07/10/08 98 W - + 18 - 10 Raleigh Recruit Academy Graduates on Monday, July 14

Raleigh Fire Department Recruit Academy #34 graduates on Monday, July 14, with a 7:00 p.m. ceremony at the Fletcher Opera Theater, at the Progress Energy Center for Performing Arts. The 24 members started their 26 28-week academy at the Keeter Training Center on January 7. The Capital City's newest firefighters graduate with certification as EMT, Firefighter I and II, and Rescue Technician VMR. They also received training on haz-mat operations and awareness, fireground procedures, high-rise operations, rapid intervention teams (RIT), accountability systems, safety companies, engine and ladder company operations, and firefighter safety and survival. Congratulations, everyone!

28 week academy!
Extra week helped us become car seat techs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Class of 2008 - 07/10/08 - 20:13

Congrats guys and girl…..you’re much needed in the field!!!!
Silver - 07/10/08 - 21:47

Congrats to all and good luck with your new career.
Lester (Email) - 07/11/08 - 13:25

They also were the FIRST RFD academy to go through a 3 day class at Gaston college. The recruits did 3 days of the famous flash over simulator (the can), intense RIT and survival training, Plus one of Capt. Coppage’s famous P.T. runs at 4:30 am. I am VERY proud of the “HARD CORE 34”, they showed integrity, discipline, team work and compassion for the job that has not been seen in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to have been able to teach and learn from being part of this academy! Congrats to all of my brothers and sister of the “34”! You are a blessing to RFD! Welcome to the family!!!!!!!!! Good luck on line and stay safe!
Jason Lane - 07/11/08 - 19:50

Great Job Jason. You seem very proud to be a part of the Raleigh’s training coordinators. My hat goes off to you and Capt. Coppage and the rest of the recruit staff. I am hoping to assist Capt. Moore at Cary Fire with this years recruits. I hope that I have just as fun as you have had with Raleigh. Please stay safe and happy.
P.S. I look forward to seeing you at the recruit graduation Monday night.
jj (Email) - 07/12/08 - 22:36

I’m glad you’re out of the academy and we do need and welcome you on shift. You are in the real world now so follow this simple advise to get started:

(1) Listen to your Capt. because he’s actually “been there and done that”,
(2) Listen to the old guys because they have “been there and done that” plus, they are who taught your Captain when he was a newboy.
(3) Be a team player and humble – 24 hours is a long time to work by yourself if you are an “ass”,
(4) Be patient – It takes some time to get adjusted to shift work and your crew will need to get adjusted to you. The first couple of weeks will be hard, but hang in there. Remember, everyone here at RFD was a snot-nosed newboy at some point.

Good luck to you all, be safe, and I’ll see you in the street.

P.S. – If I don’t see you in the street, who knows, you may install a car seat for me sometime.
Grumpy Old Fireman - 07/12/08 - 22:55

Here’s info about Gaston College’s flashover simulator, http://www.gastonfire.com/flashoversim.h..

And the company that makes it, http://www.swedesurvival.com
Legeros - 07/12/08 - 23:14

Rules To Live By in the Fire Service
By Mark Wesseldine, FDNY
From Fire Engineering February, 1999

You have begun a career in the greatest job in the world. You will find no other job where you will “look forward” to going to work every tour for the next 20 to 30 years.

You have also become a member of the “greatest family” on earth. Anywhere you may be, you have brothers and sisters nearby, never be shy to ask for help.

Train – Excellence through training. Don’t say your training let you down. “I didn’t know” doesn’t count. When you stop learning, it’s time to retire, you can always learn something. Have an open mind.

This is a “team sport”. If you’re not a team player then don’t try out for the team.

Always wear your mask when possible, even during overhaul, statistics speak for themselves. Think of your family, dead at 50 is not macho.

You are not going to get rich in this career, but you will live comfortably. You will have the respect of all.

God has given you two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as much as you speak.

Step up. When others are busy at a task, Don’t be the last one to join in.

Friends are easy to make, you have to work at making enemies.

Think! Look when getting off the truck. Look when crossing the street at calls. Never run on a roof.

Treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

Don’t be a whiner or complainer.

Remember where you came from.

Rusty tools and unattended equipment leads to no company pride.
Advice for Future - 07/13/08 - 09:17

Advice from Asst. Chief R.K. Lane, as told to the class of 1989, on the subject of “banks, politics, and goats.” It went something like “the firehouse is not a lending institution. Don’t loan money to firemen. What happens between you and your [spouse] is political. Don’t talk about politics in the firehouse. And, finally, don’t let firemen get your goat.” The last one is crucial.
Legeros - 07/13/08 - 09:23

Don’t you guys think it’s time for a new, more up to date term for the newer members of the RFD? Maybe “rookie”, “probie” or “rook”? The good ol’ term of “new-boy” is a little outdated (not to mention offensive to the females), don’t you think?
Guest - 07/13/08 - 13:16

I’ve always been partial to “Probie” myself.
JustaJake - 07/13/08 - 13:34

What’s wrong with calling them by their names? Okay, heretical concept there. Tradition is an obvious answer. Everyone before them was called something, so they must be called something. Beyond that, what’s the reason? Let’s attempt to answer from an experiential perspective. What has each of you learned, by both being called “new boy” when you started, and calling others “new boy” when they started? I’ll add a high-flalutin’ sociological take later.
Legeros - 07/13/08 - 13:57

I like FNG as well. One good thing about the tag is that it lets them know and reminds them where they are on the food chain. But even more importantly when they are no longer the “New Boy, Probie, or FNG”, it lets them look back with some pride on how much they have already accomplished in their short careers. Besides it is just part of being picked on or having someone get your goat. If they didn’t like you they wouldn’t even bother talking to you, so be happy that you are called something.

The people who complain about the tag are the ones who just don’t get the “Job”, and probably shouldn’t be apart of it in the first place. They will eventually weed themselves out and have a completely different tag or scarlet letter that no one wants. If you can’t hack it, get your jacket and hit the road!
Mike - 07/13/08 - 14:17

I have never like “rookie” unless you truly are one in the greater sense. Shoot sometimes the people coming out of the academy have more time “on the job” than the ones calling them “rookie”. “probie” or “new” or “hey you” have been ones I’ve heard that aren’t so bad. But you get what you get… some habits are hard to break.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 07/13/08 - 18:23

Lets stick with new-boy! We are a team!
Guest # 2 - 07/13/08 - 21:52

Mike, I like you thinking. You are exactly right. I am sure that 99% of the firefighters in Wake County agree with YOU! I am an FNG myself. And for what it is worth, I hope I stay the FNG for the rest of my career. I will always be training and learning every day. EGH
Guest # 2 - 07/13/08 - 21:58

Mike says it best. Be glad you have a job and don’t whine. This is the best job in the world, as well as the hardest. No other service- aside from the military – even comes close. Keep your mouth shut and listen, listen, listen!! You can earn the right to drop the new boy moniker at some point if you can cut it. Welcome to the real world – work to make us all proud!
FYI - 07/14/08 - 23:13

I like “probie”, because that’s exactly what they are, no matter their experience level, sex or anything else. A “probie” is exactly that, someone on probation!!!
Silver - 07/14/08 - 23:58

They will always be “newboy” to me, regardless of sex, race, or anything else. I was proud to be able to wear that very name, and I am just as proud to have been here long enough to have the privilege to call the new newboys the same thing.
firedriver - 07/16/08 - 20:17

Did they start contacting people for the next class after this recent testing?

Thank you.
helpless - 07/19/08 - 18:22

Interviews are being conducted this coming up week….
Silver - 07/20/08 - 00:52

Do they plan on hiring just one class off this test or putting another class in as well?
Whynot - 07/22/08 - 09:00

I’ve heard wo different things, but if I had to guess, I’d say just one class. Big budget items keep getting pushed back due to the economy/gas prices. Supposedly the new ladder company won’t go in service until January now.

But, on a positive note, Hillsborough St. is getting round-abouts and store owners are being offered grants to refurb their storefronts!!!
Silver - 07/22/08 - 10:33

Oops, that was supposed to be “TWO” different things….
Silver - 07/22/08 - 10:34

Remember personal info?

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