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Well, I was wonderin' what's comin' out this year, so I compiled 
the best of Corona ( 
and Eric Carter (
and added my own comments.  The dates are as accurate as I could get 
'em and there's only, oh, another hundred films that also belong on 
this list.  Enjoy.

THE SAINT (4/4) Val Kilmer in Roger Moore's old TV role

GATTICA (4/11) Uma and Ethan in the future
GROSSE POINTE BLANK (4/11) John Cusack is a hitman at his high 
school reunion

MURDER AT 1600 (4/11) Wesley Snipes sniffing around the Oval Office

ANACONDA (4/18) Big damn snakes in the Amazon

IN PURSUIT OF HONOR (4/18) Demi Moore as a Navy SEAL and we're not 
supposed to laugh
MCHALE'S NAVY (4/18) Tom Arnold in Ernest Borgnine's old TV role
L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (4/25) Spacey, Basinger, DeVito, Cromwell, and 
Crowe in the '50's

VOLCANO (4/25) Lava my life in Los Angeles


THE FLOOD (5/2) Caper pic with torrential results
FATHER'S DAY (5/9) Comedy with Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

THE FIFTH ELEMENT (5/9) Luc Besson directs Bruce Willis back to the

THE LOST WORLD (5/23) More dinosaurs from Steven Spielberg and 
Michael Crichton


BUDDY (6/6) Rene Russo raises an infant gorilla

CON AIR (6/6) Cage, Cusack, Rhames, Malkovich, and Buscemi in 
BATMAN AND ROBIN (6/20) Arnie, Uma, George, Chris, and Alicia in 

HERCULES (6/20) His labors as animated by Walt Disney

FACE OFF (6/27) Cage versus Travolta and John Woo directs

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING (6/27) Romantic comedy with Julia Roberts, 
and Dermot Mulroney

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL (7/2) Jason Patric and Sandra Bullock on a 

MEN IN BLACK (7/2) Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as super-secret 
UFO investigators

TITANIC (7/4) That James Cameron directs is only the tip of the 

CONTACT (7/11) Jodie Foster stars in Carl Sagan's sci-fi story
HOME ALONE 3 (7/11) New cast, new director, same producer

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE (7/18) Brandon Fraser watches out for that 

AFO (7/25) Harrison Ford held hostage on Air Force One

ALIEN RESURRECTION (7/25) Because she died in the last film

COPLAND (8/1) Stallone as small-town, non-action hero cop

EVENT HORIZON (8/11) Larry Fishburne stars in sci-fi space flick

GREAT EXPECTATIONS (8/1) Modern-day Dickens with DeNiro
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (8/1) I wonder who'll perform the theme song?
STEEL (8/8) Shaq as the armor-plated DC superhero
THE TRUMAN SHOW (8/8) Peter Weir directs Jim Carrey

FREE WILLY 3 (8/15) Just shoot me now

SPAWN (8/22) Michael Jai White as the Image Comics superhero
AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS (8/29) Sequel to the 1981 horror 

HOODLUM (8/29) Andy Garcia and Lawrence Fishburne as gangsters

Fall and Winter
KISS THE GIRLS (Fall) Morgan Freeman chases a serial killer around 
Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

ONE NIGHT STAND (Sept.) Mike Figgis directs this romantic drama

PEACEMAKER (Sept.) George Clooney and Nicole Kidman versus nuclear
terrorists in New York

DEEP RISING (Oct.) Aquatic creature causes mischief

FIRESTORM (Oct.) Forest-fire fighting inmates make a run for it

THE ICE STORM (Oct.) Ang Lee directs this drama about family 

STARSHIP TROOPERS (Nov.) Paul Verhoven directs this ultra-violent 
bug battle
ANASTASIA (Nov.) Animated feature from Fox

THE LITTLE MERMAID (Nov.) Reissue, mon
FLUBBER (Nov.) Robin Williams as the Absent-Minded Professor

MARK OF ZORRO (Nov.) Antonio Banderas as the Mexican masked avenger

EYES WIDE SHUT (Dec.) Stanley Kubrick directs Mr. and Mrs. Tom 

JAMES BOND 18 (Dec.) No title yet, but Jonathan Pryce plays the 
media mogul villain

LES MISERABLES (Dec.) Non-musical


MR. MAGOO (Dec.) Leslie Nielsen in Jim Backus' old animated role

THE POSTMAN (Dec.) Kevin Costner delivering mail to the survivors 
of a nuclear war

PRIMARY COLORS (Dec.) Mike Nichols directs Travolta, Thompson, and 

Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros

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