04/06/08 158 W - + 24 - 17 Gone

The theater at Cameron Village. Two screens. Was a dive, as best recalled... Big Star stores, such as the Cameron Village store, where you could mingle at midnight with other patrons. It's a drug store now... The Cardinal Theater at North Hills. Had a wide, sweeping screen... North Hills Mall, AKA North Hills Fashion Mall. They had a K&W (or was it K&S?) Cafeteria, a Woolworth, and even a public library in the rear at one time... The earlier exit ramp from the inner loop of the Beltline onto outbound Glenwood Avenue. That was tight squeeze, with traffic coming onto the Beltline from inbound Glenwood... The Beltline as two lanes instead of four. Was a parking lot at rush hour... The Studio Theater on Hillsborough Street. Right name? They screened adult films in the early 1980s. Turned into an Art Deco McDonald's that strangely didn't survive... What other past places and things do people remember?

On North Hills Mall, when the 700,000 square-foot shopping center opened in 1967, it was first two-level enclosed mall between Washington and Atlanta… On Cameron Village, who can’t forget the underground portion, the Subway? Here’s a blueprint, on a blog: http://rduwtf.com/blog1/2007/08/27/gone-... The shopping center opened in 1949, and is consider the first shopping center between Washington D.C. and Atlanta. The parking decks were built in the 1960s, says other Internet sources.
Legeros - 04/06/08 - 20:41

The Village Theater originally had ONE screen (saw The Dirty Dozen, You Only Live Twice, and Thunderball there), and was later converetd to two. In my younger days were the Ambassador on Fayetteville St (saw The Longest Day, among others, there), the State on Salisbury St (saw a bunch of Bruce Lee movies there). The Studio was originally the Varsity (never went there). There was the Colony at Five Points. The Cardinal was where Star Wars opened in Raleigh. There were the Valley Twin theaters (Patton, The French Connection, and Serpico), and the small theater at Millbrook and Six Forks (saw Blazing Saddles there…it is pretty funny but it is a hoot when you have been, well, never mind). There was also the Tryon out on Tryon Road (I think it is an indoor firing range now) where Walking Tall and the Billy Jack movies played.

Don’t forget the Forest, Tower, and Center Drive-Ins. The Center was an adult drive-in in it’s later years but I remember seeing a bunch of Westerns out there, along with all of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns at the Tower. They had the best cheeseburgers at the Forest.

It was a K&W at North Hills. How many out there remember the Your House Restaraunts, the Ham & Egger, Swain’s Steakhouse, The Village Dinner Theater, the Roy Roger’s on Hillsborough St, and Jack’s Steakhouses?

The Beltline ended at US64 East for years.

In addition to the nightlife of the Village Subway, there was also the Homer Briarhopper Club on Poole Rd, as well as a couple of other dives around.

And after 9-10 pm, there wasn’t crap to do around here…
DJ (Email) - 04/06/08 - 23:34

DJ…now talk about back in the day. One the North side there was a small movie theater near the Sears Automotive store at Crabtree. What was the name of it? My earlyheimers is kicking in….and oh yeah speaking of nightlife lets not forget Skatetown on Glenwood
jetexas - 04/07/08 - 22:15

When Crabtree first opened, there wa Sears at one end and Hudson Belk at the other. There was an outlying building over towards Blue Ridge Rd- that is where the theaters were. It was the first ‘twin’ theater around here. It was called the ‘Valley Twin’. I remember seeing Patton, The Godfather, 2001, Once Upon A Time In the West, and Kelly’s Heroes there. There was the Crabtree Valley Exxon at Blue Ridge and Glenwood, and back towards the beltline there was an AMoco and a Union 76 station. There used to be a Pizza Hut on the hill behind Crabtree, and later on was the Steak & Ale. Further out Glenwood there was a Jack’s Steakhouse, a McDonald’s, Your House, and the Ranch Motel Restaraunt. There was alos a Peddler Steakhouse at Oak Park. Once you passed DHFD’s station on Davis Cir, there was not much else until you got to the area around the Angus Barn…

And for additional nightlife there was Fairlanes on North Blvd, across from Bobby Murray Chevrolet.
DJ (Email) - 04/07/08 - 22:47

Oh I can go all night on this one!
Remember when “The Melting Pot” on Wake Forest Rd, near Old St. 4,it was The Sizzler!!
Raleigh’s ABC-11 Studios on Fayettville St. use to be a Hudson Belk.
As far as the nightlife….remember MARRZ/Club Zone? Now it’s a place where the Hurricanes practice!!
Beach (Email) - 04/08/08 - 01:05

MARRZ? How about Sportsworld? The Raleigh 80’s hotspot for mullets, Members Only jackets, and disco… When only “old” people could go to the Longbranch.
Olson - 04/08/08 - 10:02

Lassiter Mill – the old bridge and the stores and sawmill, etc that were down there. Would jump off the top of the bridge and swim around the dam. The area where Atlantic Ave ended near what is now Six Forks Rd intersection called the plateau, where kids rode motorcycles and bikes. The helopad on top the Cameron Brown building at North Hills. When going out Wake Forest Rd, you kept going and stayed on Wake Forest Rd – to get on Falls of Neuse, you would turn I think left on Hardimont then right on Bland and then you would be on the old 2 lane road of Falls of Neuse. When Falls dam was not there and it was a river w/ lots of rocks – I think that was the fall line. Before the Lakes apts where built, there were 3 small lakes, and my dad would take me fishing there. Historical Millbrook at Old Wake Forest Rd and Millbrook – all the old homes and businesses there. I think there is only one building remaining there now (like where the HM incident was this past weekend). I painted a tin roof of a small building there red! I think it was an ice cream place. And the church there was haunted. and so many others …..
lee - 04/08/08 - 13:35

Greatest thing to happen to night life around here was The Longbranch. My ex and I had memberships 17 & 18.

Speaking of haunted- anyone remember something called "the whistling mailbox"? It was on Six Forks Rd just north of the actual Six Forks intersection. When you drove past it, there were some grooves in the pavement that made a high pitched sound. It was really eerie, considering that the only thing out that way was the big water tower, which during a full moon looked like a big door knob. Due to it’s proximity to the whistling mailbox, it was called "the doorknob to hell".

Anyone remember the dollar-machine gas stations that were around then? There was one on New Hope Church Rd at the railroad tracks, another on US401 south beyond Simpkins Rd, and one on Poole Rd at Barwell Rd.

Morrisville Gulf- home of the twin Mack B model tow trucks- Wayne and Wanda.

Speaking of Falls- how about the helicopter rescue up there one year when the river was up? It was around 1975. The Falls VFD chief was driving a ’74 or so Blazer with a Twinsonic on top. A UH-1 from Ft Bragg came up and they had to use the plastic Stokes from Cary to get the two folks out. Cary Area Rescue and RFD had the only 3 plastic Stokes in the county back then- Wendell’s was a wire mesh one. RFD was never called and Cary went out there.
DJ (Email) - 04/08/08 - 21:15

I remember as a kid going with my grandpa to the old Farmer’s Market when it was on Hodges St. Now it’s a place that stores prison supplies. How do you go from selling watermelon and strawberries, to storing barbed wire fences?
Beach (Email) - 04/08/08 - 21:41

DJ (Email) - 04/08/08 - 21:44

The Longbranch, now that was cool before country was cool. That place had it all and then some…

Speaking of the Falls incident back in ’75 did anyone have a Regency scanner where you had to have a crystal for each frequency that you wanted to listen to? A Saturday trip to Womack Supply was always fun.

Spent a many night listening to the big black box and watched as those red lights scanned channel to channel.

Does anyone remember the 7 digit phone number to report an emergency in Raleigh and Wake County?
jetexas - 04/08/08 - 23:06

I still have my original Regency 10 channel with crystals for Wake County Fire 1, Wake County Fire 2, Raleigh Fire, Cary Fire, RESCOM, Raleigh Police 1, Raleigh Police 5, RDU Airport Authority, Johnston County Fire. I also have a Motorola Minitor I ‘brick’ with 155.280 (unknown tones- I think they are Clayton Rescue), along with my original Yrac MSA Topguard helmet, my original Bullard ‘Hard Boiled’ helmet from RDU, and my original Federal FB11 Fireball.

The numbers were (they are written on a piece of paper taped to the top of the Regency)-

Raleigh Fire was 755-6331, Raleigh Police was 755-6311, and Beacon Ambulance was 828-0737. I didn’t have the Wake County Sheriff’s number- it was 755 something. SHP was 733-3861. The first ‘unified’ emergency number in Raleigh was 829-1911. Mitchell’s Funeral Home sent out a glow-in-the-dark sticker with the new number to homes all over Raleigh (I had one on my phone- it stuck to the back of the speaker/mic handle).

Cary Fire was 467-6101 and police was 467-6111. Then they went to 467-9111 (I think) and then to 9-1-1.

Even though all of the county rural fire departments were answered in the same place, they each had their own 7-digit number.

And then there was the time-of-day number sponsored by Raleigh Federal Savings & Loan- 833-2511.
DJ (Email) - 04/08/08 - 23:30

My brother had an old Uniden, watching those scrolling red lights takes me back man!!!! This one was black with red switches that went up or down to indicate if you wanted to scan that crystal. Those were the days!!!
Silver - 04/08/08 - 23:33

When I first bought the Regency, I only had money for two crystals- Wake Fire 1 and RFD. You could go for a long time and not hear a sound, except for the dialy RFD radio test and the various county radio tests. Thursdays were a busy night- Yrac at 1930, Knightdale at 2000, and Durham Highway, Falls, and I think Fairgrounds somewhere in between.

[tones] [DTMF tones similar to a touch tone phone]
[feedback] [each department’s was unique]
“Central Station, KIQ-206, operating on a frequency of one five four point one nine megahertz, located at 220 South Dawson Street in Raleigh, North Carolina, testing for the Yrac Fire Department. Time 1930. Central to Yrac base.”
“Yrac base 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 1”
“Unit 1 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 2”
“Unit 2 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 3”
“Unit 3 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 4”
“Unit 4 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 100”
“Unit 100 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 101”
“Unit 101 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 102”
“Unit 102 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 103”
“Unit 103 10-2”
“Yrac Unit 104”
“Unit 104 10-2”
“KIQ-206 clear at 1934”

And I remember when the Unidens were called ‘Bearcat’ scanners.
DJ (Email) - 04/08/08 - 23:54

I remember seeing Raiders of the lost Arc some time in the early 80’s at the drive off capital that my grandmother would take us to on Saturday’s for the flee market. I think it is somewhere near Tarrymore square is now? Mom and Dad taking us school shopping at Hudson belk downtown and lay away was through the tunnel. Saturday’s going to the hobby store at Cameron Village to see the kick ass model trains! Anyone remember the sandwich shop at Cameron village across from Jolly’s and Johnson Lamb. They had a bunch of Wolf pack pictures up and served BLTS, grilled cheese. The sandwich shop off Wake forest Rd. where the 2nd Baptist book store was. Saturday morning bowling youth league at the bowling alley on Hillsborough St. Summer camp at the YMCA, Pullen Park!!!!!!!! I remember my dad (retired RPD) and the rest of the PD had a public safety day at the state fairs grounds where they had a fake shoot out! Growing up in Boylan Heights my dad walked us down the street to see some big ass fire a couple blocks before the old bridge on Boylan Ave. Going to THE char grill was huge thing, but then again I’m only 35! Later on growing up off Rolesville Rd. the closest grocery store to downtown Wendell was the Food lion at Tower and The K Mart off Capital felt like it took forever to get to from the belt line. Last but not least my uncle lived off Apple tree Ln in Cary, I remember riding our BMX bikes down N. Harrison all the way to Umstead Park on 2 lanes of road and you didn’t see but a hand full of cars that was in the mid 80’s!!!!!!
Jason Lane - 04/09/08 - 00:53

The hobby shop at North Hills also had a pretty good train set up and it was usually running anytime they were open. The second best hot dogs ever served in Raleigh were at Scotty’s right next to the North Hills Hobby Shop.

The BEST hot dogs ever served were at the Longview Pharmacy on New Bern Avenue. They made their own chili. They also served up some pretty awesome cheeseburgers and BLTs, made their own sodas, and had some really great milkshakes. And it was within walking distance from where I grew up on Beverly Drive.

Finch’s on Peace Street used to offer curb service, as did the old Shoney’s on North Blvd at Fenton St. BTW, from Lane Street to (Old) Wake Forest Rd it was called Downtown Blvd and from there to the US1/US401 split it was called North Blvd. It was two lane from there out to Franklinton.

In addition to The Plateau there was the vast wasteland of red clay on either side of US1 (where Mini City is now) that was paradise for a 14-15 year old with a Yamaha 250.

Fast food in Raleigh? Hardee’s. There was one on New Bern Avenue at Poole Rd (it was a pizza place most recently), North Blvd at Hodges, S Wilmington St across from Overby (now Haywood) Funeral Home, Western Blvd just before Kent Rd, Glenwood Ave just before Oak Park, and (Old) Wake Forest Rd at Noble Rd. Arbys’ was on (Old) Wake Forest Rd and one on Hillsborough St. McDonald’s on North Blvd and Glenwood Ave near Oak Park. And KFC at New Bern and Poole.

You wanted milk around here? Pine State down on Glenwood near Tucker or Long Meadow Farms on Glenwood near Glen Eden Dr.
DJ (Web Site) - 04/09/08 - 10:54

“Central Station, KIQ-206, operating on a frequency of one five four point one nine megahertz, located at 220 South Dawson Street in Raleigh, North Carolina, testing for the Yrac Fire Department. Time 1930. Central to Yrac base.”

Oh man that take me back!!!! At Six Forks I remember running to trucks after your tones hit
on Thursday nights to answer the radio when your truck was called. The older fireman would just sit back and watch us young bucks go. I used to think…look at those old men, they don’t move fast for anything.
Man how time changes all that.

Our 2 tones were low and at the end you could hear the buzzer kick in. That 70’s technology was music to our ears.

Yes those were the days.
jetexas - 04/09/08 - 11:20

Jason, talking about dads, I remember when communications for raleigh police was up stairs and the police cars had twin bubble lights. It was a big deal when the “new light bar” came to RPD. Also remember when atlantic ave. did not go any further than “Honda of Raleigh”. I lived just off Buffaloe Rd, in foxcroft. When we moved there in 74 it was to far outside the city for my dad to drive his police car home. Jason, can you remember when mini-city was built?...I can, and when there used to be a drive in off capital, (forest) It was a flea market by day, and porn drive in by night. by the way, I somewhat remember the public safety day…as far as at new hope, I can remember responding to calls in front of Duke Health Raleigh (ral. community). Back to the police, I remember they only had 4 channels, I used to sit in my dad’s car and listen. jettexas. I too can remember going to each truck to do “rollcall”. When Neptunes seafood sat at the corner of Buffaloe(old Buffaloe now) and Capital. (where auto zone in now. and Kings Plaza..(this is the shopping center where Sam ash is now) WOW what memories.
kprice104 - 04/09/08 - 19:24

olson, yea sportsworld, didn’t it orginally open off north market, until the roof fell in…?? dj, dollar gas stations, there was one in front of new hope, (the church, where the car lot is now)
kprice104 - 04/09/08 - 19:32

Wow, this is taking me back. I grew up behind the Arby’s on Hillsborough Street before Gorman Street connected. Anyone remember the Snoopy’s across from Meredith College, or the Wonder Bread Bakery. I grew up smelling bread baking ALL THE TIME. How about Crazy Zack’s where the Applebee’s is now at the corner of Gorman & Hillsborough? Anyone remember when it was a Jeep / AMC Dealer. My Dad bought a station wagon from them in 1976 I think. The Snoopy’s across from Arby’s used to be KFC and Swenson’s ice cream was down by NC State. How about the A&P grocery store where the Rite Aid is now.

Speaking on Cameron Village, how about the large spread of Christmas lights and not just the white ones, I’m talking the large color lights. We used to go see Santa Clause in the little booth at the Corner of Daniels Street and Clark Ave underneath the parking deck that is gone now.

I remember riding motorcycles with Dad out a Lake Raleigh; we used to get there from Trailwood Drive. I remember riding to the top of a large hill and seeing I-40 being cut in. If you look from Lake Wheeler Road Bridge back towards Cary, the hill I am referring to is on the right with the power lines. I had a Honda XR 75 and can remember when Atlantic Ave ended at Honda of Raleigh.

I also remember when Meredith College had horses and when Rex Hospital was on Wade Ave. I also remember the Fair Train that used to come in at 3:00 am on Tuesday Morning before the Fair opened. I remember when Blue Ridge Road ended at Hillsborough Street.
Donaldson - 04/09/08 - 20:26

kprice104- yeah- I forgot about that one. They were around a couple of more years after I got my license in 1974. Also, the restaurant at North Blvd and (Old) Buffalo was called King of the Sea. It was a favorite of my parents and we went there at least once a month.

As to the AMC/Jeep dealer on Hillsborough (it was Ray something), it was Amburn Pontiac before that- my parents bought a couple of cars there. Then there was Triangle Chevrolet out at NC55 & US64, then it was Jeff Mullins.

Rex on Wade? I was born there. How about the pre-cursor to Raleigh Communit, Mary Elizabeth, on Wake Forest Rd at Glascock?
DJ (Email) - 04/09/08 - 20:51

This one goes out to DJ and KPrice, I am not sure but sometime as a little one I remember some kind of apple desert like a little pie that you could get at the Roy Rogers where the BoJangles is on Western? Also Dad would bring us into Raleigh around Christmas to see the lights at New Bern and Dickens. Every time we run a call on Dickens on E-7 I slow down to look at the only mini house left in the side yard.Also one of my first BMX bikes came from Hills Sporting goods on down town blvd. I can’t believe Lion’s Park BMX track is still up in running in 2008.
Jason Lane - 04/09/08 - 22:33


My parents bought me a Schwinn Apple Crate bike from Hills in 1970. When Honda of Raleigh was at Brookside and Old Wake Forest, that was where I got my first motorcycle- Honda Trail 70. Mine was the only one around with a 4-speed manual- everyone else had 3-speeds.

Don’t remember the little apple pie you are talking about, but at the ‘original’ Roy Rogers (Hillsborough & Dixie Trail) they had some pretty good apple pies, like the ones Char Grill serves now.

And I remember all of those Christmas lights on New Bern. That was a big thing then to go to see them. I can’t remember which one, but one of those houses had it’s own bowling alley lane at one time.

Oh yeah- the AMC dealership was Ray Skidmore.
DJ (Email) - 04/09/08 - 23:00

I remember the appie pie thing at Roy’s on Hillsb St. And the bike trails off Avent Ferry near lake Raleigh (Cent Campus is there now). I was born in the Rex on Wade Ave. Smelling the bread at Wonder Bread on Hillsb St. RPD having the 4 channels and the old scanners. Pine State on Glenwood and Long Meadow also on Glenwood further out. The old Flea Market on Hodges. The drive-in movie places (yeah, market in day, porn at night); also the one in Garner and Fuquay (the board/screen is still up for that one I think, though covered up almost by growth).

The beltline ended at New Bern Ave.

How about when Crabtree Creek use to flood all the time, and the VW dealership on Wake Forest Rd, the VW bugs would float away!! And the old style Hardee’s on Wake Forest Rd just down from there (at McNeil St – car wash there now)

Does anyone remember when Krispy Kreme was on the other side of Person St?

The original Airport Rd off GLenwood going to the airport. Just a 2 lane road throug the woods. And the airport building itself. The control tower is still up but thats about it. The original building has pretty much been renovated (few times). The rotating search light that was up top of the tower was seen last year near the CFR station just sitting there.
lee - 04/09/08 - 23:27

And remember up at North Hills Mall when the guy carved the huge wooded sculpture of Sir Walter inside? And yeah, I remember the hobby store and Scotty’s. Use to climb on top of the mall and look down through those square glass sun things.

Johnson’s Drug store on Fairview Rd at Oberlin.

The Civil Defense siren test from the Post Office at Five Points!!!
lee - 04/09/08 - 23:37

Hardee’s on Wake Forest Rd was my first job. There is an older style Hardee’s on Edenton at the New Bern split. Used to be a civil defense siren at Memorial Auditorium, also.

Airport Rd was two lane from Morrisville to US 70. The old CFR station (the brick one) with four bays and a siren on top.

Bread baking at Wonder Bread, oh that was sooo good. And yes, I remember the original Krisy Kreme. It was next to Tuttle’s Appliance.

The drive-in at Fuquay was called the Cairo.

Speaking of two lanes, US 64 all the way to Asheboro. You can still see the original roadway if the lake is low, to the north of the current roadway. I remember the clearing for Jordan and Falls Lakes, flooding of Crabtree Creek, flooding of Neuse River.

Of course, I am old…I remember the hotel that used to be at the corner of Dawson and Hargett- the Carolina Hotel I think it was. Even had a topless bar downstairs for a few moonths- right next to the Municipal Building.

Best sausage and ham biscuits in Raleigh at Newton’s- corner of Peace and Halifax.

Hardee’s on North Blvd at Hodges (originally same design as the one at Edenton and New Bern) had a train between it and the creek, similar to the one that used to be at Pullen Park.

Tanglewood pool at the end of King Richard. Hayes Barton pool beside Wade Ave at NS overpass.

S&H Green Stamp store on Downtown Blvd at Old Wake Forest Road. Womack Electronics on Old Wake Forest Rd.

What have these people done to my city!?
DJ (Email) - 04/10/08 - 00:02

Yes, I remember the pool on Wade Ave, and Womack Electronics and S&H. And part of Wake Forest Rd at N Blvd went under the Southern train trestle. Roadway still there but its closed and blocked off. That was when Atlantic ended at Whitaker Mill.

The football stadium at Peace St and N Blvd.
lee - 04/10/08 - 00:44

and there was a time capsule buried in front of the movie theater at N Hills. Early 70’s I think. Wonder if its still there under the sidewalk at the restaurant (Fishbone?).

The huge complex of the Methodist Home at Wade/Glenwood/St Mary’s. 2 old vacant buildings still remain there. Polk Youth Center on Blue Ridge Rd. I think originally it was a military facility of some sort.

Gone are the good ole days of Raleigh and Wake County.
lee - 04/10/08 - 01:25

Devereux Meadow- the football field at Peace and Downtown. Broughton HS played there. Polk Youth Cetner was originally Camp Polk. The smokestack and building are still there from the prison.
DJ (Email) - 04/10/08 - 07:48

Devereux Meadow-I always remember that as a baseball field, I went there in
the early 1960’s with my father. Never knew that football was played there.
Bob Couick (Email) - 04/10/08 - 08:57

Could be wrong- happens occasionally. I thought Broughton played football there…but hey…it was soooo long ago.
DJ (Email) - 04/10/08 - 10:22

I wrote N Blvd a few times earlier. I meant Downtown Blvd.
lee - 04/10/08 - 12:11

dang lee, you sure are showing your age…haha
father time - 04/10/08 - 20:06

Actually wasn’t it Downtown Blvd until you got to like Wake Forest Rd and then it became North Boulevard? What year was it all changed to “Capital Blvd”?
Olson - 04/10/08 - 23:52

Yeah. It was Downtown Blvd up to (Old) Wake Forest Rd. The original Leith Lincoln-Mercury was at Downtown Blvd at Fairview. Further in towards town the first autmoatic car wash in the state, the Robo Wash, sat at the corner fo what I think is Dortches and Downtown. It is a used car place now. The old S&H Green Stamp store (one of my mother’s favorites- it’s now a cell phone store) had a Downtown Blvd address, but Hill’s and the original Honda of Raleigh had North Blvd addresses. It changed sometime in the mid-to late 80s.

When I came back to the area in the mid 90s, it had changed, as had Old Wake Forest Rd to just Wake Forest Rd. Some of the other changes were-

Shelly Rd was now Millbrook Rd in a lot of places.
Cary-Macedonia Road was now Walnut Street
Apex-Macedonia Road was now Tryon Road
Apex-McCullers Road was now Ten-Ten Road.
Airport-Morrisville Road was now Aviation Parkway

Among others.

Speaking of stores- Sears used to be where Harris-Teeter at Cameron Village is now. For a while it was a “Thalhimer’s”. The other main stores at Cameron Village were JC Penney, Johnson-Lambe, Wrenn-Pharr (this was where you had to go to get all of the official Cub Scout and Boy Scout stuff), Boylan-Pierce, and Burton’s. THere was a Kerr Druggs, and where the big drug store is now was a Colonial Stores grocery (later Big Star).

Back to he fire/EMS stuff, I can remember transporting patients to Southern and Western Wake (it was where AFD#3 is now). And I heard Wendell RS transporting to Eastern Wake in Zebulon. I remember when Southeastern Emergency Equipment was operating out of a small, old cinder-block store just down for the Stony Hill VFD. There was a small brick house on Blue Ridge Rd across from Rex where a lot of the state-contract ambulances cmae to. I don’t know if that guy sold them or what. I saw many orange and white ambulances (mostly vans). Everyone in the county it seemed was buying Swab ambulances and there was a guy over in Knightdale who was a rep or something for them.

Downtown was Hudson-Belk, WW Woolworth, and Advance Auto (they sold a lot of stuff including bicycles and Hot Wheels!).
DJ (Email) - 04/11/08 - 09:15

and yes, I also had a bmx from hills, I think that all the police bought from hills. and jason, talking abouth the christmas lights, that was the thing…pile up in the car and go look at the christmas lights on dickens.
kprice104 - 04/11/08 - 12:29


Your time capsule is still at North Hills. I noticed it going into Panera Bread recently. It’s between Panera and BoneFish, maybe about at the Verizon store. I noticed it said to be opened in 50 years from when it was installed.

As far as the fire service, I came to Raleigh in 1982. Most calls were dispatched as “structure fires” (not as a house or apartment or a building), and the initial assignment was 2 engines, 1 truck (often a city service) and a district chief. The rescues were so old by then, they were only dispatched on Working Fires. The city was doing no sizeups on arrival, I think only “condition blue” or “condition red”. That terminology was used around here forever…. Of course everything was ten code. The highest RFD had at that point was Station 16. Supply lines were 3 inch. All RFD engines had two preconnected sets of supply lines on each side of the pump, and usually would connect those (vs doing a steamer connection). I think back then, RFD sent people to Charleston to learn about hydraulics….

Occasionally I would pick up Rescom and HQ in Fayetteville before I moved to Raleigh. It would be a joint dispatch, when HQ and Rescom would simultaneously dispatch companies. Something like: “HQ Engine 3, Rescom EMS1, Shooting, 400 North East Street, KII-313, (and I can’t remember the EMS FCC....)


Raleigh rigs had all electronic sirens, no Federal Qs. Most of the Mack CFs had either a Federal 4-bulb rotator light. Engine 5 and 9 had one of the sorriest strobe lights you ever saw mounted on the roof, and behind that was a portable monitor. Seems like I remember a fire or two when the monitor on the roof was used.
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 04/11/08 - 17:37

After reading my post, I realized they wouldn’t have said “shooting….” it would have been “Signal 102”.....
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 04/11/08 - 17:38

The first three Mack pumpers and the Aerialscope came with rotating beacons and Q2Bs. All of the others came with that pitiful strobe light and the electronic sirens. KIQ206 was county fire, KUZ-732 was RESCOM/VHF. KIP489 was Beacon Ambulance. KBK-537 was Cary Fire.
DJ (Email) - 04/11/08 - 18:37

Jeff, you shed some interesting light on a subject. We (RFD) sent people to Charleston to learn about hydraulics???!!! Wow (I know that was back in the day, and we do our own thing now, and are doing well)!!!! They’re still running red lines (boosters) in as initial attack lines and 2 1/2” lines as supply hose. Those that have visited Charleston, know that there are a lot of balloon frame houses that are hairs apart. I’m glad to see that we’ve evolved away from 3” and red lines to the interior as initial attack lines.

On another note, I miss that Aerialscope!!
Silver - 04/11/08 - 23:02

i miss the old airport!! – the new one reeks of tobacco
corner hydrant - 04/11/08 - 23:50

Gone is the Ham and Egger at Wake Forest and McNeil.

10-4 Hark on the capsule still there N Hills. 50 yrs, hhhmmmmm that should be in another 10-15 yrs or so then maybe. ?? ie if it was buried around 1970.
lee - 04/12/08 - 16:36

Gone is Gresham Lake when it had water and a boat ramp. The small lake at Lake Boone Tr off Glenwood. When Lake Lynn was outside the city and there was nothing around it but woods.
lee - 04/13/08 - 12:11

As for call signs, don’t forget KNCM293 on Med9 and later added was WZX555 on Rescom after the switch from 155.280 to 156.225. Apex was KUZ729 when dispatching EMS. WakeMed was KNCE581, Raleigh Community was WXK577, and Rex KYG692. Remember how back then a telecommunicator spoke with the authority and clarity of a professional radio DJ – such a lost art. I’m a telecommunicator by profession, but I feel that our profession as a whole lacks “the voice” that we all used to have. For the most part, the ones with “the voices” have either retired or are in admin and don’t even talk on the radio anymore. I’d love to hear Walt Fuller, Philip Penny (retired 911 director), and Richard Batchelor on the radio for just one more day verbally dispatching calls with locution turned off. What a sweet sound it would be. The few left who still have the golden voices can only be heard on PD channels due to locution on Fire/EMS. It used to be real treat to listen to a great telecommunicator work a busy fire or EMS channel on a weekend nightshift giving out back-to-back calls. Locution does a great job of getting calls out quickly, but I sure do miss those “radio” voices and personalities from the past. I supervise telecommunicators daily, and it is SO hard to get the newer ones to speak with the authority and tone of voice that used to set us distinctly aside from others.
Jason (Email) - 04/13/08 - 21:35

Some of what I remember is
Buying nuts from the Peanut man at the Capital Bld to feed the pigeons after church
Giant Dinosaur models in the North Hills parking lot. You could feed a quarter into a juke box size machine and it would create a hot wax dinosaur mold
Sitting on the mini bikes in front of the Penny’s Auto Center
900 West Disco Club
Pepsi Plant and the potato chip factories on Wake Forest Rd
The flags on top of the Winn Dixie at North Hills
The Record Bar
Solomon Grundys in North Hills Mall
Swimming at Lynn Lake
Buying bamboo fishing poles at the Lasiter Mill store
The A&P store on Pearson
The old Colonial grocery stores before they became Big Stars
Hardee’s at Crabtree next to the Big Star. Before it was a Hardee’s it was a place called Honey’ Bee’s before that it was an Andy Giffth’s
Buying ICEE’s from the window at the North Hills Quick Pick.
The old abandoned orfinage next to WRAL TV.
Old Man’s Lake behind the old Dresser House off Wake Forest Rd
The junk yard where Northbrook and North Hills drive interset.
The Zig/Zag shop on the corner of Hillsborough St and Oberlin.
The Red Barn Burger joint on Wake Forest Rd.
The Water slide on US 1 North
The Super Slide at the Putt-Putt just past Oak Park
Can’t remember the name, but the little pizza place at Oak Park just off the highway.
Skate Ranch and Skate Town
Going to the Elementary School on a Saturday to get a license for you bicycle
David (Email) - 07/29/08 - 11:09

Before Krispy-Kreme moved to it’s present location on the corner of Person and Peace Streets, there was a beautiful OLD Victorian-looking house there. I think it was an antique store for a while. On the corner of the yard was a large tree. They kept a sleigh chained to that tree for years. It was the only sleigh you would ever see in this area. As a child, I always thought it was Santa’s sleigh.
Mark - 03/15/10 - 14:49

How about going to Cameron Village as a young boy, and getting your ANNUAL pair of new Tennis shoes (Keds PF Flyers) for the new school year. Then, WEARING them out of the store and running as fast as you could (swearing you were now faster) and slapping those soles onto the sidewalk. The noise would echo under the parking deck and sound TWICE as loud as normal.
Mark - 03/15/10 - 14:54

It is funny that someone has posted new stuff to this blog as Dad and I were riding home form a job (pavement marking) and talking about all of the things we have seen while driving and working in the area since 1974. For instance, Dad started to paint for York Properties and York Construction Co in the 70’s. We painted Cameron Village every year up to 1986 when the city condemned our house on Neil Street to extend Gorman Street. Dad painted a lot of the new construction in the area during that time. I remember Dad painting the road that was just paved to the Sharron Harris Plant from Sharron Harris Road. He used to take us (my brother and me) everywhere. I would say that he painted 90% of the RTP as it was built. I remember riding my bicycle in all of the IBM parking lots and thinking it was cool that I could ride in such a large area without worrying about cars. Just Thursday we say a Golden Skillet Fried Chicken in Richmond VA. and though of the one on Western Blvd where Subway is now. That started a two hour trip down memory lane for us. It is so good to see memories lived out here and see who else remembers what Raleigh and Wake Co used to be like.
Donaldson - 03/15/10 - 23:16

Where was Krispy Kreme before it’s present location? My father-in-law talks about walking to it from NCSU when he was there in the 60’s…
Donuts - 03/16/10 - 00:25

I miss Tippy’s Taco big time!!! I remember you had to have Papagallo shoes from the Papagallo store to match every outfit..don’t wear them in the rain
Kimberly - 05/27/10 - 18:47

Remember when Olivia Raney library was on the corner of Fayetteville Street and you could walk across the street on school nights and buy popcorn at the Ambassador Theater? Remember Wyguil/Sanders Ford Company? Wade’s Skating? Pappagallo Shop on the corner of Hillsborough St. and Glenwood Ave.
Jean - 03/23/11 - 05:29

Hi, I know this is an old blog but I recently found a 1973 AMC Javelin AMX that was originally sold at the Ray Skidmore AMC/Jeep dealership that some of you were talking about. The address that’s listed for the dealership is 431 W Franklin St Gastonia NC 28052. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if that’s the correct address for the dealership? I used google map and street view, the first view I see is an old garage/warehouse and opposite side of the road is a cleared lot with pavement running through it. I would love to find out exactly where the car was sold when it was new. Things like this intrigue me, I love history. I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Thanks in advance!
Linwood (Email) - 03/25/17 - 08:51

Remember personal info?

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