11/09/09 300 W - + 17 - 10 Apparatus Updates

Let's start the week with some apparatus updates. Raleigh has awarded Pierce the bid for replacing Ladder 4, the 2004 Pierce Arrow XT tiller that overturned in July, and injured three firefighters. The 100-foot aerial ladder, which was also equipped with a 1500 GPM pump and a 300 gallon tank, was totaled.

The city also recently placed an order for a pair of Pierce pumpers, to replace a pair of front-line engines. Two Pierce Arrow XT engines, 1500/500/30, were delivered earlier this year, and are assigned to Engine 1 and Engine 20.

Also in Raleigh, NC Task Force 8's new USAR 1 was recently placed in service. The 2009 Hackney trailer with a 2005 Volvo cab was delivered in May. It replaces a 1974 Hackney beverage trailer with a 1998 Sterling cab. Read prior posting. Old USAR 1 has been designated USAR 7, carries a reserve cache of equipment, and will be staged in Durham. Also, USAR 1, USAR 2, USAR 3, and USAR 5 are presently parked at the Keeter Training Center, while upgrades are being done.

Cary has two Pierce Velocity 1500/500/30 pumpers in production, and they'll be the first for the town with speed lays. Cary engines all have rear lay configurations. They'll also have through-the-tank ladder compartments, which is also first. The town has also awarded Pierce the bid for a third pumper.

Also, the Cary Fire Department recently acquired an 18-wheeler to replace their technical rescue trailers. Drivers are being trained, and the equipment storage configuration is being designed.

Knightdale took delivery on Saturday of a refurbished 1997 Pierce Quantum aerial ladder, 105-foot, 1500 GPM, 300 gallons, and two 25 gallon foam cells. And a bell on the bumper! Designated Ladder 135, it replaces a 1973 Ford/Pierce telesquirt. Read prior posting.

Falls Pumper 212 was seriously damaged in a single-vehicle accident last week. No firefighters were injured. The 2007 Pierce Contender has been sent to the factory for repairs.

Any word on Engine 8 that was involved in a MVC earlier this year? Or the Stony Hill unit that was also? If you have already updated and I missed it, sorry. Thanks!!!
Steven (Email) - 11/09/09 - 18:14

Also I have noticed that the Mobile Command Post, the 1988 Chevy/Grumman converted unit, is not responding to all that calls, any reason? Thanks!
Steven (Email) - 11/09/09 - 18:15

Do you mean Engine 9, Steven? In this blog posting, http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/photos/we.. in July, we reported that Engine 9 had been returned to service on June 27, 2009, after its accident on December 17, 2008.
Legeros - 11/09/09 - 18:16

Mike, will the new ladder 4 also be a tiller?
[house] - 11/09/09 - 18:25

Yes, a new tiller is being ordered.

As for Field Comm 1, same is in service at Station 1. It continues to respond when requested to major fires and other incidents and events. There just haven’t been any barn burners in a while. But with cold weather coming…
Legeros - 11/09/09 - 18:32

I think Fuquay has been approved to start with the ordering process of 2 new tankers to replace Tanker 1 and Tanker 4 at station 1.
TTaylor - 11/09/09 - 19:07

Any plans of replacing Field Comm 1 in the near future?
BJ - 11/09/09 - 21:17

Thanks for the info!
Steven (Email) - 11/10/09 - 08:42

Will Ladder 2 continue to stay at Station 1 until the new tiller is delivered, or will Ladder 4 return to station 1?
BW - 11/10/09 - 12:47

i thought ladder 4 was operating with a reserve apparatus until the new tiller came in. if not, what happened to the reserve apparatus that was at station 1. If ladder 2 is at station 1 now, did the reserve apparatus operating as ladder 4 go to station 11, or is it out of service for repairs? If out for repairs, why not just put another reserve ladder, like the snorkel, in service as ladder 4?
charlie - 11/10/09 - 18:24

Charlie, The reserve American LF is in the shop for repairs, the coolant fan lost a bearing and they have to make the part because it’s American lafrance part. (Old truck 16) the rear mount ladder was put into service as L-4 caught on fire in the station and they had to call on a engine company to come put it out. Yes, both Engines were out of the house. The snorkle is broke down also. Ladder two is at station 1 until futher notice.
Chris - 11/10/09 - 22:42

what happens if another front line ladder goes to the shop, will they assign the ladder crew to a reserve engine since all the reserves are broke? i know durham used to do the reserve engine running as a ladder truck if a ladder went down, but they would still dispatch another ladder truck to any structure fire call where the reserve engine was first due.
charlie (Email) - 11/10/09 - 23:17

Charlie, I would hope they would institute automatic aid dispatching for surrounding ladder trucks, but who knows..
ncff - 11/10/09 - 23:36

How about an emergency expenditure for a few new pieces?
Silver - 11/11/09 - 00:38

the emegency expenditure idea would be nice, especially since the tiller is on order already, and raleigh wants a ninth ladder. placing the order now for ladder 9 would be a good idea, but in the meantime i hope they get the reserve fleet fixed soon. bethseda, cary, morrisville, bay leaf, knightdale, wake forest, eastern wake and garner, all have laddr trucks that can respond automatic mutual aid within 5 minutes of raleigh city limits, but it would be nice for a large city like raleigh to be self reliant.
charlie - 11/11/09 - 10:53

They probably will float the crew out if no ladder. Raleigh ladders will respond before any mutal aid ladders are called. You have L-7, L-2, an L-8 that can respond if need be. This is just a temporary situation.
Chris - 11/11/09 - 22:19

Also, Cary has ordered a new engine for Station 8 that is due in next year. The 2 new engines will be here in mid December.
fire1983 - 11/12/09 - 12:47

What’s the latest on Cary Station 8, including location?
Legeros - 11/12/09 - 18:18

Hey Chris – The fire on Reserve Ladder-111 was extinguished by E-13. They were in the station (fortunately). E-1 was out. I was there on B-3 doing the mail thing and we used extinguishers for the bulk of the extinguishment, then switched over to the booster to finish it off. Electrical harness fire on driver’s side chassis rail extended to the engine compartment. Was scamper time for a few minutes…
A.C. Rich - 11/12/09 - 20:42

Orrrrrrrr…...to add on to my above comment, how about purchasing a couple plain jane, no frills ladder trucks for reserves?
Silver - 11/12/09 - 22:05

AC, I was going off the rumor mill again. It is amazing how the story changes until you talk to someone that was there. I guess it was their story and they were going to tell it like they wanted to-haha Thanks for the correct info.
Chris - 11/12/09 - 23:10

I’m kind of curios, like mike, about what the latest is on Cary’s station 8. Anyone have any insight?
Adam - 11/13/09 - 00:24

The Request for Proposals have been received and the architect firms are in the process of being selected. Cary has put a hold on all capital expenditures until Jan 1, 2010. At that time they will re-evaluate all projects for continuation. It is expected that the Council/Administration will give a go ahead for Firehouse 8 to proceed with design and contractor selection. As noted the pumper for this station has been ordered and has an estimated delivery of May-July 2010. The other two pumpers are due in December 2009.

As for location it will be located on land already owned by the Town off of Green Level to Durham Rd and Mills Park Dr.
CFP 7021 - 11/13/09 - 01:20

Sounds like Cary will have an Engine with out a home. Will Engine 8 run out of station 7? If they run out of station 7 then thats going to be a busy station with Mo’ville already there. I guess its time for Cary to take over that county land out there, not to open that can of worms again.
Sparky - 11/13/09 - 07:40

The word on the street is that the new pumper will make its rounds within the department. This could allow for some of the front line engines to go to the shop and have all of the issues taken care of while the crew can ride a nice reliable truck. Who knows they could also put it in service at one of the stations, then when the station is built E-8 would get whatever truck it replaced.
Right now there is notenough people to staff it as E-8, nor are there any concrete plans to hire any personnel.

The biggest reason the truck was ordered early is to save tens of thousands before some of the new EPA and NFPA rules have to be met. It also allowed for a piggy back onto the other two pumpers, once again saving time and money in the process.
CFP 7021 - 11/13/09 - 08:24

What is the time frame on the Raleigh’s new tiller?
Hunter - 11/15/09 - 23:34

6 months supposedly
RescueRanger - 11/16/09 - 10:58

Any information on the APP wreck in Zebulon?
Rauer - 11/17/09 - 13:44

Car is totaled… medic is okay… car as been replaced by one of the older SUV’s that admin had.

The medic was treated and released at the hospital… he is at home recovering with bumps and bruises. You can replace a car… you can’t just replace the people. That’s the important thing to remember.
CJS (Email) - 11/17/09 - 15:31

nice to see that ladder 4 is back in service with their reserve 1999 alf ladder.
charlie - 11/18/09 - 09:05

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