07/30/07 107 W - + 21 - 14 Friday's Fire

...the first one, that is. 3405 Birk Bluff Court, off Penny Road, west of Holly Springs Road. 7,785 square-feet, 1.5 story with full basement, brick home, says real estate records. As reported by WRAL, water was shuttled, and more than 200,000 gallons of same. Penny Road closed during tanker ops. Two (or three?) water points. Alarm time about 8:00 p.m. Defensive operations, with at least one aerial in operation. Units/agencies on scene: Fairview E1 E8 R1 Tanker 7 Tanker 6, Swift Creek E3 Tanker 6 Tanker 2, Holly Springs, Western Wake E297, Garner Tanker 12, Cary EMS 1471. Interesting and amusing reader comments, on the subject of water and hydrants, at the above link.

add WW Tanker 198, Morrisville Tanker 3, Cary E-6, L-3, E-30 (Truck 6’s crew), Batt. 1, Apex Tanker 1, Fuquay Tanker 2 (and I think Tanker 3).

Also Cary E-3 filled in at Swift Creek
CFP 7021 (Email) - 07/30/07 - 08:18

3-4 years ago they ran water lines down Holly Springs Rd and the chief of Swift Creek requested a hydrant at Penny and Holly Springs and it was denied. I believe they said it would disrupt the water shed. That would have cut the water shuttle distance in half.

Here is a pic of the house before.
[ Mike: Updated with correct photo link, based on corrected address in original posted ]

What I also find funny is when they build this house, I thought I remember it being mostly all poured concrete. See this link to confirm.
[ Mike: This part of the comment refers to previously cited, but incorrect address in original posting. Address since correct. ]

They must have have tons of fire load inside since the walls could not burn.
cfp7444 (Email) - 07/30/07 - 11:53

That is not the correct house. The correct address is 3405 Birk Bluff. The initial dispatch was to 3417, but that was the callers address, I think. I was out of town so most of what I know is second hand. [ Thanks. The original posting has been updated with the correct address and property information. ]
Griggs - 07/30/07 - 12:18

I clicked on the link but can’t find where the reader comments are. Any help?
CFP743 - 07/30/07 - 15:42

This are the correct units on the scene Fairview E1,E2,TA7,TA6,SR1,C1,C2, Swift Creek E1,E3,E4,TA2,TA6 Western Wake TA198,E297 Apex TA1 Holly Springs E1,E2 Garner TA12 Fuquay TA2 Cary L3 and Garner E2 covering for Fairview and holly springs and Fairview Station 1 And also Cary E6 at Swift Creek
4447 - 07/30/07 - 16:18

Fairview E1 laid a 5 inch line to swift creek E1 who was supplied by 2 3 inch lines. SCE3 was pumping to SCE1. SCE3 was set up at the dump tanks
4447 - 07/30/07 - 16:27

Cary E6 was on scene helping with fire attack. T6 was on E30 for a water point at Holly Springs & Braelands. E3 was fill-in at Swift Creek.
car3550 - 07/30/07 - 16:31

The other water point was at Oak grove school FFE2 was set up there
4447 - 07/30/07 - 16:36

Morrisville tanker 3 was also on the scene
4447 - 07/30/07 - 16:37

743: scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the link under the GOLO graphic.

4447: not to argue a point, but for clarity it was CFD E-3 at SCFD; CFD E-6, E-30, L-3 and Batt. 1 were at the scene or at water point(s). Morrisville Tanker 3 was also involved, as I talked to members of their crew after the fire. Like I said for clarity’s sake, not trying to cause a stir.

So SCFD E-1 pumped the fire, and was supplied by 2-3” lines and 1-5” line? with SCFD E-3 pumping to SCFD E-1 from the dump point? Or did they abandon the 3” lines when Fairview E-1 laid the 5”? Who was pumping to CFD L-3?

Thanks for the viewpoint of somebody who sounds like they were there… I’m sure it was a heck of an operation!
CFP 7021 (Email) - 07/30/07 - 16:40

FFE1 Was pumping the fire. SCE1 was in the middle relay pumping to FFE1. SCE1 supplied the 5” to FFE1. SCE3 was at the road with dumptamks pumping two 3” lines to SCE1. FFE1 Supplied the ladder truck and the handlines.
4447 - 07/30/07 - 17:01

gotcha… makes sense now
CFP 7021 (Email) - 07/30/07 - 17:26

Griggs, thanks for the address correction. I have updated the address and property address in the original posting. CFP7444, I have also modified your photo link, and it points to the correct property.
Legeros - 07/30/07 - 17:37

FFE1 Was first in. They did NOT lay any lines. They pulled up in front of the house. They advised of a working fire. SCE1 was at penny road when that was said and laid 2-3” lines (750’ each). We ran out of line to make it to the house. SCE1 crew hand jacked about 150’ of 1-5” from FFE1 to SCE1 uphill. SCE3 was at penny road drafting from dump tanks and pumping through the 2-3” lines to SCE1. SCE1 then pumped through the 1-5” to FFE1. FFE1 was pumping to the fire. FFE1 crew was initial attack, SCE1 crew was on the second line in (each on 1 3/4” lines). A later crew (don’t know who) used 2.5” hand line as a third line in. No progress was made in the house so we evacuated and went defensive. CFD L3 eventually came in and did aerial attack. The house was collapsing on itself into the basement. Most everyone cleared around 0200 hours. SCFD stayed on scene until 0700 hours. Fairview came in and relieved us until 1100 hours. SCFD then took up on rotating crews until 2300 hours Saturday night keeping check on the still burning fire.
SCFD - 07/30/07 - 19:00

Correction- should read Holly Springs EMS 1471. Also, WCEMS T-1 was there, I believe.
DJ - 07/30/07 - 21:05

Just about the only thing that could have been better for water supply (which would not have made a difference in this case b/c the fire was uncontrollable from the get go (unless we had 2 ladders to fight from the front AND back of the house) would be if FFE1 laid 1-5” from Penny Rd and their second engine laid another 5” from Penny for 2-5” lines being used. Then having 3 Engines (SCE1, FFE1, FF second engine) with the ability to have 6-1.75” lines used plus 3-2.5” and 3 deluge guns to attempt to control this monster. Our biggest hurdle was trying to get to the B/C corner of the house where the fire was at. Even if this was achievable, I doubt that it would have helped. The actual water supply operation was awesome. There was a constant flow of water to the scene from Penny Rd with the tanker shuttle operation. I don’t think it could have happened any better than this.
SCFD - 07/30/07 - 23:24

Thanks, all, for the corrected and expanded incident information, as well as operational details of the incident. Closing thread to comments, as anonymous trash-talkers are starting to appear. Utilize the Watch Desk as desired for additional discussion and/or lessons learned, http://www.thewatchdesk.com/forum/forumd..
Legeros - 07/31/07 - 05:32

Postscript, WRAL ran this story on Sunday on the subject of areas without hydrants, and in the context of Friday’s fire: http://wral.com/news/local/story/1651667..
Legeros - 07/31/07 - 05:46