A mere four years after its conception, Movie Hell(tm) finally
has its own domain name. was activated over-
night.  The address should work from anywhere, at any time, and
from all points in-between.  Past addresses
and will also continue to work, so don't
fret about changing your bookmarks.  I would appreciate, however,
that any future references or links be made to the new address.

Also, for those accessing from the new address, please, please,
please, please lemme know if you spot any errors.  Just drop a

And finally, a big, wet, sloppy, silly, virtual hug 'n' kiss to
my many readers (3000+ site visits this week!) who have endured
it all, from editing errors (missing words, particular) to an
abortive attempt at HTML tables.  832 reviews have been archived
so far and, as long as y'all keep reading, I reckon I'll keep on

Yours when the lights come down,


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