01/24/11 145 W - + 3 - 7 Least-Educated User Comment Ever?

If the police officers want to play actor, they should join the local theatre. Going around and playing make-believe does nothing because you already know about it ahead of time. There would be no school shootings if police knew ahead of time exactly when they would happen, so how is this realistic?

That's a reader reacting to today's WRAL story about today's emergency drill at two schools in Cary. The scenario involved several armed gunmen entering the school. The large-scale exercise served as practice for multiple fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies.

The award-winning comment begs a question. Is it possible that this opinion is shared by many citizens, the ones who pay the salaries of those charged with protecting them? Does the general public truly think that way? And what's needed to counteract such perceptions. Discuss as desired.

Mike sometimes you have to look past the idiots in todays society. I’m not going to go in much detail, but you should hear some of the comments that us firefighters listen to on our daily calls. Nothing suprises me now days.
911 - 01/24/11 - 18:23

Don’t waste any time reading reader comments on news sites.

Apparently “GOLO” is short for “Going Loco.”
harkey (Email) - 01/24/11 - 19:07

But here’s the thing about idiotic comments. At some point, they gain enough mass to suggest that they represent a majority or at least significant mindset of the population. Don’t they?
Legeros - 01/24/11 - 19:29

It sounds idiotic to you because you know the point of the exercise; making sure everyone knows their chain of command, what the procedure is for a certain situation, what other agencies are attending and what their capabilities are.

For someone who doesn’t know/understand the details it’s all make believe; they assume you already know that stuff, so what do you get out of running around a school when the end-game is already planned?
Paul - 01/24/11 - 20:09

I gave up on reading comments on GOLO for anything other than entertainment quite a while ago… there are just some people in life who are miserable and want the world to know it… oh yeah and EVERYTHING wastes THEIR tax money…. sigh…
shevais - 01/24/11 - 20:13

I just read the comments for entertainment also
apexbattchief - 01/24/11 - 21:04

Gotta agree with “Poppa” Shevais :) and all of the others and say GOLO is entertainment only. I really wonder how some of those folks dress themselves each day. ;)
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 01/24/11 - 21:14

These are probably the same people who, when they see a fire truck at the grocery store, get angry that we might not be ready to respond to a call and don’t realize that the city does not provide our meals. “It doesn’t take all kinds, we just have all kinds.” – Yogi Berra.
Bob - 01/25/11 - 00:47

And which begs the question, just how important is fire service marketing? Different animal than life safety education. And perhaps the question behind my original question. How much education (marketing) is needed these days, to inform (educate) the citizenry, and thus (presumably) benefit responders?

I recall reading a column recently on fire service marketing. Might’ve been firehouse.com. Can’t find the thing on Google.
Legeros - 01/25/11 - 07:26

“Drunk, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” – Dean Vernon Wormer, Faber College 1962.
Duda (Email) - 01/25/11 - 09:16

Hey Mike if you go on firehouse.com and time in fire service marketing there are a few articles that pop up
nbfrvollie - 01/25/11 - 10:16

Marketing is CRUCIAL to the fire service. I just don’t see it done properly around here. BUT in these tough economic times where everybody thinks that everything is a waste of taxpayer money, this could prove to be a very difficult task! I think a lot of fire departments are scared to involve media in their operations, or to have relationships with the media. Everybody is afraid that it will serve nothing but as an avenue to make the department look bad, while the contrary is often true. It could be used to offset any negative news story that happens but the good, “hearts and minds” stories that have already happened.

I look around and Charlotte FD seems to spark interest. They have a PIO office which is in constant contact with the media through various means, including the very scary “social media”. But this serves a purpose, twitter and facebook, and web feeds of incident records, major incidents, trainings, even road closures. Showing the public (and media) what we do, why we need equipment, and how prepared our guys and gals are to respond to the types of service calls that our citizens place.

If the citizens and decision makers have no idea what we do, how can we expect to have their support come budget time? After all most people know what the police, public works, parks and rec, etc do… but we hole ourselves up in firehouses, and are only on the streets in emergencies… out of sight, out of mind…

this is definitely one area that we need to do better in, our future could very well depend on it!
shevais - 01/25/11 - 12:35

Shev, spreading awareness is one of the goals of the Raleigh FD newsletter, which I produce quarterly. It’s designed to be public-facing, and cover all aspects of the organization.

Alas, per-issue-based publishing is perhaps a bit outdated. Better might be more real-time or more frequent dissemination of such news.

But news reporting and marketing doesn’t just happen. You have to work on, and keep working on it. They’re not one-time projects to finish and forget about.
Legeros - 01/25/11 - 12:53

Link to said newsletter, http://www.raleighfirenews.org
Legeros - 01/25/11 - 12:58

Remember personal info?

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