08/28/09 63 W, 1 I - + 18 - 10 Garner's New Rescue

The Garner Fire Department this afternoon took delivery of a new Rescue 1, a 2009 Pierce Velocity heavy rescue. Features include bumper reel and storage for hydraulic tools, a recessed light tower, a cascade system, and even an oil-dry dispenser. The truck will be stored at Station 3 while it's being equipped. Photos coming from Legeros (below) and Lee. Click to enlarge:

Very nice looking truck. How does Garner Rescue fit into things on the south side since the FD does their own rescue stuff? Just curious…
H2O - 08/28/09 - 21:25

Very nice looking truck guys.
DM - 08/28/09 - 21:27

considering what it is replacing, this is an awesome looking apparatus.
charlie - 08/29/09 - 08:03

Appears very similiar to Cary Truck 7
Turbo - 08/29/09 - 14:26

Well it pretty much is on the outside. Some of the same people were involved in the specification process of both.
CFP 7021 - 08/29/09 - 15:29

fayetteville’s new rescue and garner’s new rescue look very similar.
charlie (Email) - 08/29/09 - 20:58

Cary Truck 7 looks very similar to Durham Highway Rescue 5
ha! - 08/30/09 - 18:00

i guess if u go against the flow around here your post gets deleted. thats pretty lame. way to run a good thread.
somebody - 09/01/09 - 11:34

Some anonymous, impolite comments were deleted from this thread.

Sign your name to stir the pot. Otherwise, you may be deleted.
MJL - 09/01/09 - 13:03

Go against the flow and get deleted? I think not. I think I go against the flow as much, if not more, than anyone else here. Mine have never been deleted. Of course, I sign my name and provide an email. If you are going to say it, own up to it.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 09/01/09 - 13:26

So what’s the factual history of rescue services in/around Garner? Two agencies currently provide “heavy rescue,” Garner EMS and Garner Fire. First on the block was Garner-St. Mary’s Rescue, organized in 1975. They started with an old bread truck, which was replaced with newer vehicles in 1983 (?), 1992, and 2007. They were renamed Garner EMS & Rescue Squad in 1992. The Garner Fire Department was organized in 1952, and has had equipment trucks on the roster since the late 1950s. Their most recent rescue-style support units were added in 1989 and 1997. When did they become a rescue provider? Their web site history lists 2006 as certification date for Medium Rescue.
Legeros - 09/01/09 - 17:00

So you delete “impolite” comments even if they are the truth. Lame
TRUTH - 09/02/09 - 11:46

TRUTH, you want truth? How about the fact that this blog is provided by Legeros and he has the right to delete any comments he chooses to do so. If you want to bash other departments out of jealousy or other childish reasons, go to the Watchdesk and speak your mind. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure you’d fit in nicely with the others posting comments on the WRAL site. Legeros, keep up the good work and good luck with the babysitting, haha.
Not Lame - 09/02/09 - 14:45

Well put DJ…
Silver (Email) - 09/02/09 - 17:06

TRUTH and somebody-

Like DJ and “Not Lame” said, if you want to be taken seriously when you bash others and their organizations, have the guts to sign your name. Mike does a very good job of letting people have their say and lattitude with how they say it, so long as you sign your name to it. MAN UP!!

I’m out, stay safe folks!
Wayne - 09/02/09 - 18:34

Wow, I see I have missed allot with a few days off from reading. I understand the there are some folks out there that are afraid to sign their name because of who they work for. If you are being constructive and positive, it should not be a big deal. I have met allot of good folks through this blog and have learned and shared allot. I think that we all would agree that we all have our own opinions and would like to share (some more than others), but if you do not sign your name or a ID that most folks know, then you cannot complain if the owner of the blog deletes your post, even if you feel your opinion is the truth. Own up or…. Well you get the idea.

This works good too;

Disclaimer: The views I post here are my own views and opinions and do not represent any company, employer, or affiliation that I may have. If you find anything I say offensive or if you have a problem with my posts, then I encourage you to post a rebuttal argument, send me an e-mail, or come to me personally.

Keeping with the theme of this thread, Garner’s new rescue looks great and so does Fayetteville’s new rescue! I am partial to Cary’s, but hey, I was on the spec committee. Yes you could say that it looks like Durham Hwy’s truck and I am OK with that. We went there and crawled all over that thing and it is a great truck. Ours is also different, but built for our department’s needs. For that matter, they all look alike, but when you open the doors, they all are also very different. If you look closely, they have all been designed for their respective communities needs. Some of these trucks have had the same hands involved with them, who cares, again they were built for their communities needs. Great job to these departments for sharing ideas and using resources better, rather than re-inventing the wheel. Congrats to all departments listed above on their new equipment to help serve their citizens. I hope that those who are looking to spec, build, buy, and expand their fleet, look to others around them for ideas and asks questions about the truck those departments are running. We are all playing for the same team, and if we all work together, imagine the trucks, equipment, gear, and stations we could build or purchase for the future.

off my soap box,

Stay safe,
Donaldson (Email) - 09/05/09 - 22:31

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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