12/03/09 110 W, 1 I - + 6 - 19 Yesterday's Fire in Wake Forest

WRAL has details and footage of yesterday evening's fire at The Home Depot at 11915 Retail Drive in Wake Forest. Agents with ATF and SBI will be at the store this morning, working to determine what cause bags of charcoal to ignite in a storage area. They quickly set of alarms and sprinklers in the 150,000 square-foot building. The fire also filled the store with a heavy amount of smoke. Units were dispatched at 6:35 p.m., including Wake Forest E1, E2, L1, R1, B1, Falls P212, EMS 12, EMS 64, D3. Readers can add additional details about the incident as desired. Read more about the fire.

WRAL photo

Any move ups for coverage?
ncff - 12/03/09 - 15:37

Just curious as to why Raleigh E25 wasn’t dispatched when their territory stops about 1/4 mile from there?
RescueRanger - 12/03/09 - 20:41

Just wondering why Wake Forest wasn’t dispatched any time somethings burned in 25s area?, or why weren’t county units dispatched to their last reported house fire even though they’re a ridiculous amounts closer than most of their backup units?, here’s another question, why is the city being dispatched into areas without hydrants? We can do this all day. The answer is because things just aren’t set up that way. The only time Ive seen a TRUE united fire service in this area is when Raleigh had their Oneonta Fire. Other than that, it’s business as usual.
devilsadvocate - 12/03/09 - 20:54

devil is right. and computers can’t do everything, they only do what they are programmed for, believe it or not you do have to think on your feet sometimes, and that just doesn’t happen often
amen - 12/03/09 - 21:41

Why do people keep asking “Why wasn’t Raleigh dispatched? Why wasn’t Raleigh sent here, why wasn’t Raleigh sent there?” County FF’s are trained just as well as city FF’s. Some of them have more training and experience! I am sick and tired of everyone thinking that Raleigh has to be everywhere.


I am in no way bashing Raleigh Fire Dept.
Terry - 12/03/09 - 23:46

In reference to amen’s comment, I currently and have worked in a 911 center for several years and I totally agree that sometimes you have to think on your feet, but with every day that passes, management discourages that more and more. Politics, standardizations and liability have all turned the tables from a 911 center operator who makes decisions and thinks on their feet to computers who shouldn’t be questioned even when something seems rediculous. Passing the buck seems to be the alternative for human judgement sometimes. Not to say that telecommunicators don’t still think on their feet, but from what I have seen and been told, “The computer is saying that for a reason…do what the computer says…”

I think a great deal of this lessening of actual human reasoning and leaning more on computer systems is due to several factors. Low pay for qualified professionals, a flood of mostly unqualified job applicants and lack of passion to learn and do well and not just collect a pay check. I think most telecommunicators do a great job and are highly undervalued and do a job that is always questioned by those in the field who constantly hear their voices. I am just saying that we can learn from the past, give them more responcibility and education on the job so they can think on their own and use our computer systems as a resource and not a crutch.
Robot - 12/04/09 - 06:38

Bay Leaf was moved up to Falls, Rolesville to WF sta 3, Stoney Hill to the fire scene and in turn sent directly to a MVC.
Mike - 12/04/09 - 07:32

I don’t think RescueRanger was asking why E-25 wasn’t dispatched has more to do with its location to the incident, not simply because it is a Raleigh unit.
I agree with both RescueRanger and Devilsadvocate in their statments, E-25 is closer than both Falls and Stony Hill but the systems in place do not look across those silly jurisdiction lines, so we continue to do the best that we can.
Wayne - 12/04/09 - 13:09

As a taxpayer and former volunteer, maybe the best option is to go to a consolidated city/county department like Metro in Nashville, TN. More cost efficient and it’ll cut out all this good ole boy political junk.
Charlie - 12/04/09 - 13:42

Would never happen….
Silver - 12/04/09 - 14:29

guys, there are bigger things to worry yourselves with today.

and Jeff is right, it will never happen, too many municipalities in this county already. If you are a member of one of these stations/departments work to get closest station signed off on. There are depts/stations in this county that run that way every day.

And Robot, we appreciate you and realize the handcuffs by which you are limited by
CFP 7021 - 12/04/09 - 14:59

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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