05/10/09 189 W - + 14 - 8 Hawaiian Shirts Still Making Waves

Today's News & Observers has an entertaining feature on tropical shirts. The Associated Press story includes a history, noting that the shirts played a role in creating casual Friday. When the city of Honolulu allowed employees to wear Aloha shirts to city offices in 1965, the trend subsequently spread nationwide. The article includes a sidebar of tips, such as "louder is better" and "don't ever tuck them in." Unless you're Thomas Magnum. (Idea for television series: fire buff with hot shirts solves crimes in the Carolinas. Episode 1, Murder at the State Archives.)

Relevant quotes in the article include "the minute you put them on, you feel a little more relaxed" (Doug Wood, Tommy Bahama), "the average man in Hawaii wears an Aloha shirt every day" (Linda Arthur, textile professor), and, what made Mrs. Blogger chuckle, "If you stretch beyond [wearing] three [shirts], people [say] 'It's so sad to see someone give up like that. His poor wife!"' (Greg Chambers, Mad Gringo). How many shirts are hanging at Blog Center, you ask? Ninety or so.