Monday Evening - To Go or Not to Go

Every Monday it comes to this, three or four or five movies seen, 
most of them reviewed, most of the reviews posted, then back to 
work, then back to the house, then sitting around after "Murphy 
Brown," reading last week's "What's Up" section, God what a stupid 
title, and trying to figure out exactly how to squeeze in another 
movie or two or three before another Friday starts the cycle anew.  
Forty-two films are playing in Triangle theaters and I've seen 
thirty-three of them, but that's not enough.  It's never enough.  I 
still want to see PURPLE NOON and FIRST KID (Sinbad makes me laugh) 
and the documentary PARADISE LOST, which ranks the highest on my 
hope-to-see list.  The "disturbing non-fiction film" is playing at 
the Varsity in Chapel Hill, which would be fine except for the 
goofy start times.  6:00 is too early and 9:00 is too late, esp. if 
you're coming all the way from Tragic North Raleigh.  (That is, 
unless you drive like the title of a certain Meat Loaf album.  Get 
there in thirty minutes or less, or your ambulance ride is free.)

In the interest of actually *having* a life, I decide to postpone 
that particular road trip.  Instead, I'll check and see if PARADISE 
LOST is coming to the City of Giant Acorns.  I call the Colony-- 
cause the Rialto's line is busy-- and a friendly person gives me a 
tentative date of Oct. 11.  He can't advise on which theater will 
have which, so I call the Varsity and learn that LOST is playing 
through next week.  So here are my options:  (a.) wait until it 
comes to Raleigh and risk having to see it at the stinky Studio I 
and II.  (b.) Wait until Friday.  If the load is light, meaning 
only one, two, or three new movies to agonize over attending, then 
visit the Varsity on Saturday or Sunday.  Then walk down the street 
to Ben and Jerry's.  (c.) Wait until video.  This option is the 
least attractive, because I know if I don't see it, PARADISE LOST 
will go on to greater fame and fortune and be nominated for all 
sorts of awards and show up on every critic's Top Ten list and all 
I'll be able to say is "nope, haven't see it."  I'd better give 
this some thought.

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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