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Those old photos from the ECC include this picture of Six Forks' fourth and last fire station. Six Forks Road Fire Department was first housed at Howell Store on the west side of Six Forks Road, where North Hills Mall is today. The second location was on east side Six Forks Road, halfway between Rowan and Lassiter Mill. The third location, 5305 Six Forks Road, is presently EMS Station #3. The siren, however, was located farther north, at the intersection with Sandy Forks. The fourth location, 1431 Lynn Road, was expanded a couple times, and presently serves as Bay Leaf Station #3 and Six Fork EMS Station #1. Great picture, and a rare one. More information about SFFD.

A lot of memories in that place, still serving too!
AB - 08/18/07 - 17:49

Wow, lots of memories there. 10 good years I gave them.
JE Texas (Email) - 08/18/07 - 18:40

Short history of rural fire departments in Wake County, from the introduction to Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting, Volume II:

Beginning in the 1950s, formal fire protection became available outside of Raleigh and those small-town centers. A rural fire department program enabled any group of citizens to organize a volunteer department. The Office of Civil Defense offered funding, equipment, and a county-wide radio network. Lower insurance rates were an added incentive. And so they formed— inside, outside, and entirely removed from Wake’s municipalities. Residents of Garner, Knightdale, Morrisville, and Rolesville formed their town’s first fire companies in the 1950’s. In the suburbs of Raleigh, the New Hope, Six Forks Road, and Western Boulevard fire departments formed in the late 1950s; the Durham Highway and Fairgrounds fire departments forming in the early 1960s. (Who were these volunteers? Six Forks Road members in 1958 included a grocer, barber, detective, telephone man, lawyer, school teacher, florist, mail carrier, heating contractor, two mechanics, a Civil Defense official, and several State workers.)

In those towns that already had fire departments, “rural service” was started for farmers and others located outside the incorporated limits of Apex, Fuquay Springs, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Zebulon. Though staffed by the same set of firemen, these were separate entities with separate equipment. (The exception was Cary, whose volunteer fire department split in 1961 into separate groups with separate equipment and separate personnel. They became the Cary and Yrac fire departments.) Other communities that formed fire companies were Stony Hill in 1958, Swift Creek in 1960, Bay Leaf in 1961, and Fairview in 1963. The trend continued into later decades, as well, with the formation of the Falls, Holly Springs, and Hopkins fire departments and the opening of “substations” or second stations in places like Carpenter, Panther Branch, and Wake Crossroads.

Once a rural fire department was formed, volunteers and community members built the necessary infrastructure. They held fundraisers and gave money; elected directors and established by-laws. They donated barns and garages for storing trucks; built tin sheds and block buildings as the first firehouses. They even constructed their own fire apparatus, typically converting surplus vehicles into homebuilt pumpers and tankers. The Fairview Fire Department was a typical example. Their first fire engine was built from an ex-weapons carrier. Members added a water tank and pump, mounted two taillights as warning lights, and applied a coat of donated paint in a chicken shack. It was stored in a building whose doors were untied, laid flat, and driven over when they responded to a call.
Legeros - 08/18/07 - 20:18

JE! Good to hear from you man! Things are a changin’ in ole County of Wake…
Come see us when your back to visit…hit the bar for some stories. AB
AB - 08/18/07 - 20:52

Hey AB…Man,there’s been a lot of change in Wake County.
I’ve only been away about 10 years and can’t believe
the things I read on this site. Departmets merging, changing names
and all the cool new appartaus…....
JE Texas (Email) - 08/20/07 - 21:00

Or all the not so cool new apparatus….....
maybe - 08/21/07 - 18:57

Here we go again. Closing comments.
Legeros - 08/21/07 - 19:14