07/05/11 294 W, 1 I - + 2 - 6 This Morning's House Fires in Raleigh

Listening to a working house fire at 1419 E. Lane Street. Dispatched about 6:25 a.m. Callers reported flames showing while units were en route. All occupants reported out, with one cat still inside. Engine 7 arriving at a one-story, wood-frame residence with 1,141 square-feet. Built 1915. Heavy fire showing in Division C, the rear of the structure. Engine 12 brought water supply. Battalion 2 as command. Two lines taken inside, as fire was venting through the roof. Cat rescued/recovered. Subsequent collapse of roof section (porch area?). As of 6:45 a.m. as typing this, sound likes fire has been knocked down. Units on scene: E7, E13, E12, E1, L4, R2, B2, B3, A1, C10, C10, EMS 7, EMS 8, D1. Two channels, Tac 18 for fire and Tac 16 for EMS.

Still collecting details on an early-morning fire in very north Raleigh. Dispatched at 1:29 a.m. to 3501 Weir Way. Engine 28 arriving at a two-story, wood-frame, single-family dwelling with 2,968 square-feet. Working fire declared on arrival. Two engines and a ladder special called at 2:23 a.m. Controlled at 2:45 p.m. Units on scene: E28, E22, E19, E27, L5, R1, B1, A1, C10, C20, plus E15, L2, Wake Forest E3 as special-called. Coverage: E1 to station 9, E5 to Station 22 then Station 27, L1 to Station 15, E19 to Station 28. NBC17 reporting that a family of six awoke to the smell of smoke. No injuries reported. House reportedly a complete loss, with some damage reported at neighbor's home. No other news reports, nor official information yet found.

Afternoon update: Engine 28 arrived with heavy fire conditions. The entire roof and approximately half of the second story was involved. Interior operations were limited due to structural conditions and access. Defensive operations commenced early into incident. Ladder 5 raised and flowed. Cause undetermined.

Jamie Munden / WRAL photo

Just a question. Where is Wake Forest E3? Wouldn’t New Hope 2 be closer?
ridesbackwards - 07/05/11 - 10:44

Google Maps shows New Hope Station 2 is 3.4 mils from the scene, and Wake Forest Station 3 is 4.6 miles.
LJM - 07/05/11 - 12:14

Perhaps the IC didn’t have access to Google Maps.
BC - 07/05/11 - 16:17

Does New Hope station 2 have 24 hr staffing or just station 1? If it doesn’t then I am sure that could have been a possible reason for the request since WF eng 3 does have staffing.
Mike - 07/05/11 - 16:45

We need to get more information our readers about these fires. Maybe we can sponsor, say, a telephone service. Quarterback Hotline.

Please listen to the following menu options.

Press “1” for an extended description of conditions upon arrival.

Press “2” for a list of all attack lines, hose sizes, and nozzle types.

Press “3” for the complete sequence of search, rescue, ventilation, and laddering activities at this incident.

Press “4” for an explanation of why the incident commander requested specific resources and didn’t other specific resources.


Legeros - 07/05/11 - 19:26

Mike, you’re too much!!! Hey, what’s that phone number? Look y’all, think about it… The IC is managing a multi-company operation and the fire is not small AND is multi-divisional; therefore if you have ever been in that position before, you know exactly to what I am referring (especially as it relates to decision-making). So, WF was assumed closer when outside assistance was deemed necessary; and once requested, the decision-making focus shifted to something else of priority. I very, VERY seriously doubt the paid vs. vol or staffed vs. non-staffed was even a consideration in this incident.
A.C. Rich - 07/05/11 - 19:57

Perhaps the IC should know his/her area, district, and the closest resources, city or county. That would make a GOOD IC. A.C. you would have known…...This is an area that IS or should have been known….New Hope contracts the area beacuse there are limited hydrants in the subidvision. This street should be in the contracted area….cad error i guess…..
IC - 07/06/11 - 01:53

If they would have called New Hope station 2 they would have gotten 3 Chiefs and maybe 1 hose dragger.
LOL - 07/06/11 - 15:57

Do you guys serve cheese with all this whine? I mean, really…act like members of the largest populated county in NC, not some rural area fighting over calls.
Harold Parod - 07/06/11 - 16:10

Might want to check your population facts there Harold.
The Census Bureau - 07/06/11 - 16:23

I too am rather curious why WF was the decided closer county unit. It’s as though the house next to the fire scene was not in NH’s district till a couple years ago. I can say that NH is on contract for the house next door, water supply units. I can’t answer why, Only the man thinking quickly on his feet at 2am would know.
A Citizen - 07/06/11 - 19:34

A.C., maybe it’s less information and more participation that people want. Instead of my hotline idea, how about some tabletop simulator parties. You bring the whine, I’ll bring the cheese. Think of the potential! Blog readers can attend— wearing paper bags, of course, should they wish to conceal their identities and/or hide their hideous features— and recreate some of our more talked-about incidents. Like IC karoke. Each person gets their turn calling the shots. Now if we can just find a supplier for small, white, plastic helmets…
Legeros - 07/06/11 - 19:36

Why not just put GPS units on the fire engines and eliminate the who is closer debate. Then it is quite simply a math calculation and you get the next in appropriate resource. Also, why is it that units aren’t checked into service when their is people available to staff them (minimum staffing requirements) and marked out of service when they are not staff. If you have a station full of equipment and no one in it, in this county that station should be out of service.

Also, 19,000 people separate the two spoken of counties.
ncems - 07/06/11 - 20:12

Census Bureau, thanks for the correct…however once again you boys are missing the point. Stop being a baby over who goes where, just respond and do as you’re told. If you ever get to be someone who can make decisions, then worry about which department is dispatched. It’s easy to be critical hiding behind a computer blog. Besides, this isn’t the place for that…attend a commission meeting and ask your question there. Until then, be a man, sign your name and enjoy the backwards view.
Harold Parod - 07/06/11 - 20:57

My name is Harold and I am a man.
Harold Parod - 07/07/11 - 08:23

Oh please not again with the county staffing discussion. It starts at the top, talk to the chiefs and have them mark their other 25 un-staffed trucks 10-7
Not again - 07/07/11 - 11:39

Well, for one I checked into why, and car 10 requested Wake Forest. I have not spoken to him, but i believe this was just a simple error, and not realizing who was closer. Things like this happen, and we work it out. As far as the comment from LOL, that’s funny! Too bad we only have 2 chiefs, you might want to count how many we put on the first out engine. But truly your comment does not even deserve a response (because I know that’s why it was made…to get a response out of someone).
Harold, you are correct to a certain point….if your pager goes off, you go. But let’s use some common sense about all of this….the closer unit should go, city or county….and if you attend a commission meeting and ask a question about this, they would defer you to Wake County Fire/Rescue, or the departments involved. They do not make decisions on responses and who goes where.
Just for FYI about the staffing, we have 2 people on a “duty crew” each night. The other volunteers come from the house. The thing that makes Station 2 unique is that we have 7 active members that live within ½ miles from the station. This is why we can put 4-6 FIREFIGHTERS plus an officer on an engine.
IC is correct in the fact that New Hope contracts that area due to the lack of hydrants. I am checking to see if this is one of the streets that need to be in the contract area. My understanding that the hydrant that they did find was low on pressure/flow. I think the fact is that Engine 28 was on scene for a little better than 5 minutes, with a working fire, before the next arriving unit arrived. This is the issue with outlying areas. Your next closest unit is quite a bit of distance away.
And one more thing, Not Again…your correct. And we mark units out of service at least during the day when we can’t get them out.
I will say thanks to everybody that comes when we call for help. The politics need not be at the fire ground, but in the office. We are all there for one reason….at least we all should be.
Everybody please be safe.
Lee Price NH101 - 07/07/11 - 15:02

Mike L. – you’re killing me (hahahaha! @IC – Good points and maybe change will come as the need is recognized. I was at the top of the stick on L5, so I could not assist the IC; but as Chief Price indicated, I believe it was case of not realizing who was closer.

Also, regarding the Fire Commission. Their responsibilities actually do not include the stipulation of operational policy. Their intended purpose is to advise the county commissioners on the use of the Service District Tax monies – therefore they are more financial in nature (more especially department allocations/expenses). They do not even have a true say-so in the contracts between the departments and the county (that’s between the department and the county commissioners).
A.C. Rich - 07/07/11 - 22:16

I find it sad to find the crying still going on. I also find it sad that a chief officer in Raliegh from western blvd did not have every county station location memorized so he could call the proper unit to a fire and not hurt feelings. Oh yea, at 2:30am while a house was burning. I am sure the boys from Wake Forest Engine 3 would have rather been sleeping anyway! Thank you guys for your help by the way.
Porter - 07/11/11 - 18:43

This way my house. N the cause was an illegal firework someone set off catching my boat n eventually my house on fire. We lost everything. But were all ok. And it was 3412 weir way not 3501.
nick gaskins (Email) - 08/06/11 - 20:12

Remember personal info?

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