12/05/09 24 W, 1 I - + 13 - 6 Helicopters

Two helicopters were parked at WakeMed today. Wonder how often they're double-parked like that? That's Omniflight on the right. Click to enlarge:

wheres Omniflight from?
Jake - 12/05/09 - 19:21

they were that way tarheel 1 and wake med on the pad when i got discharged from the trauma center
anomous - 12/05/09 - 20:00

Unless I am mistaken, Omniflight is the company currently contracted by WakeMed to provide the helicopter service. They provide the helicopter they use, that’s why when the the one painted for WakeMed is being serviced its always a generic Omniflight one that takes its place.
Joey - 12/05/09 - 20:32

As I understand it, when a helicopter is landed in the county, it considered a “disturbance in the force”. I wonder what the line of thinking is in that? wouldnt a 2 minute response time to the hospital be better than a 15-20 minute one? I know its crowded in there, but couldnt that be overlooked? Im in no way sayingI think that, that line of thinking is wrong…Im truly just trying to understand it.
Jake - 12/05/09 - 20:44

I’ve seen 3 parked at Columbus county hospital and it was a site to see! They had us to come out and stand by due to multiple ones landing. When we got there 1 was on the pad, then 1 landed on the grass, then the next one came in and landed on the pad beside the first to our amazement! We held our breath til he was down!!
captain02 - 12/05/09 - 21:32

Air Mobile 1 is having some maintenace done and the second helicopter is being used, it’s call sign is Air Moble 3.
R. Warner (Email) - 12/05/09 - 23:31

There has been a lot of research completed on the proper time interval between time of injury and arrival at the hospital. The latest is at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19783... Basically, the research suggests, more and more, that rapidness does not translate to improved outcomes. What is the best interval? No one at this time knows for sure. But it has been proven that faster is not always better.

The “Golden Hour” that we have heard so much about for so many years has been pretty much debunked. It was probably nothing more than a marketing ploy to get the State of Maryland to fund the Shock Trauma hospital in Baltimore and the Maryland State Police helicopter program.

Yes, we need to get to the hospital with trauma patients, but is the helicopter ride of clinical benefit to the outcome of the patient? Again, the research points to it not being the case, as has my own experience of the past 20 or so years of dealing with helicopter evacuations in some way, shape, or form.

The whole idea of saving time is usually done at great peril. There is a certain element of hazard in helicopter transport. Is it safe? I would like to think so but a lot of them sure have been crashing lately. And at the end, does the time savings matter? The science says it does not. My experience of 34 years says it does not.

Helicopters have their place. When there is a need to cover long distances (like maybe the expanse of eastern and south eastern North Carolina, or maybe the mountains) then comparing a ground transport of 1 ˝ – 2 hours verses air transport of 45 minutes when dealing with a stroke or heart attack, then aeromedical evacuation is a good option.

But here in the Triangle area? The benefit just is not there. That’s not my opinion. The science bears it out.
DJ - 12/07/09 - 18:41

You know, and unrelated to helicopter issues, there are also quite a few reports of ambulances crashing, at least if you read, say, Firegeezer.com each week!
Legeros - 12/07/09 - 20:28

This is true also, Mike. Too many people driving too fast. And we still expect EMTs and paramedics (and accompanying fire fighers, as well) to try and take care of people while standing up or otherwise not restrained in the back of a rolling, fragile box. It goes back to that research thing. Faster is not always better, on the ground or in the air.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 12/07/09 - 23:26

Very much appreciated.
Jake - 12/08/09 - 09:18

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