Batman and Robin Screenplay

I stumbled across the BATMAN AND ROBIN screenplay at Drew's Script-
o-Rama ( and, surprise, it makes for 
fun reading.  There's plenty that didn't make the final cut:  a 
better written opening, Ivy arriving at the airport, drawn weapons 
instead of a drawn credit card, Bruce propositioning Pamela right 
in front of Julie, an extended action sequence involving the ice 
vehicles, a reference to Clark Kent, a couple references to the TV 
series, a ton of other one-liners, and, best of all, no speaking 
(or grunting) lines for Bane.  The tone of the script is light-
hearted, but direct, and reads better, I believe, than the filmed 
version.  And, perhaps, would play better.  Maybe if Mr. Schumacher 
trimmed the action and restored more of the comedy...?  Anyway, the 
current crappy version comes out on tape in October.  Aisle see you 
at the video store.

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: August 26, 1997

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