Star Trek Memories

Where were *you* when you watched the first seven Star Trek movies?  
In December 1979, at the age of fourteen, I saw THE MOTION PICTURE 
at the Southtown in Minneapolis.  It wasn't that great, but I later 
bought the splendid Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack.  Both THE WRATH OF 
KAHN (1982) and THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK (1984), better movies and both 
scored by James Horner, were seen at what passed for theaters in 
Morehead City.  (We moved there in 1980.)  At the latter, I recall 
taking the afternoon off, to be first in line at the first show on 
the first day it played.  By the time of THE VOYAGE HOME (1986), I 
was in college in Raleigh and probably saw that one at Mission Val-
ley.  (My review for the school newspaper was critical of Leonard 
Rosenman's "awful" score and the "hurried and oversimplified" end-
(1991) were also seen in Raleigh and at one of the Carmike cinemas, 
I believe.  GENERATIONS (1994), the movie that finally killed off 
Kirk (please hold your applause until the end), was watched at 
Pleasant Valley, where I returned on Friday, to be one of the first 
in line at the first show on the very first day.  Some things never 

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Originally posted in triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: November 24, 1996

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