Soundtrack Alert!

Calling all Mel Brooks fans!

The original soundtracks to THE PRODUCERS and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN
have been reissued and are now available at a record store near
you.  Both contain John Morris's wonderful scores, plus songs,
plus dialogue.  (Selected tracks include:  "The World's Worst
Play," "Auditioning 100 Hitlers," "Love Power," Zero Mostel ask-
ing "Where Did I Go Right?," "Frau Blucher," "It's Alive!," "He
Was My Boyfriend," and a certain duet by Gene Wilder and Peter
Boyle.)  Running times are around 40 minutes each, with only THE
PRODUCERS soundtrack containing new linear notes.  (They're also
on different labels, BTW.)  I'd recommend special ordering these--
I used CD Superstore in Cary-- as I haven't seen too many copies
floating around on the racks.

To the lumberyard!                

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Originally posted to triangle.movies

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