11/15/07 115 W - + 49 - 45 Wake County EMS Announces New Numbering Scheme

FireNews reports that a new numbering scheme has been announced for the Wake County Emergency Medical System. It's expected to be operational on November 28, and will be utilized by all EMS agencies in the county. The changes:

Wake EMS will utilize EMS 1 through EMS 39.
Holly Springs 1471 will be renumbered EMS 6.
Apex 471 to 473 will change to EMS 41 to 43.
Cary 571 to 574 will become EMS 51 to 54
Eastern Wake will utilize EMS 61 through EMS 69.
Garner 871 to 875 will be renumbered EMS 81 to 85.
Six Forks units will be EMS 121 through EMS 125.
Rolesville units will be EMS 151 and 152.

Wake EMS 203, 204, 205 will change to Districts 1, 2, 3, respectively.
Cary 580 will be renumbered District 5.
Eastern Wake 602 will become District 6.

For those in the know, will Garner’s rescue units (881, 882, etc.), be renumbered? Are there any other EMS-based “special units” affected? Presumably Wake EMS Truck 1 will remain same. Perhaps Garner EMS 881 will be Truck 2?
Legeros - 11/15/07 - 08:28

What about Apex EMS?
Gooch - 11/15/07 - 11:46

if I had to guess… EMS 41-4?
CFP 7021 - 11/15/07 - 11:48

Glad to see someone take the lead on this in Wake County. Has the fire service, other than Wake Forest, taken any initiative as of yet? I know this was a thread sometime in the last year or so here.
Concerned Taxpayer - 11/15/07 - 13:00

It looks like, because of AVL, and because rescue is dispatched from the fire side,the Garner EMS rescue trucks will be moved from the “EMS side” of the CAD to the “fire side.” So far, they are slated to be called Rescue 881 and 882, but that could change.

EMS100 (Email) - 11/15/07 - 15:34

Is there any provision to make sure that the radio call sign number is the one that is on the truck? That would REALLy help out in ICS situations. It gets kind of confusing to see, say “*76” on a truck that is going to be called “*2”.
DJ (Email) - 11/15/07 - 15:45

There is an item on tonight’s Fire Commission Agenda “CAD/800 MHZ Committee Recommendation – Standardized Radio Identification System” that should give a report on the fire side of the unit numbering issue. I am not sure what the details of the report are.

If you have an idea, talk to you Chief and have your Chief forward/present the idea to the CAD/800 Committee. I know some (if not all) Chiefs have been asked for some input on the numbering issue. I have said it before, start at your fire department and get your department on board with the idea and then go to the next level. Blogging here is good, but the wheels of change do not necessarily start to turn here. If you are really interested, come out to the Fire Commission meeting tonight. It is easy to say what “should be done” but more difficult to examine and participate in working on a solution.

I think there is a better system out there; I am just not sure what it is.
Griggs - 11/15/07 - 16:24

i wonder how the numbers will work, since Rolesville EMS will be using 151 and 152, and Rolesville Fire also has a 151 and 152….I can see some interesting radio traffic….151 to 151, advise 152 that 152 will be responding.Just a thought.
kprice104 - 11/16/07 - 00:29

If the units use the appropriate designated typing prefix, in this example “EMS 151 to Engine 151”, it should not be a problem. EMS 1 and Engine 1, as well as EMS 13 and Engine 13, have been answering calls together for years and I can’t remember a time of confusion – even after the advent of Tac channels. And I hear “Fire Dept A” 101 call “Fire Dept B” 101 daily on fire calls.

Time will tell
Olson - 11/16/07 - 00:46

Six Forks EMS 121 to Bay Leaf Pumper 121. Running out of the same station.
lee - 11/16/07 - 00:48

And RFD ENGINE 1 and RFD LADDER 1 also run out of the same station. And they answer calls with EMS 1. It only gets confusing when you have multiple ENGINE 1’s, multiple LADDER 1’s, multiple MEDIC 1’s, etc. Then yo ahve to tack on the “(insert department/agency name here)” onto the front of all the engines, ladders, etc.

In the grand scheme of things, I really don’t care what you call it. I just want the number on the unit to match what we are calling it..
DJ (Email) - 11/16/07 - 11:08

Someone started a new thread on this topic on the watchdesk. It’s going to be an interesting ride now folks. My hats off to Skip and the boys for at least getting one service up to date on things. For those that want to start crying about the fire side and I want to have my own E-1, L-1, and etc. GET OVER IT!!! Like Olsen said if you say Engine XXX and EMS XXX, it won’t matter much. No different than saying Engine 1 or Ladder 1. Just my two cents worth.
Wayne - 11/16/07 - 14:03

and we know how much you love to throw your pennies around! see ya tonight
CFP 7021 (Email) - 11/16/07 - 14:49

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