Knowing the Score

Attention fans of movie music!

"Knowing the Score - Film Composers Talk About the Art, Craft, Blood,
Sweat, and Tears of Writing for Cinema" is a new book from David Mor-
gan, author of "Monty Python Speaks!"  (The latter simply a detail
noted on the cover.)  The paperback is published by Harper Entertain-
ment, is priced at $14.00, and contains 314 pages.  Morgan interview-
ed about a dozen composers, including Elmer Bernstein (the late Leon-
ard's brother?  Sure looks like him), Coen collaborator Carter Bur-
well, Patrick Doyle, Philip Glass, "industrial" embracer Elliot Gold-
enthal, veteran scorer Jerry Goldsmith, Mark Isham, rock 'n' roll ar-
ranger Michael Kamen, and Disney's Alen Menken.  Then, he combined
their comments to create a sort of "printed symposium" that reads
pretty seamlessly.  He also notes in the introduction that the book
is written for film buffs and film-score buffs.  So, no, you don't
have to know your hole notes from your cleft chin.  Devour a copy


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