Reader Mail - June 2000

[ From: Maggie in Perth, Australia ]

> Sorry to sound like a broken record but critics are well on
> the way to labelling this movie as a concentration camp sa-
> tire which is quite wrong.  It is a satire of British POW
> movies, a very different thing.  Of course, it is true that
> chickens at a chicken farm are in the same position as con-
> centration camp victims but this is underplayed. 

[ Excellent observation!  And, frankly, an important distinc-
  tion that I failed to make.  I'll update my Web-posted copy
  accordingly. ]

> BTW, I have always liked your reviews.  It was only a very
> minor whinge (good Aussie word for complaints as in "whing-
> ing Poms"). 

[ Like the Yank term "bellyache?" ]

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