101 Memorable Moments in Hannibal

Saw Hannibal again.  And, goodness, what a grand movie on second view-
ing!  There's certainly a lot to still enjoy, and maybe even *more* so,
once you know what's gonna happen (or not gonna happen), are prepped
for Moore's less-ness, and are ready to give Hopkins as much savoring
as possible.  Plus, of course, the not-so-evil enjoyment of watching
*first-time* viewers watch the movie for the first time.  Heh.

Warning!  Contains spoilers!


  o Psychology as a science
  o Nurse Barney
  o The Mask
  o Birds
  o Clarice asleep
  o Quiet, then cacophony
  o DEA, FBI, and others
  o She can see that from the badge
  o Crowded fish market.  So who the Hell is who?
  o Chaos in close-up
  o And why are they trying to capture a drag queen?
  o Starling has a hearing and no one pays attention
  o And where's Jack Crawford?
  o Look, it's the Biltmore House!
  o That gaping black maw of Mason's
  o "It seemed like a good idea at the time"
  o Whiffs of pedophilia
  o And the forgiveness of sins
  o Everybody leers
  o Lecter gets an earful
  o Barney collects a bird
  o Starling speaks into her purse
  o "They weren't civil to him"
  o And he's so huge!
  o "Whenever possible, he preferred to eat the rude"
  o Shallow rollers versus deep rollers
  o Italy
  o "Dr. Fell"
  o His eyes sizing up the Commendatore
  o Giancarlo Giannini's age-filled face
  o "Good, old, trailer-camp, tornado-bait, white trash"
  o Lecter licks an envelope
  o "Ta ta.  H."
  o Yellow sticky note concealing sketched breasts
  o Perfume experts
  o Italian police stations are busy, too!
  o Lecter wipes a wineglass
  o Sweetbreads for the symphony
  o Ray Liotta oozes
  o "Corn-pone, country pu**y"
  o Ah, the inherent tension of a simple pay phone
  o And press "2" to repeat the message in French
  o Four suitcases
  o Heavy as bodies
  o "You are a Patsy...?"
  o Even the *street scenes* are exciting!
  o Statues and columns and huge marble spaces
  o Hopkins chews gum
  o Abdominal wounds spurt
  o Hands washed in a fountain
  o A boar's head-shaped fountain
  o Verger's obscenely over-decorated mansion
  o But way too much "Blue Danube"
  o A sound recording that can turn on a dime
  o Lecter.  The opera.  That *look*
  o "I've enjoyed many excellent meals there"
  o Obsession after a single encounter
  o "I'm speaking about the computer at your *house*, sir"
  o Judas.  Dante.
  o Avarice.  Hanging.  Self-destruction
  o "I make my own home be my own gallows"
  o Lecter's been giving serious thought
  o Wink
  o Technology in action!  User logs!  Cell phones!  Stair-
    climbing hand carts!
  o "Well, hello Clarice..."
  o Lecter whistling while he works
  o "Bowels in, or bowels out?"
  o The dog knows
  o Hospital wheelchair as surgical shopping cart
  o The strange, stoic face of Julianne Moore
  o "Shall we say... three seconds?"
  o It pleases him
  o "Where are we now?  Call it out!"
  o Union Station and even *more* marble
  o "Are you paying attention to me, Ex-Special Agent Star-
  o Shoes from Gucci
  o Totaling twenty-four teeth
  o "I much prefer you the way you are"
  o The pigs know
  o "Spoken like a true Protestant"
  o Verger's final thought before death-by-pig:  what a
    boar (sorry)
  o Stitches, syringes, and surgical saws
  o And a black, back-less dress for Clarice
  o They'll be there in ten minutes
  o Paul says grace and even works in a job offer!
  o The Apostle Paul couldn't have done better
  o And *he* was a woman-hater too
  o "It's not very good, buddy"
  o But the next course is to die for
  o First, the sack that contains the brain
  o "That smells great!"
  o He likes it, hey Mikey!
  o Ponytail.  Refrigerator.  Handcuffs.
  o "That's my girl"
  o And Starling sheds a single tear
  o It's really going to hurt
  o Box lunch
  o Curious child
  o Caviar, figs, and something in a container
  o That the kid wants to taste
  o "It's always good to try new things..."

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