01/24/10 88 W, 4 I - + 9 - 7 Marking Ground Ladders

Carrying ground ladders is easy, as long as you balance the thing. But different ladders have different balance points, as this VentEnterSearch.com article demonstrates. One solution to help everyone with the task is marking each ladder in its center. Below are a couple pics of Raleigh's Ladder 1-C adding just such markings. They also added reflective tape to the tips, to help locate for emergency egress. Check out the comparison pics. Truckies, what other tips and tricks can you relate along these lines?

And a question from a lay person, what does a “thrown house” look like? When the truck guys and gals have done their work— or at least during their first minutes arrival— what does a typical house look like? Outside, and, well, inside?
Legeros - 01/24/10 - 09:32

This is a great idea! ...but I gotta learn the new truckie vocabulary. Does “Rosetta Stone” have a course?
A.C. Rich - 01/24/10 - 10:14

Mike, check Vententersearch.com and do a search for “pounds of aluminum.” I think this would be a good start to answering your question.
House - 01/24/10 - 11:59

Mike, in at least our realm of a “thrown house”, we have ladders on all 4 sides of the structure, providing not only access for us to ventilate the upper floors, but then to allow secondary egress for the companines operating inside. Then, and if needed, the aerial can be used to access the roof, so you have ladder access / egress in: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Roof Divisions.

A.C., just come hang out with us at L-1 / C for a day, we’ll teach you all the words you need to know!
A.S. Meier - 01/24/10 - 14:44

Yeah, I gotta brush up on my “yankeese.” Hard to do cuz ah ain’t nuthin but a dumb redneck!
A.C. Rich - 01/24/10 - 16:03

All jokes aside… you guys are great and we’ll be doing this soon at SHFD!
A.C. Rich - 01/24/10 - 22:55

A.C., glad the “virus” will be spreading. We looked at orange paint, but that would be messy and longer to complete, as the paint would have to dry. A little cash out of pocket, along with pride and the desire to make sure our “sh-t is right” goes a long way.

Andy was right. Try to ladder all four sides, especially where the interior crews are working gets first priority. A two member, ladder company “outside crew” can do a lot, IF they plan, practice and hustle. Snatch those ladders off the first due engine! Place the 16’ on top of the 24’ and drag the heck out of them on the grass. While sometimes you might have to call an “audible”, it’s great to have a plan.

Laddering is a truck task, not a RIT task. If the ladder crew isn’t doing it, then well, the RIT is tasked with ensuring secondary egress. RIT isn’t a working crew, per se. I know if I go down, I want them waiting in the yard when they’re activated, not scattered around performing work. Not a fun assignment, as it’s hurry up and wait, but definitely a necessary one.

One piece of the puzzle is staffing, and ensuring our ladders are staffed with at least four, five being optimum to be able to perform these tasks. Another is training, which is coming the end of February.

Stay safe!
Silver - 01/25/10 - 00:22

Pic of a “well thrown house”, copy and paste the whole link;
Silver - 01/25/10 - 02:29

And here is another to look at… http://www.vententersearch.com/?p=713
KOM - 01/25/10 - 09:45

You can always add L-style alignment marks to the outsides of the beams, for those ladders that don’t have them, in order to assist in setting the proper climbing angle.

It might not be a bad idea to mark where the ladders are supposed to fit on the rack when ladders are mounted on the exterior of the apparatus either. Same goes for ID markings, so that you can make sure you get your well-maintained ladder back rather than someone else’s dirty, half-broken one.

There are also folks who mount a hook to the beam of the roof ladder using a strap, so that they are certain to bring a hook with them when they go to vertically ventilate.
attic.rat - 01/27/10 - 20:53

Calling back an old thread….I found out a few weekends ago while in Dover, DE from a friend who is on with Wilmington, DE…due to this very story on Vententersearch.com, the entire Wilmington Fire Department made this adjustment to their portable ladders.

Silver - 10/13/10 - 13:17

Remember personal info?

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