03/22/08 60 W - + 14 - 10 Join the Raleigh Fire Department

Raleigh is again hiring firefighters. Applications are being accepted March 24 through May 2. Visit the fire recruitment site for more information, including a recruitment packet for download (MS Word format). Starting salary is $31,117, says the city employment page. The recruitment process page lists key dates, and the projected start of the next academy: August 25, 2008. Good luck.

Does anyone know what the agility test will be like this testing period?
In Shape? - 03/27/08 - 12:06

CFP 7021 (Email) - 03/27/08 - 18:05

I wouldn’t be so sure about that….might be something a lil’ different.
Hmmmm - 03/27/08 - 19:54

So what are they going to use this year? I noticed on the site that the only link for the recruitment info not working is the section for the PAT. Notice I said PAT and not CPAT, so anyone have any info to offer up? CPAT again, something like the FF Challenge, a modified CPAT, RFD’s old obstacle course?
Coop - 03/28/08 - 17:41

I “heard” that the CPAT won’t be used for the next academy because not enough females were passing the test and the department needs to increase it’s number of female employees. I also heard that they are planning on hiring around 65 (no typo, you read right, sixty-five) recruits.
RescueRanger - 03/28/08 - 19:07

Ok pay attention! There will not be the CPAT as the physical test!!!!!!!!!!!! You are correct on that! The test will be very much like the old test with some new things added in the obstacle course like a push pull and a sledge hammer drill like the cpat machine. I might be wrong but I am almost 100% sure the 1.5 mile run and ladder raise and sled drag will still be there. They have the new obstacle course set up on the top deck by the old smoke house. Now for the numbers on how many they are going to hire is open. They are predicting 50 our so BUT they will not be definite until the budget gets approved! That is coming straight from the training center! I’ll give up more info when it is passed along! but for now I say anyone looking to come join the ranks apply!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Lane - 03/28/08 - 19:49

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Legeros - 04/01/08 - 05:41