09/01/09 104 W - + 8 - 11 Scanner Archives Now Require Subscription

As reported by a reader in this blog thread, the Wake County scanner archives at RadioReference.com are now only available to "premium subscription" members. And how much might the previously free service cost? One year is $30.00, half year is $15.00. Payment via PayPal. The live feed, however, remains free for everyone. Thanks for that, both to the site and the scanner feeders, whoever they are. Guess that's the cost of business. We last blogged about the scanner archives in June, after the ScanAmerica site merged with RadioReference.com, and the archived feeds were unavailable for a period.

As the provider of the Wake County Fire and EMS feed on RadioReference.com, we were not advised in advance that listening to the archives is now done at a price.

We have been working behind the scenes to secure as many NC fire feeds onto the service as possible. If you look at the North Carolina section, there’s pretty good coverage at this point.

I’ll be contacting our person at Radio Reference about this, and if it’s possible for US to cover the cost, so that the archives are once again available to listeners at no charge.

Stay tuned, and thanks for listening.

harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 09/01/09 - 08:42

Just curious as to what the costs really are for these types of sites that provide the link to the feeds. In other words, John Doe supplies the site with the feed using their own computer and scanner. The site itself is supplying a place to find the feed. What is the site doing that deems it fit to charge people for something that is GIVEN to them free of charge? Seems like they are just making a buck off other peoples work,... Does the person supplying the feed get money for supplying it to the site?

Just some questions that have made me go hmmmmmm.
JM - 09/01/09 - 20:17

Sites like RadioReference do have legitimate overhead costs… that site doesn’t happen by itself. And I would bet that the more people that use it and listen to the feeds, it will cost the owner(s) more in terms of bandwidth. In the past, when it was on Scan America, we would donate funds to help defer the costs.

And no, feed providers do not receive any compensation for providing the feeds.
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 09/01/09 - 21:51

Plug in Radioreference.com to Wolfram Alpha and you get the following:


Approximately 170,000 Daily Page Views.
Approximately 47,000 Daily Visitors.

Radioreference.com is the Largest online source for Public Safety Communication info.
We were that large before we acquired Scanamerica. Lindsay Blanton (owner) has always
maintained that the database would be free and it has always remained free.
But saving large archive audio files is a whole different bandwidth concern. Lindsay has maintained
that the live feeds would always be free.
I guess my main comment is Lindsay has always been upfront and honest about how Radioreference.com is run. He has always had the monitoring communities’ best interest at heart.
How about we give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves he deserves otherwise?
Disclaimer: I am a volunteer NC/KY database administrator & forum moderator at Radioreference.com.
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 09/02/09 - 14:52

Oh and for Mike: The RR.com leadership team and their bios:

Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 09/02/09 - 15:01

It would be nice if you could actually lock in on a tac channel and listen to a fire without all the ems crap or other fire calls interupting it.
Mike - 09/02/09 - 18:58

Ha ha, that would be quite a feat, considering that the only connection from the feeding scanner to the web site is an audio cable.

Now, if someone out there wants to offer their scanner for another feed, AND be there to pause and lock on a Tac channel for each and every fire, that’s another matter entirely!

Kudos the site, as the live and archived feeds have been well-appreciated locally.
Legeros - 09/02/09 - 19:11

Actually what Mike is asking for is possible with the right software and radios:
BuTel offers the Scannerstation package which allows someone to control a remote Uniden scanner. MetroNetworks is using this package to monitor Central NC scanners (rumor has it) along with the Radioreference.com feeds.
Thanks for the kind words Mike. We Radioreference.com folks try to do as much as possible to support all aspects of Public Safety. And of course I am always available to help new people get started in the radio monitoring hobby. You only get something out of the hobby if you contribute your knowledge to those just starting.
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 09/02/09 - 19:27

I created a thread a couple days before we restricted the info to premium subscribers, i admit it was a short notice but i created it just as soon as i found out.Thats, why its important to keep of with the threads. People, understand RR.com does not run for free.Lindsay needs to make some sort of income to keep the site going and anyways its only 15$ for half a year.Save 5$ each payday and you will have it in 3 weeks.
Kendrik(RR.com Live Audio Admin) (Email) - 09/06/09 - 19:06

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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