If I wrote the movie listings...

  o 102 DALMATIANS - See Spots run.  "C"

  o 15 MINUTES - Some thriller.  Haven't seen.

  o 3,000 MILES TO GRACELAND - I left the building.  "W/O"

  o ALL THE PRETTY HORSES - Some western.  Skipped.

  o BEST IN SHOW - I recused myself.  "W/O"

  o BLOW DRY - Hair ado.  Haven't seen.

  o BOUNCE - Affleck and Paltrow.  "B"

  o CARMAN: THE CHAMPION - Boxing drama.  Haven't seen.

  o CAST AWAY - The dramatic, intense, soul-searching, Oscar-
    nominated story of an island-stranded volleyball.  "B"

  o CHARLIE'S ANGELS - They blow.  "C-"

  o CHOCOLAT - I chose the concession stand.  "W/O"


  o DOUBLE TAKE - Not even worth a single.  "D"

  o DOWN TO EARTH - I bowed out.  "W/O"

  o ENEMY AT THE GATES - War movie.  Opens today.

  o EXIT WOUNDS - Urban thriller.  Opens today.

  o FAITHLESS - Some drama.  Haven't seen.

  o THE FAMILY MAN - I disowned him.  "W/O"

  o FINDING FORRESTER - Good Will Hunting Part Deux.  "B-"

  o GET OVER IT - Teen comedy.  Haven't seen.

  o HANNIBAL - Deliciously brainy.  "B-"

  o HEARTBREAKERS - They try too hard.  "C"

  o THE HOUSE OF MIRTH - Edith Wharton.  Opens today.

  o IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - Some other drama, with subtitles.
    Haven't seen.

  o MEET THE PARENTS - Should have been funnier.  "B"

  o THE MEXICAN - I headed South.  "W/O"

  o MISS CONGENIALITY - I said Bullocks.  "W/O"

  o O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? - Answers question "what if Joel and
    Ethan Coen made *crappy* movies?"  "C"

  o RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT - It even teaches.  "B"

  o REMEMBER THE TITANS - And it's good for you.  "B"

  o RUGRATS IN PARIS: THE MOVIE - I left early to oui oui.  "W/O"

  o SAVE THE LAST DANCE - Dance flick.  Skipped.

  o SEE SPOT RUN - David Arquette.  Dog.  'Nuff said.  Skipped.

  o SNATCH - Gem of a heist movie.  "B"

  o SUGAR & SPICE - Cheerleading comedy.  Skipped.

  o SWEET NOVEMBER - keanucharlizeromance.  Skipped.

  o THIRTEEN DAYS - History lesson.  "B"

  o TRAFFIC - This is your country on drugs.  "B+"

  o UNBREAKABLE - But still flawed.  "C+"

  o VALENTINE - Slasher pic.  Skipped.

  o VERTICAL LIMIT - Action on high.  Skipped.

  o THE WEDDING PLANNER - Lopez and McConaughey.  "C+"

  o WES CRAVEN PRESENTS DRACULA 2000 - Doesn't bite.  "C+"

  o WHAT WOMEN WANT - Like I know?  "C+"

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