02/20/08 64 W - + 12 - 12 Sunset for Analog Cellular

As this media release notes, cellular telephone companies will no longer be required to provide analog service as of midnight on February 18, 2008. Presumably, this ends the ability of old phones to dial 911. That was a great trick. Keep a deactivated phone around, and you could dial 911 from practically anywhere. Guess we'll have stick with our old CB radios and channel 9.

My car phone that I’ve had for 20 years now no longer works! It will certainly be missed.
lee - 02/21/08 - 14:40

Those of you with Nextel devices(which most firefighters have) will not be affected by this change over.

The CDMA network is all digital, as is the IDEN network.
Sprint/Nextel - 02/25/08 - 12:35

8 months ago I thought I was going to regret getting rid of you Mr. N-xt-l, boy was I wrong!!! I should’ve done it sooner, I can’t believe how much less I’m on the phone….
Silver - 02/25/08 - 23:26

i can’t wait to drop my nextel/sprint/POS like a bad habit…. it’s gotten horrible since the merger…
CFP 7021 (Email) - 02/26/08 - 07:39

Amen to that. Who would have thought that there would be long stretches of I-440 that you would drop phone calls on the ‘new and improved’ Nextel/Sprint network.
DJ (Email) - 02/26/08 - 10:56

That’s why I like my Nextel and not one of those new-fangled hybrid phones. Mine doesn’t drop a call… ever. Everyone else I know who got a new phone with the “better coverage and service” Sprint network, I always have to talk to them in two-part conversations – their phone always drops out, dies, or otherwise doesn’t work.

And to CFP 7021, you’re absolutely right. When Nextel was Nextel, they would just about give you the shirt off their backs, if you needed it. Now, with Sprint, getting anything from them is like trying to move concrete a mile away through a coffee stirrer.
EMS 7597 (Email) - 02/26/08 - 12:49

We are in the process in merging our billing systems in which it is effecting the network. We have technicians working around the clock to resolve this issue. I know its fustrating. Keep you minds and your eyes open. There will be a whole new network that will launch in the near future.

As for the hybrid phones, these are a temporary solution. There will be new devices to launch with the new network.

A lot of my customers are Fire/EMS/Police and I tell them everyday how much I appreciate you guys. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
Sprint/Nextel - 02/27/08 - 00:16

yeah can you get me out of my contract early??
CFP 7021 - 02/27/08 - 09:46

Shev, I can. I’ll swing by Thursday to #7….
Silver - 02/27/08 - 11:33

Early termination will cost you $200 per line. Silver, I know what you are going to do, it will not work. The ET fee will still be charged to his bill…...
Sprint/Nextel - 02/27/08 - 13:03

Yes, it will work. I did it. Shev, trust me on this one. Wanna place a friendly wager on that?
Silver - 02/27/08 - 13:48

I too will be parting ways with nextel soon. The phone service just sucks too bad. No offense Sprint/Nextel, but I have been hearing about improvements, more towers, etc. for years now, only to find service continuing to get worse and worse.
firedriver - 02/27/08 - 20:57

I got a hybrid last July and I’ve only had one dropped call since, on Falls of the Neuse Rd just past the fire station.(I think every phone drops calls there) Those of you who got them when they first come out are probaly the ones who are having problems with them. I also sell these phones, if you have problems with them come see me in Rolesville store, I’ll see what I can do for you…....
Beach - 02/28/08 - 00:20

Loving my rollover minutes with ATT/Cingular – Creating a shift calendar for the Mac’s iCal manually. There must be an automated way to do it though, but I haven’t figured out how. Will be handy to have on the iPhone.
corner hydrant - 02/28/08 - 00:43

Me too “corner”. To heck with Nextel/Sprint!! Next thing, every time you call them they’ll extend your contract. “Yes, Mr. Jones, we see that you turned your phone on today, which means we have to extend your contract for one year”.
Silver - 02/28/08 - 11:20

They no longer renew your contract when making acct changes. They stopped doing that a few months ago to compete with Alltel and Verizon. There are new rate plans coming out TOMORROW. One of them is $99/month for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! The only time they renew your contract is if you upgrade your phone by getting a discount on your phone.
Beach (Email) - 02/28/08 - 15:39

finished the iCal ABC shift calendar – if anyone has a Mac and wants it, e-mail me and I’ll send you the A, B and C .ics files – i don’t think there’s a way to get the nice color stripes from iCal into the iPhone calendar (yet)
corner hydrant (Email) - 02/28/08 - 16:22

corner hyd. – I’ve got a Mac and iPhone and I’m able to automatically configure my schedule on the Mac, then sync it with the iPhone. Is that what you’re wishing to do?
Luke - 02/28/08 - 20:47

I’m curious as to how Sprint is going to make it out of the slump they’re currently in with a lot of their current customers say how dissatisfied they are with their service. Sprint reported a 30 BILLION dollar loss over the last 90 days!
Henry P. - 02/28/08 - 21:46

Luke, i have the nice red, green and blue lines in iCal marked with ABC in month view, but unfortunately, the iPhone does not display the month view with the days color coded – and that’s what I would hope would be an option in the future, unless it’s a feature i don’t know about (??)
corner hydrant - 02/28/08 - 23:19

i have better connections with cingular/att – when i had verizon, at certain times i could only get a clear signal at home crouched down near the corner hydrant (seriously) i guess it’s who’s towers are closer and who has the most towers
corner hydrant - 02/28/08 - 23:34

Henry, they dropped prices on Nextel phones…significantly. They also came out with new unlimited rate plans today. They are trying to compete with Verizon and Alltel. Sprint is now the cheapest carrier.
Beach (Email) - 02/29/08 - 13:03

Yeah, they do offer a $99 plan that is unlimited use. But I don’t think that’s going to help them get out of the slump since the other companies are also offering the same plan and better customer service. My wife has a i836 with the $30 plan. She was told the plan came with d.c. minutes and it doesn’t. Nextel said she has to upgrade to get d.c. minutes. Also, her battery life is horrible. Nextel advertises a 2.5 hour talk time and a 2 day standby time and hers is no where near close to that. Her phone will only stay alive to 2 hours without any use. If she talks on it for 10 minutes her battery is already close to being dead. Nextel also refuses to do anything about that also. Her phone is only about 6 months old and she charges it every night with the phone off and doesn’t have a car charger so I know she doesn’t abuse the battery. Nextel/Sprint isn’t going to stay alive with customer service like that.
Henry P. - 02/29/08 - 21:51

Way back, once upon a time, Nextel was ‘the bomb’. Everyone I knew had one and raved about the service. At that time, I was on Sprint/360/Alltel, and their service was good, also. Then I came to Wake, then I got a Nextel, then they merged. Sprint/Nextel, if you are listening- the service now S-U-C-K-S. There is no excuse for dropping calls along any portion of I-440 (major metro area). If you are in the middle of the intersection at Avent Ferry or New Hill-Holleman and NC 55 Bypass, the call drops, even with FULL SIGNAL STRENGTH! Anywhere in the RDU area the signal is poor. And the list can go on.

I keep hearing about improvements in service. When? Where? Put up or close up.

And customer service? If it were not for your contract vendors you would not have any customer service. To go into a Sprint/Nextel store I would compare to getting a root canal with rusty instruments and no anesthetic.

Customer service woes? Hint- fix the dropped calls. There is no excuse for dropped calls in a major metro area like the Triangle. Ever. Well…if a major storm comes through and the power grid shuts down, then maybe.

Then you need to start supporting the phones that people are having trouble with. Batteries should last for more than one or two hours.

And stop over pricing accessories and chargers. What costs $30 or more in your store can be found for less that $10 (OEM equipment. I know…I bought it) on the ‘net.

And stop messing with the “Iden” (I think that’s right) system. It works and works pretty well. At least it did before the merger.

Just a few suggestions.
DJ (Email) - 03/01/08 - 10:36

Just returned from a very pleasant conversation with the fine people at Carolina Telecom in Holly Springs (by the new Wal-Mart) and learned a lot of interesting tidbits about the Sprint/Nextel issues. Said they just got a new CEO who is committed to bringing the Nextel service in particular back to where it was. NOt sure how true, but it was sligtly reassuring to see and hear what should be coming down the pipe soon. Who knows..
CFP 7021 (Email) - 03/01/08 - 17:33

Of course they’re going to tell you that, they don’t want to lose your money. Don’t fall for it man!!!! Make the switch, you’ll be glad you did.
Silver - 03/01/08 - 22:33

Ok folks, I have said my peace and tried to be helpful to you, but some people are just to stubborn. You can go to any other carrier and you WILL STILL have dropped calls. So go ahead, you’ll be back…

CFP 7021, yes you are correct. There is a new CEO who is making changes that have never been made before. Carolina Telecom is just a private franchise, they are not Sprint employees.

Now let me clear something else up. The merger has nothing to do with the service. What has happened is so many customers has signed up for new service and the towers just can’t keep up. Yes, I agree, build more towers. They are being built as we speak, but it takes time to install them. (Permits, FCC regulations, purchasing the land, etc.)

Let me give you a little advise to those of you with problems with you phone. If you call to Customer Care they will help you. I see it everyday. Just don’t call them using profanity and bashing the service. That will get you nowhere.
Sprint/Nextel - 03/02/08 - 12:25

wait a minute, Sprint/Nextel is having a mass exodus from their services and that’s the reason they can’t keep up? And customer care is about useful as a jar of sand in the desert, the real people to talk to is retention, or corporate customer care. Everything else is “let me put in a ticket and you’ll never hear back from us”. Been there done that, just this morning as a matter of a fact. And it’s not the dropped calls that irritates me, it’s the total lack of care for customers that have been loyal for nearly a decade, over bringing in new. I guess that’s why they are losing customers left and right and posting record losses. Rumor has it that they might be ripe for a buy out? wouldn’t that be some interesting stuff?
CFP 7021 (Email) - 03/02/08 - 12:38

Verizon buying them out would be the best thing that could ever happen to them…..the King of cell service and the trend setters of walkie talkie (as annoying as it is).
Silver - 03/02/08 - 12:59

well as of today I’m the happy owner of a 30 day trial period of a AT&T Blackberry Curve. So far so good…
CFP 7021 (Email) - 03/02/08 - 19:25

Congrats, for all of your Blackberry related questions, I’ll recommend http://www.pinstack.com . Has a forum for the Curve, and people on there will answer anything you might have, I’m talking about some smart folks too.
Silver - 03/02/08 - 21:16

I thinking of jumping the nextel ship too. Back in my pre-nextel years alltel or verizon used to have the best coverage area. Is that still correct? I’m hearing AT&T isn’t bad either.
AB - 03/03/08 - 21:03

i’m having better coverage with att than i had with verizon, but i still got dropped next to st alban’s today on att (first time a call’s ever been dropped for me though)
corner hydrant - 03/03/08 - 22:58

My wife’s phone is still on Alltel and the coverage is still pretty good. I replaced my i530 with an i560 and most (but not all) of my problems have resolved. Funny thing- my Nextel coverage is better elsewhere (Atlanta, Hudson Valley area of NY) than it is here. Still losing calls around Brier Creek and on the southern area of I-440.

Maybe one day…
DJ (Email) - 03/03/08 - 23:04

my tomtom navigator has a much harder time getting a signal going – maybe i need an outboard antenna? satellite dish on roof?
corner hydrant - 03/03/08 - 23:23

The thing I have noticed about the AT&T is that it is consistent. If I have 2 bars in my house then that’s what I have, not 4…6…3…1….4…5.5…. like sprint/nextel. I have 2 bars at all times in and around my house, and I’m fine with that. This week will be a good test for how I like the service in the real world as it’s back to work time. I am enjoying the Costco discount and the 30 day no questions asked deal. Allows me to keep hold to the ole nextel while I take a trial run with no commitment.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 03/04/08 - 00:05

i’m always 5 bars at my house, and pretty high elsewhere (i’d say mosty 5), and yes, i also see consistency, so in places where it falls, it falls, like today at st. albans to no bars, and no bars at the first floor of barnes and noble, but otherwise, pretty consistent in my opinion too, no musical scales

has trouble, but still manages to pick up e-mail at close to zero bars at b&n, but much slower – using the e-mail portion more and more
corner hydrant - 03/04/08 - 00:53

just checked the other family phone – 5 bars too
corner hydrant - 03/04/08 - 00:56

This isn’t related to this blog, but I seem to remember silver mentioning a way to drop nextel w/o the early termination fee and I am in need of HELP! Silver if you can help pls give me a call @ 796 4775.

Thanks Aaron Bass (NH200A)

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SILVER pls read this - 03/27/08 - 17:17

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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