Blues Brothers 1998

The long-awaited "collector's edition" of THE BLUES BROTHERS has 
arrived on DVD, with an additional 12 minutes of material not seen 
since the original preview in 1980.  (And that was an even longer 
cut than the 148-minute version presented here!  Alas, the rest of 
the footage-- including the band performing "Sink the Bismark" at 
Bob's Country Bunker-- was apparently destroyed in 1985.)  The disc 
also includes production notes, the theatrical trailer, and a one- 
hour documentary on the making of the movie.  While a bit gushy, 
great behind-the-scenes stuff, including director John Landis ex-
plaining the challenges of getting blues singers to sing the same 
way twice, how the filmmakers had to certify the orange Pinto with 
the FAA (!) before it could be dropped over Chicago, and the full 
story of the shopping center that the famous car chase was filmed 

As for the feature itself, here's the gist of the added footage:

  o a couple more exterior shots of the prison, including signs 
    reading "Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers" and "Joliet Catholic 
    1975-76-77 4-A Football Champions"

  o added scene of the guards rousing Jake in his cell

  o slightly expanded sequence with the Penguin, with a couple 
    bits of added dialogue, including a longer parting speech
    (I think)

  o added scene outside the Triple Rock Baptist Church, with 
    Jake and Elwood straightening their ties before going in.
    Elwood:  "Now remember, we have to get that money honest-
    ly."  Jake:  "That could be a problem."  Elwood:  "It's 
    like she said, we gotta make the move toward redemption.
    We gotta go to church."  Jake (mimicking in falsetto):
    "We got to make that move toward redemption.  We gotta go
    go church."  (normal voice)  "Bullshit"

  o expanded church sequence, with a longer sermon by James 
    Brown and more subsequent singing and dancing
  o expanded sequence set to "The Peter Gunn Theme," with the
    Bluesmobile driving through a neon-lit downtown area, then
    through back alleys to a pair of double doors labeled "CTA 
    E-Train Power Transformer - High Voltage Danger" 

  o added scene of Elwood unlocking said double doors and park-
    ing inside.  The fit is so tight that he has to climb out
    the window and onto the roof of the car.  The transformers
    crackle ominously

  o added scene inside the roach motel, with John Candy and the 
    two troopers questioning Froggie

  o added scene inside an aerosol can factory, where Elwood
    works.  He stuffs a couple cans into his briefcase and goes 
    to see his boss, to tell him he's quitting.  "I'm going to 
    become a priest."  Elwood wears safety glasses instead of 
    sunglasses and is sans coat
  o added scene inside the Bluesmobile, with Jake and Elwood 
    reading the back of a cigarette pack, on which is scribbled
    the last known address for "Bones" Malone and "Blue" Lou.        
    Jake comments:  "The Lord works in mysterious ways"

  o a bit more dialogue with Murph and the Magictones.  Jake: 
    "Who here at this table can honestly say that they have 
    ever played as fine as they did with us or have had it feel 
    as good as it did when you were a Blues Brother?"

  o a bit more dialogue at the Nazi rally, spoken by Henry Gib-
    son to the crowd

  o expanded sequence of John Lee Hooker performing "Boom 
    Boom."  The entire song is performed, intercut with a 
    collage of colorful sidewalk decor

  o expanded sequence of the band performing "Stand By Your 
    Man" inside Bob's Country Bunker.  The entire song is 

  o a bit more dialogue in the meeting with Steve Lawrence.  
    "Discos... they're all discos... singles... mixed sin-
    gles... gay singles... these people like to dance with 
    each other."  Jake:  "But we *are* a dance band"

  o added explosion, after they pull away from the gas station, 
    where Elwood overfilled Twiggy's car.  Jake tosses a ciga-
    rette out the window, which ignites the spilled gasoline

  o expanded sequence of Cab Calloway performing "Minnie the
    Moocher," with a bit more music and Elwood sabotaging 
    police cars in the parking lot, by filling their tires 
    with "pure, uncompounded isopropyl butane monosulphate" 
    which "when combined with oxygen and a little heat" causes 
    "a rapid expansion"  

  o slightly longer shot (I think) of Jake and Elwood crossing 
    the hotel lobby

  o expanded sequence of the band playing "I Can't Turn You 
    Loose."  The entire instrumental is performed

  o a bit more footage of Jake and Elwood on stage, during
    "Sweet Home Chicago"

  o a few more seconds of footage (I think) in the confronta-
    tion with Carrie Fisher

  o added car crash, outside hotel.  After the Blues Brothers
    flee, the tires of the police cars begin to blow, turning
    the parking lot into a demolition derby, with John Candy
    getting tossed about in the back seat of his cruiser

  o slightly longer elevator ride (I think) for Jake and 
  o added footage of Jake and Elwood waiting outside the Tax
    Assessor's office

  o expanded prison sequence, with the riot taking longer to
    get started, but the guards no longer amused as it unfolds

  o and, after pre-closing credits cast and crew sing-along, 
    added footage of the prison guards getting out the riot 

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: September 14, 1998

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