12/13/07 104 W, 1 I - + 15 - 15 Company Level Accountability, Part 2

In a second step to enhance company-level accountability, new helmet shields have been issued in the Raleigh Fire Department. The colors are as follows: red (ladder), black (engine), green (rescue), white (chief or captain on apparatus), and yellow (recruits). Two additional colors are proposed, brown (fire prevention) and orange (training). The elements consist of an upper text panel, a company number, and a lower text panel. The new helmet shields are assigned to each apparatus. When personnel are transferred, they leave their shields behind. Thanks to Jeff Silver for the photo on the right.

interesting, plain, simple yet effective…

I’d love to be able to keep my shield though as I would move, I guess you could buy your own though?! That and with people having different makes and models of helmets I guess you might run into problems with where the holes are drilled for mounting them.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/13/07 - 21:41

Correct; you can purchase your own (like yours truly) to keep with you for a “shelf decoration” as long as it mirrors the system in place. As a side note, the color of panels and number(s) on the Captain’s shields denotes the apparatus.

Per the directive; you can purchase/wear your own lid as long as it’s NFPA compliant, but must have the above style shield on it. Or, you can wear your department issued 1010 with department issued shield.
Silver - 12/13/07 - 22:18

The shields look great “Thanks goes out to those that worked on this project”! Least now we have some uniformity on our helmet fronts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem with the holes lining up is with the ff’s that have Paul Conway helmets.
Stay safe at work and traveling!
Merry Christmas
Jason Lane - 12/13/07 - 23:47

what company is the preferred shield manufacturer?
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/13/07 - 23:51

Shev, I think they ordered them from Newton’s, who goes straight to Cairns/MSA.
Silver - 12/14/07 - 01:05

cool thanks
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/14/07 - 11:38

Wake EMS will begin a small field trial next week of leather shields to replace the worn Reflexite models. They won’t be unit specific – looking at a LA County magnetic label model for that. I’ve gotten samples from Paul Conway and from D.E. Williams and like the looks of the Williams shield (suprisingly enough – I’ve always bought Conway personally). By the way, we’re going with yellow to contrast against the blue helmets. The D.E. Williams website also has the unit labels
Olson - 12/14/07 - 18:10

The accountability labels can be seen at http://www.dewilliamsshields.com/account..
Olson - 12/14/07 - 18:10

Here’s a home-brewed cheat sheet showing both helmet and shield colors, and what they mean. PDF format. http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/raleigh/h..
Legeros - 12/14/07 - 18:14

The new shields do look good. Thanks for the cheat sheet also!!!
Nienow (Email) - 12/14/07 - 21:46

Hey Olson, figures we go with green rather than the traditional blue for our rescue companies because you guys use blue helmets, and then you guys go yellow!! Hahahahahaha, love the communication…..
Silver - 12/14/07 - 22:51

Here is a question for someone in the know. A Cary Captain proposed the same thing a year or so back. He was met with resistance when the question was raised, “what happens when you are detailed to another station”? The response was a pinned or velcro front that could be swapped when you move, (pretty easy huh). The movement was squashed by a vote by “those who wanted their id numbers”, bla bla bla, whatever…. So, the question for Raleigh. With Raleigh wearing sewn company ID numers, what will they do when they are detailed, and if they dont do anything will it derail the logic behind the “accountabilty concept” and run the risk of confusion. Example, when someone from E8 is riding E14 and there helmet says E8, but E8 isnt even at the fire. But then E8 comes to the fire on the second alarm and the person form E8, assigned to E14 is the one missing, so they start counting E8 helmets and find all four E8 helmets when they should be looking for an E14 helmet. I have now confused myself? See where this may go? Any inside or policy info from Raleigh.
Accountability Question - 12/15/07 - 12:16

First, our initial company level accountability falls on the PASSPORT system. Wherever your PAT is, that better be the unit you’re riding. Every morning when you relieve someone else, it’s your responsibility to switch the PAT. I’ve seen some departments that wait until a fire or major incident to remove their PAT and place it on the PASSPORT. This isn’t the way the sstem was designed. It was designed to be in place the entire time a member is on duty.

Next, the airpack you wear has two bands, one on the front and the other on the back. They both have the company/unit that the SCBA came off of. So, in a sense, don’t even look at the helmet but the SCBA or PASSPORT to see what company that member is with. So, on the example of your E-8 member detailed to 14, if he/she is at an incident, wearing a SCOTT with 14’s on it, then they’re riding 14, no matter what the helmet says.

Are there other alternatives? Yup, such as the pinned inserts, velcro inserts or magnets. Will this work? Sure it will. Hope this helps….
Silver - 12/15/07 - 13:10

Wow! That took some time! First off some guys at work have asked that same question and the answer is yes sometimes your helmet front will not match the crew you are detailed out to. The powers to be did not want the passport style fronts! And it was also said staffing issues of detailing out will decrease as a goal. The helmet fronts are not a replacement of our accountability system so the passports will still be the primary tracking system! The accountability officers do a great job and as long as the crews put their pats on the passport it is not an issue! The fronts identify who and what app/ crew you are facing as an accountability officer or a IC. SO there is no place for this to go! If you use the passport system and someone is missing the damn helmet font doesn’t matter! I’ll make it simple for you! If I am the company officer and one of my crew is missing I will follow the procedures we have and let the IC know we are missing Firefighter “DOE”. They put our names on the back of our helmets so you just look for the name not the front!!!!!!!!! I think the fronts are great! If you don’t work in the city don’t worry about what or why we do something different than you! Obviously some firefighters don’t like to sign their names on blogs, so we cannot question why they do what they do! Anyway I hope all of the brothers and sisters on this blog and on the streets as vollies or paid, “ have a great Christmas and happy new year” be safe traveling to see family and on you tours!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Lane - 12/15/07 - 13:20

Jeff, thanks! some of us type faster than others!
Jason Lane - 12/15/07 - 13:23

Heck if nothing else it instills some company pride, something that RFD has seemed to be doing pretty well here lately. morale seems to be up and things seem to be going great. Kudos to you guys

I understand the accountability issue though and as for changing out velcro passports every time you are detailed I think that’s a bit over the top. Obviously I’m all for having a company number on the helmet, or wherever. And as stated it’s more of a quick ID thing, not a catch all system. It still boils down to the passport system. And with the SCBA tags RFD seems to be going down a good path with being able to know who’s who. The new morning pride with the names on the tails is also a good thing!!!
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/15/07 - 13:46

Detailed to another company? Take a small piece of paper, write the company number on it with a magic marker and rubber band it to the shield. Basic and cheap, yet effective.
Rides An Engine - 12/15/07 - 18:35

Just the fronts will be yellow – not the helmets. We’ve been issuing blue helmets for several years now. At the time we started, no one else was.
Olson - 12/16/07 - 23:10

Yeah, I know. I guess they figured you guys would’ve stuck with blue fronts which is why they stayed away from them. No big whoop….
Silver - 12/17/07 - 17:29

Here’s a picture from Lee of the green shields: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leewilson/2..
Legeros - 12/19/07 - 08:34

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