X-Haustive List of Past and Present X-Men

So just how many X-Men are there, anyway?  The following list of 
past and present members was cribbed from David Sanders' X-cellent 
X-character site, http://www.columbia.edu/~djs58/comics/main.html, 
because I couldn't find a "flat file" containing the same informa-
tion to save my life.  Note that I also included "New Mutant" mem-
bers.  They kinda, sorta, mostly qualify as Professor X's student 
body.  Some of these spandex-ers also appear as supporting charac-
ters in the movie, such as Shadowcat, Jubilee, and a young Iceman.  
Others are sure to appear in the sequel.

Free free to response with corrections.  I'm sure there are errors 
and omissions a-plenty...

  o Angel - Warren Kenneth Worthington III - Has large feath-
    ered wings on back.  Can fly.  Later turned blue and given 
    mechanical wings

  o Banshee - Sean Cassidy - Screams loud enough to fly, smash 
    stuff, perform sonar pinging, etc.

  o Beast - Dr. Henry McCoy - Has oversized hands and feet. 
    Super-agile and very strong.  Later grew blue fur

  o Bishop - Can absorb, store, and re-emit any form of ener-
    gy, usually from hands

  o Cable - Nathan Christopher Charles Summers - Telekinetic 
    telepath.  Also has latent time-travel abilities.  Son of
    Scott Summers and Jean Grey clone

  o Cannonball - Samuel Guthrie - Can generate a thermal/kine-
    tic field that both renders him invulnerable and allows 
    him to fly

  o Cecilia - Dr. Cecilia Reyes Affiliation - Generates force 
    field six inches from body when struck

  o Changeling - Sidney Jones - Shape-shifter.  Deceased

  o Colossus - Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin - Can transform 
    body into solid steel, increasingly strength and causing 

  o Copycat - Vanessa Carlysle - Can change shapes and dupli-
    cate personalities very, very well

  o Cyclops - Scott Summers - Has eyes that fire energy beams, 
    requiring special glasses to control them

  o Cypher - Doug Ramsey - Innately understands all languages, 
    human, computer, or alien.  Deceased

  o Dazzler - Alison Blair - Can transform sound into light.  
    Former disco singer

  o Feral - Maria Callasantos - Has fangs, claws, and a tail. 
    Also possesses above-average speed and excellent senses of 
    smell and hearing

  o Forge - Can invent anything he can imagine.  Also posses-
    ses learned magical powers

  o Gambit - Remy LeBeau - Can charge objects with kinetic en-
    ergy, causing them to explode

  o Gateway - Can open portals through space and time. Also 
    has selected psionic powers, like levitation and telepathy

  o Havok - Alex Summers - Absorbs ambient stellar energy, 
    used to emit plasma blasts.  Brother of Cyclops

  o Iceman - Robert Drake - Can generate, shape, and even 
    cover his entire body in ice

  o Joesph - Can control all forms of magnetism.  On the Mag-
    neto scale, he's more powerful.  Deceased

  o Jubilee - Jubilation Lee - Can generate plasma "pafs" that 
    explode on command

  o Karma - Xi'an (Shan) Coy Manh - Can take possession of 
    other people's minds and, thus, their bodies

  o Longshot - Has "luck power" that keeps him lucky.  Can al-
    so "read" the history of an inanimate object.  Also has
    hollow bones

  o Magik - Illyana Nikolaevna Rasputin - Can teleport through 
    time and space.  Also trained in black magic.  Deceased

  o Magma - Allison Crestmere - Can control magma and lava

  o Magneto - Erik Magnus Lehnsherr - Can control all forms of 
    magnetism.  One of the world's most powerful mutants and 
    occasional good guy

  o Marrow - Has fast-growing bones that push through skin and 
    can be used as weapons

  o Meltdown - Tabitha Smith - Can generate plasma spheres 
    that explode on command

  o Mimic - Calvin Rankin - Can duplicate the powers of any 
    nearby mutant

  o Moonstar - Danielle Moonstar - Can generate image of some-
    one's greatest fear or desire.  Later learned to generate 
    *physical* manifestations

  o Nightcrawler - Kurt Wagner - Can teleport by line of  
    sight.  Also has blue fur, yellow eyes, fangs, and pre-
    hensile tail.  Also has three fingers and toes on each ap-
    pendage and can stick to walls.  Also skilled acrobat and 

  o Phoenix - Jean Grey Summers - Powerful telekinetic tele-

  o Phoenix II - Rachel Summers - Telekinetic telepath.  Can 
    also project astral self through time.  Daughter of Scott
    Summers and Jean Grey, from an alternate future

  o Polaris - Lorna Dane - Can control all forms of magnetism.
    On the Magneto scale, she's less powerful

  o Professor X - Professor Charles Francis Xavier - Another
    powerful telepath

  o Psylocke - Elisabeth Braddock - Telepath

  o Revanche - Kwannon - Low-level empath.  Deceased

  o Rictor - Julio Esteban Richter - Can generate seismic 
    waves from his hands

  o Rogue - Absorbs memories, abilities, and physical charac-
    teristics of anyone she touches

  o Rusty - Russell Collins - Can fire flames from his hands.  

  o Shadowcat - Katherine (Kitty) Pryde - Can pass her mole-
    cules through other molecules, to walk through walls and
    even "on air."  Also trained ninja

  o Shatterstar - Enhanced senses and physical abilities.  Al-
    so has hollow bones
  o Skids - Sally Blevins - Projects nearly impenetrable force 

  o Storm - Ororo Munroe - Can generate or disperse all forms 
    of weather.  Also skilled thief and lockpick

  o Sunfire - Shiro Yoshida Affiliation - Absorbs solar ener-
    gy, used to fly and create plasma blasts

  o Sunspot - Roberto DaCosta - Absorbs solar energy, increas-
    ing strength and invulnerability

  o Thunderbird - John Proudstar - Exceptionally strong and 
    fast.  Deceased brother of Warpath

  o Warlock - Techno-organic alien with ability to change size 
    and shape, including appearing human.  Can also fire ener-
    gy bolts.  Deceased

  o Warpath - James Proudstar - Exceptionally strong and fast. 
    Brother of Thunderbird

  o Wolfsbane - Rahne Sinclair - Can transform into a wolf or
    anywhere in-between

  o Wolverine - Logan - Has healing factor that takes care of 
    wounds, diseases, and aging.  Also has retractable claws 
    in forearms

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