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[ From: Bart in Raleigh ]

> > Frankly, I can't recall a more excruciating
> > cinematic experience...  
> > 
> > I was bored from the very first scene...
> >
> > Nearly every scene in THE GREEN MILE is
> > perfectly and often passionately bland... 
> > 
> > I can't think of a better boring movie... 
> > 
> > Grade: B- 
> I don't think I've ever read a review that so blatantly bashed a 
> movie to no end.  And then, you rated it a "B-".  Talk about in-
> consistency.

[ From: Jim in Chapel Hill ]

> I truly enjoy your movie reviews but have run into the same 
> problem Bart mentions.  Could you do us a favor and explain
> your rating system and how it relates to the review given?

The Movie Hell Rating System(tm) Explained

Letter Grade 

"A+" through "F"

Objective attempt to "grade" movie

Written Comments
Subjective reaction to movie

May or may not be remotely related to letter grade

See for reasons why a 
perfectly good movie might not be liked.

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