverent host.  Paul Shaffer was sorely missed, though, but the
Late Night King had a couple aces up his sleeve.  The best bits included
a stupid pet trick, a tape of phony of CABIN BOY auditions, and a bunch
of New York City cabbies reading from TAXI DRIVER.  You talkin' to me?

The low points:  Matt Dillon, Jack Nicholson, Randy Newman' song, and
that awful production number.  Ugh.  Better was Dave's early attempt at
introducing celebrities.  "Oprah, Uma." "Uma, Oprah."  His top-ten list
wasn't bad, either.

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