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From a reader and by way of the RadioTech web site comes this demonstration of how to wear your radio when using an New York-style strap. The author is a Virginia firefighter, who advocates the safety of wearing the strap inside your turnout coat. Have a strap, but do something different? Don't have a strap? Share your techniques for keeping your radio handy. 

I dont use the strap. I go about it the NFA way with the radio in the pocket, speaker facing the body and mic clipped on the coat, leaving only the mic and antenaa exposed. With the radio facing forward, you can trace the antenna down and your finger ends up on the EIB.
KOM - 11/15/09 - 12:47

I have a strap, use the strap and put it under my coat. Less of an entanglement hazard. I too leave the mic hanging. If for some reason I need to change the channel, then I simply reach down and do so. The radio is right at the bottom of my coat.
Mike - 11/15/09 - 13:18

Strap under the coat for the past twelve years, mic clipped onto the radio tab by the radio pocket. I’ve experimented with ditching the strap, and using the radio in the pocket, mic going around the back of the neck and clipped on the opposite side. I always come back to the radio strap, it just works!
Silver - 11/15/09 - 13:28

I have a strap, wear it outside the coat with the waist strap of SCBA holding in place for the past 13 years or so and have the mic clipped onto the strap. In all of theses years, haven’t had a problem yet. I love mine!
Wayne - 11/15/09 - 14:26

been using a radio strap for 6 or so years. Wear it under the coat with the radio exposed just below the coat. Mic hanging out the top of the coat or clipped into the mic tab (depending on which make/model/set of gear I’m wearing). Never had a problem, no entanglement hazards.
CFP 7021 - 11/15/09 - 15:38

Just me personally, not a big fan of outside the coat. I like the idea of the radio being protected to the max. Wearing the strap on the outside really exposes it to the elements and lets it take a beating.

Funny though, when you look at FDNY and surrounding areas, they wear them inside. When you move further down the east coast, like Maryland, D.C. and No.VA, they wear them on the outside. To each is own I guess, whichever way you’re comfortable…..
Silver - 11/15/09 - 18:26

I’ve been using one for about 8 years. When I worked in an EMS system that did not provide turnout gear I just wore it outside. But here in this county, since they actually provide turnout gear, I have gone to the inside wear, after trying outside. It was a pain using the stabilizer strap, it flopped around, etc. Wearing it inside the turnout or rain coat just seems to work better.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 11/15/09 - 19:47

Wear it inside coat with mic either clipped on jacket mic holder or just hanging, depends on the gear. Radio hanging just to the bottom of coat, helps in case I need to adjust volume or confirm channel selection.
Smoketamer - 11/15/09 - 20:39

Depends on the type of call. Fires inside mostly, MVA/EMS outside depending on weather. Also depends which SCBA I’m in…SCOTT inside w/mike just hanging out, MSA have to clip the mic to something (coat,mic strap) because the MSA mask/reg assembly is so freaking long.
AB - 11/15/09 - 21:03

Okay… so I viewed the tutorial, valid points. But if you wear it under your gear, do you really need the reflective striping?
D.Cates - 11/15/09 - 23:27

No…the reflective striping is a moot point then, but hey, it looks cool, and I am gonna have some pretty cool stuff…
DJ - 11/16/09 - 11:05

My butt’s too wide to wear it under the coat… it gets caught between the “Enforcer” seat and the door. I guess the expected sequence is supposed to be: ...Boots/pants donned beside engine; throw strap/radio over; put on coat; get in engine; right SCBA strap over shoulder, seatbelt on; (apparatus begins moving); (somewhere in the sequence – press DEK button, talk on radio); hood on; left SCBA strap over; and do other assorted officer stuff. In the meanwhile, the radio that was placed on PS TAC13 for the incident has now been toggled to FD OPS1 due to being squished in between the door and my fat butt, and is under the coat making it hard to adjust with the SCBA on (and the strap is extended out to the last hole and is still not exposed for us taller people)... alas, I still manage and wear it outside of the coat!!!! (Hahahahaha… I’m a wreck… Y’all enjoy!!)
A.C. Rich - 11/18/09 - 18:45

Silver - 11/18/09 - 19:09

C’mon, AC. My a** is fatter than yours and I don’t have no problem. And my trucks are smaller than yours. You gonna let yourself be outdone by a measely paragod?

Actually, I just about peed my pants just picturing you going through that whole sequence at 0330 in the morning.

Have a good one!
DJ - 11/18/09 - 19:15

Hey, ...not to mention, on top of all that,... when I get to the incident and pull the “rip cord” to release the SCBA, the release strap gets caught on the SCBA frame; so there I am dangling out of the door, still connected to the truck, hanging by my SCBA straps. Yes it really happened(s). If it were not for my Lt., I would still be hanging there. I have a hard time to say the least! BTW-the Pierce Enforcer cab on the Capt’s side has NO room – seriously. (The Pierce “pretenders” actually have more).
A.C. Rich - 11/22/09 - 22:56

No way… the “pretenders” have more room than the enforcer… Damn. Sounds like the days of old when the engine was between the guys riding in the rear. Parkwood’s aerial had no shoulder room to even get your arms in the air pack straps. That was 20 years ago, needless to say I was significantly lighter then, hell my rear might not fit now…
D.Cates - 11/23/09 - 11:03

Arrow XT not much better, just more leg room. Takes less time to just take the SCBA out of the jump seat once on scene and don it while walking. Defeats the purpose but I’m not in that seat alot anyway. :)
gen3fire - 11/23/09 - 20:24

Hahaha!! I guess we’re just getting older (and “larger”)!
A.C. Rich - 11/24/09 - 08:59

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