The Wedding Planner (2001)

THE WEDDING PLANNER is a cute-enough chick-flick that joins Jen-
nifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of other beautiful 
people, wraps 'em tight in a relentlessly upbeat soundtrack of 
"happy music," and parades 'em back and forth, through various 
high-dollar, You-Could-Be-Married-Right-Now surroundings.  And  
while they all engage in playful, oh-so-cute banter.  In fact, 
Lopez and McConaughey seem so relaxed that you half-wonder if 
they even know the cameras are running!  (They're real-life 
beaus, no?)  Some bits o' wackiness, too, like the inevitable 
commandeering (and subsequent fast-driving) of a taxi.  Yawn.  
And an innocuous outdoor mishap involving a limestone penis and 
Crazy Glue. (Don't ask.)  One-hundred minutes (and change) of 
white gowns, high cheekbones, fancy floral arrangements, spurned 
suitors who only get "movie sad," and those three or four times 
when Ms. Lopez is accidentally filmed from a booty-enhancing an-
gle.  Baby's got *back*!  (Well, speaking strictly from hind 
sight...)  Yup, the absoperfectoquintessential date movie, pro-
vided (a.) she picked it and (b.) he doesn't snore while sleep-
ing.  With a bunch of familiar faces, like Joanna Gleason and 
Alex Rocco (he's still alive!?) and, in one scene as a dance in-
structor, Fred Willard in black-plus-gold, coiffed at a crazy an-
gle, and wearing pointy mutton chops and one, big, bushy goatee.  
Perhaps he's channeling Andreas Voutsinas's Carmen Giya from Mel 
Brooks' THE PRODUCERS?  Flaunt it, baby, flaunt it!  (Rated "PG-
13"/103 min.)
Grade: C+

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