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Firemen's Day, 1954 (cfd)

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Summer 1953. Left to right: L. E. Midgette, Earl Williams, Paul Matthews, Faxton Williams, James L. Murdock, Billy Henderson, Jack Winstean, Bob Elder, Tom Griffis, and Paul Wilkins(cfd)

cary-hist-sta2-being-built.jpg (81191 bytes)

Station 2 (cfd)

cary-hist-1931-chevy-push-start.jpg (60256 bytes)

1931 Chevy Gets Push.  Pictured, left to right: Paul Matthews, James L. Murdock, and Bob Elder (cfd)

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Brick Certificate (cfd)

cary-hist-rescue-men.jpg (110747 bytes)

Plus Civil Defense Rescue Personnel, May 7, 1955 (cfd)

cary-hist-firemens-day-ad.jpg (117600 bytes)

1955 Newspaper Ad (rt)

cary-hist-early-rescue-truck.jpg (54682 bytes)

Rescue Truck Before (cfd)

cary-hist-cd-truck-up-close.jpg (48131 bytes)

Rescue Truck After (cfd)

cary-hist-orig-sta1-drawing.jpg (222183 bytes)

Original Design For Station #1 (cfd)

cary-hist-tanker-overturns.jpg (124015 bytes) cary-hist-tanker-overturns.jpg (124015 bytes)

Firefighter Killed When Tanker Overturns (rt)

cary-hist-old-photo-of-firemen.jpg (92224 bytes)

Circa 1962 (cfd)

cary-hist-loading-hose.jpg (58428 bytes)

Circa 1958 (no)

cary-hist-advertisement.jpg (129086 bytes) cary-hist-sta2-w-alf.jpg (31370 bytes)

Circa ? (cfd)

cary-hist-mcd-hydrant.jpg (30444 bytes)

Circa ? (cfd)

cary-hist-collapse5.jpg (53251 bytes) cary-hist-collapse2.jpg (65777 bytes) cary-hist-collapse3.jpg (65944 bytes) cary-hist-collapse4.jpg (68354 bytes) cary-hist-collapse1.jpg (68499 bytes) cary-hist-collapse7.jpg (56733 bytes)

Ladder 3 Collapse, Summer 2002 (mjl)

 Photo Credits

cfd  Courtesy Cary Fire Department
dah  Courtesy NC Department of Archives and History
no  News and Observer
rt  Raleigh Times

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